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The Plight of Equatorians and South Sudanese

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

23 may 2010 – Western Equatoria State, South Sudan – People displaced by the LRA attacks. The LRA has attacked a number of roads, villages, and clinics near the town of Tambora over the last week pushing thousands of people to flee to Tambora for protection. Western Equatoria state has been rocked by LRA activities since 2006. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes as brutal attacks continue against the civilian population in the region and neighboring DRC and CAR. Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus
23 may 2010 – Western Equatoria State, South Sudan – People displaced by the insecurity. The Ugandan’s LRA has attacked a number of roads, villages, and clinics near the town of Tambora over a week pushing thousands of people to flee to Tambora for protection in 2006. Today, similar random attacks continue in many parts of Equatoria from “unknown” gunmen.(Photo credit: Benedicte Desrus)

July 22, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — From GRECOR perspective, as you all know, GRECOR has a vision, mission and objectives; GRECOR stands for the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights, it is a regional political organization that sides with rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny and SPLM/A-IO.  GRECOR advocates for the rights and freedom of the Greater Equatoria peoples within the sovereign Republic of South Sudan.

Organizationally, GRECOR has members worldwide, especially in those countries: America, Canada, Australia, Finland, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan with the aim of enlightening its Sons and daughters to know their rights and freedom and to claim for them. GRECOR alone can meet its dreams, aspirations and ambitions, and cannot achieve and accomplish this big task and responsibility unless it has eternal and external friends, partners and supporters; who can really advise, help and stand by its sides; wherever it goes and even go with it this long journey in order to transform South Sudan and to bring positive change as well.

Many countries had played major roles during the struggle up to the time when peace was signed. Now that they are still playing a positive role here and there, despite that, the South Sudan regime is failing to understand its positive role towards itself and its peoples. Mind you, the fact is that: “Independence doesn’t mean the liberation has come to an end.” No, we need to transform Independence into practical liberation, social liberation, economical liberation, political liberation, military liberation and spiritual liberation. Unfortunately, another war had erupted, which assures that something is wrong and wicked within the Southern Sudanese brains and their thinking, mainly the leaderships, who always and often geared and animated negative politics, negative ethnicity, impious tribal ideologies, wrong system, weaken vision and perspectives, just to mention a few…

It goes without saying;  South Sudan will have no future as a state and the peoples of South Sudan will have no future either, unless its friends, partners and stakeholders could take political action, positive initiatives and overall rescue the poor and innocent people from brutal action, killing scheme and massacre that the  government is ready to engage into anywhere and at any time. Let our partners and stakeholders know that  without their immediate and prompt interfering, intervention and rescue, they’re going to witness more inhuman action, more brutal and more human disaster in South Sudan. Please, hurry up categorically and positively and bring lasting stability, calm, tranquility, harmony and peace in South Sudan by all means and at any cost.

Frankly speaking, South Sudan is a melting pot, especially the Greater Equatoria, which its people have not been happy for nine years due to the government threat practices against them; and as you might have witnessed recently that the city of Malakal is captured and recaptured and again captured and recaptured. In all those actions,  big number of men, women, children and soldiers are killed relentlessly;  likewise, in Bantiu state and unity state and elsewhere in south Sudan. I know personally that you are not sleeping regarding the issue of South Sudan,  you have been working very hard to realize its existence as a sovereign State. Nonetheless,  war is a war it doesn’t have color and excuses, the weapons used are destroying and devastating both human and natural resources at the same time.

This situation can come to an end through your typical efforts and wills, you can play another positive role pertaining to the Southern Sudanese plight, now that the people of South Sudan are still living as displaced, refugee and migrants, and in most cases they are without security, safety and daily necessities.  Not to forget our population is about 12, 000, 000 which is nothing compared to the other countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and even Sudan from which it got its independence. Most of you would agree with me that we were not born to live like that or die like that as displaced, refugee, immigrants or migrants  and asylum seekers.

For sure, without your support (regional and international supports), we wouldn’t have archived our freedom and independence; unfortunately, our leaders and politicians had acted wrongly in leadership to the extent that they had committed grave crimes by not delivering services to the peoples, they indulged in corruption and they introduced wicked and evil practices based on tribal politics and grouping kinfolk, as a result, they brought strange cultures into our communities, which caused impossibilities and barriers within the people for no good reason at all.

May God have mercy, pour His wisdom upon our leaders, enlighten their minds and hearts so that they can realize their blunders and repent  their wrong deeds for the sake of positive leadership and sound political understanding.
With this letter, I would like to draw your attention that it’s not too late to bring true change and genuine transformation to South Sudan, there’s still enough time to cultivate the good world culture of leadership, governance, rule of law, human rights  and politics in South Sudan the newborn nation. Especially, in the minds and hearts of South Sudanese in general, government, educationists, scientists, scholars, political parties and any other institution relating to leadership and politics etc.

Our founder late Prof. Dr. Wani Tombe used to say: “I sincerely believe that; politics is not for making personal fortunes and the accumulation of wealth for the self. Political offices are for the benefit of the common South Sudanese men; women; and children in the villages and towns of South Sudan. These should be the values that we bring into political offices in South Sudan. I want to play my role in the building of positive South Sudan; within the spirit of these kinds of values; for the total harmony of the entire peoples of South Sudan.

GRECOR is seeking for ways, means and advise to build itself for the future social, economical, political, security work and action so as to play its role and part and to contribute to the political stability in South Sudan as well as in the cultural, educational, health and legal parts . One of the crucial points that seem contradicting and full of discrepancy is the presence of UN troops and their positive mission and task in South Sudan.

At the same time, the presence of the IGAD troops and their positive mission and tasks as well and the waste of all is the intervention of Uganda troops, so which one is which and which one is the legitimate according to the UN charter and IGAD charter.  Now that  Sudan liberation movements are active in South Sudan, too. Please, the legitimate rescue of Southern Sudanese people must come from outside or other place; I guess so! The regional and international bodies and alliances must be decisive about the South Sudan plight and the issue, they must act now to save, release and set us free from the predicted dread, genocide and doom.

Peace in South Sudan is crucial and priority, it’s not a game that you can play or that we can play or others can play, too. It’s a sacrificial peace whereby people are badly in need of it today not tomorrow.

You can reach me through: Jembijembi@hotmail.com

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chuolkhan July 23, 2015 at 1:02 am

What is the future of the this government of kiir ? the war is going to recovered the whole nation not only three states or seven states mind you that

ALONEWOLF July 23, 2015 at 3:33 am

the question is not what is the future of the Kiir’ s government ,the really question is what will be the future of the SPLM IO? when the general Gatdet and his commanders who are supporting him announcing the new movement with his commander in chief David De Chand.


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