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The Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong on Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s Predicament Victory in South Sudan.

By Ter Manynag Gatwech,


An image believed to be Ngundeng Bong ....
An image believed to be Ngundeng Bong ….

25th July, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) — The Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong predicated that Dr. Riek Machar Teny will become the next President of South Sudan whether they like it or not. According to Ngundeng around 19th Century. Ngundeng Bong. (He was on 1st January 1830 and dies in 1906) was a prophet of the Nuer people of South Sudan. He presented himself as being an earthly representative of Deng, the sky god of the Dinka religion. His prophecies of the breakup of Sudan are still a factor in the politics of modern South Sudan. Dr. Machar, who led a coup within the SPLA rebel command in 1991, has presented himself as part of the fulfilment of Ngundeng’s prophecies. He received the rod at the airstrip Saturday, leading a jubilant procession before a ‘’white bull’’ was slaughtered in the airport parking lot

He predicted the death of Dr. John Garang long time ago but no one could believe it until the people of South Sudan realized Ngundeng’s predicament on 30th July, 2005 in Khartoum, Sudan. According to Ngundeng predicate Dr.Machar will be shoot in his left hand side before he become the President of South Sudan. That will be the end of wars in South Sudan in general. Prophet Ngundeng’s stick or “dang” was looted from the religious figure’s home town of Bieh by British troops in 1929, after they assassinated his son, Guek Ngundeng. A scholar of Sudanese history, Douglas Johnson, returned the rod after buying it at an auction in Britain in 1999 from the family of a British colonial official.

Johnson, the author of a history of prophecy from the Upper Nile in the 19th and 20th centuries, says he bought the rod with the intention of returning it to the family of Ngundeng and the Lou Nuer Land (the Holy Land). . The archive’s Director, Professor Sevenino Mati, died a few days before the return of the historic rod to the land of South Sudan.

But today Dr. Machar, the former vice president of South Sudan’s interim government, telephoned the regional capital from Unity State at 11:00 am to halt the press conference, which was being held by James Lony Thiciot together with other grandchildren of the prophet Ngundeng about the return of the stolen rod from London (UK).

The grandsons and granddaughters of the prophet demanded to have custody of the rod rather than Dr.Machar and his family, whom they accused of having politicized Nuer culture, promising to reveal more in written information to media centres.

Gordon Buay, a Nuer-speaking politician based in Canada, in a written statement called on the south government to return the divine rod “to its rightful place in Bieh,” saying this is the decision required by the prophecies of Ngundeng himself. www.sudantribune.com 18th May, 2009.

He continued…….. Some of his officials from SPLM-IO will be surrender to Kiir’s side and the people of South Sudan will surprised on that. This is the case study of Hon: Taban Deng Gai who threatens his friends to be nominated by force. . Dr. Machar’s officials some will go to Kiir’s side and the few will remains with him. That is why you there is too much argumentatively in Juba, South Sudan among politicians of Dr.Machar who will replaced Dr.Machar .

The empathize Prophet Ngundeng Bong on became very deep-deep and deeply on Nuer according to their customs and belief, description and explanation. The President Salva Kiir Manyardit’s emplacement will become true in the future by Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition. He told Nuer Supreme Council there will be little Peace Agreement brought by Inter-governmental Authority on Development plus (IGAD). The Peace will be hesitating by some few individuals within in Juba,South Sudan.


The Nuer of South Sudan are second largest ethnic group whose population is approximately two million people in the north -east Africa.

Currently, Nuer tribe live in 3 States in South Sudan namely: Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity State and owns 17 counties namely: Mayom, Rupkona, Guit, Koch, Leer, Mayiandit, Payinjiar, Fangak, Ayod, Uror,Nyirol, Akobo,Ulang, Nasir, Mading Gaguong, Maiwut, and Mathiang. Moreover, Nuer are majority in Western Ethiopia Region 12- Gambella.

The Nuer sub- tribes are believed to have separated – at a certain stage in the past around Tharjiath Lich which is currently Jagei Nuer area (Koch County -Unity State) but in their latter development and migration assimilated many Dinka, Anuak, Shilluk and Mabaan in their path.

‘Nei ti Naath’ which translates simply into non cannibal people or non-human flash eaters see themselves as one people, one nation, one origin and unites against common enemies or outsiders who try to invade or provoke them. Therefore, Tharjiath Lich is believed by all Nuer people as their traditional home origin (Tharchieng).

In the beginning of the 18th century the Naath started to migrate and expanded their land from its origin ( Tharjiath Lich).

Territorial Eastwards Expansion across the Nile River was done through Wathngook basin in Melut. The expedition was carried by Nuer hero Latjor Diing Yian from W. Jikany Nuer to Nasir pushed Dinka Ngok Lual Yak, Anuak ( Baar) and Mabaan ( Chai) further northwards to Maban and Melut. Meanwhile Eastern Jikany Nuer’s expansion to extended towards western Ethiopia region displaced the Anyuak and Galla (Oromo) ethnic groups more deep into Ethiopian highlands.

Another group who crossed through ‘Wath Yooka’ basin in W. Jikany Nuer led by hero Bidiit from Lou Nuer to Fangak displaced Dinka Hol, Rut, and Nyarweng eastwards as well as Southwards and

The last groups who crossed Bahr El Jabel River through ‘Wath Pawarjak’ basin led by hero Buoh Kapeel from Gawaar- Nuer in Dok Nuer land to Ayod in Fangak ousted Dinka Nyarweng and Dinka Twic East Southwards.

Westwards expansion groups led by Paramount and leopard skin chief Chol Geah from Bul Nuer to Mayom and Mankien displaced Dinka of Apuok, Aguok , Kuac,Twic West, Dinka Ngok of Abyei and Arabs north-west to Muglad.

Southwards expansion groups led by Nuer heroes paramount and leopard skin- chief Wun Kuoth and Beliew Wiew the descent of Gatluak Nyak from Nyuong Nuer to Nyal and Ador pushed Dinka Agaar, Aliap, ciic and Atuot southwards and westwards respectively

South- West expansion was carried out by leopard skin chiefs ‘kuar Hook’ (cow custodian) Jal Chak Kuok and ‘Kuar mut’ (spear master) Pul Kam from Haak Nuer to Mayiandit displaced Dinka Pakam of Agaar,Manuer, Gok, Luac and Rek towards south-west of Bahr el Ghazal region

Finally, northwards expansion groups whom attempted to annex Gezira Aba from Arabs to Nuer land led by earth’s master (‘kuar muon’ ) known as Tang Kuany but unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their mission. All these were done often by conquest, luring and assimilation of their neighbours -most of whom were the Dinka, Anyuak, Shilluk , Murle, Mabaan and Galla- Oroma tribes in Ethiopia.

Geographical Location of Nuer Nation

The territory of Nuer land dominated the large parts of former Upper Nile Region in north- east Africa which stretches for 2000 km from east to west. Fundamentally, Nuer people live in the swamps and open savannah on both sides of the Nile River, and its tributaries in the South Sudan. For instant,

Western Nuer- Bentiu live along the Lake No -the source of Bahr el Ghazal River which they called it Naam River whose length covering W.Jikany, Leek and Bul Nuer land towards northern Bahr el Ghazal region. In other hands, Bahr el Jebel River (cataracts poles along it coast is) known as ‘Kiir Pham’ which lengths engulfed Nyuong Nuer, Haak Nuer,Dok Nuer and Jagei Nuer territory.

Central Nuer- Fangak, live along Bahr el Jebel basin and Zerap River basin known as ‘Phow River’ which passes from Gezira towards Gawaar- Nuer territory located within the sudd region of former Upper Nile region.

In East of Central Nuer ( Akobo & Waat), we have got Pibor River whose source commence in Nasir area and flows towards Lou Nuer (Akobo) territory.

Finally, Eastern -Jikany Nuer (Nasir, Mading, Maiwut, & Longechuk,) live along the River Baro in Ethiopia as well as Sobat River and Nyading River in South Sudan.

Demographic and Major Clans Distribution

The Naath in their land are found as a federation of sections and major clans among Western Nuer (Bentiu), central Nuer (Fangak), Eastern- central Nuer (Waat & Akobo) and Eastern Jikany Nuer (Nasir) in former Upper Nile Region.

The River Nile is the principal geographic dividing line within Greater Nuer land ‘’Chiengnaath’’ which composes of ‘’Naath Doar’’ (Eastern Bank of Nuer land) and ‘’Naathchieng’’ (Western Bank of Nuer land) that together form the greater federal division of the ‘rool Naath.

District Major Section and Sub-clans of Western Nuer (Bentiu)
Bul Nuer (Kuac & Gok)
Jagei Nuer (Boor, Rengyian, Ror, & Wot)
Leek Nuer (Chiengdieng, Kerlual, & Chiengmatjaak)
Dok Nuer (Chieng Titjaah,Chieng Bapour, Juong& Duok)
Haak Nuer (Kuei, Beek, Jakar, Gawar & Jallouh)
Nyuong Nuer (Nyuong & Dor)

District Major Section and sub- clans of Central Nuer (Fangak):
Gawaar Nuer (Nyang & Baar) in Ayod
Laak Nuer (Chieng Kuacboor & Jocknyang) in New as well as in Old Fangak
Thiang Nuer ( Baang & Riaak) in New Fangak or Gezira

District Major Section of Lou Nuer Clans in former Central Upper Nile Region:
Goon section of Lou Nuer in Waat town
Moor section of Lou Nuer in Akobo town

District Major sections of Eastern Jikany Nuer (Gaatkiir Kaker- such as Jiok, Jaak, Thiang & Kun Kiir ) are below:

Gajiok Nuer in Nasir and ULang Diew Gai

Gajaak Nuer in Maiwut, Longechuk ( Mathiang) and Gambella

Gaguong Nuer in Mading Gaguong

Therefore, Nuer are believed to descent from God ‘Kuoth’ Nuer Gaw ( Row) Gaw Raan ,Raan Kuoth and has got 5 origin namely:
Geah clans: Thiang, Bul, Jinai, Bor, Riangyian, Wot and two sisters Duany and Kar
Geak clans: Dok, Nyuong, Kuac, Rol and sister Nyanger
Haak clans: Jaluoh,Beek,Kuei, Jakar and Gawar
Reel clans: Laak and Leek

Kiirkaker clans: Gajiok, Gajaak and Gaguong common in both west and east.

Economy and Natural Resources

Most of Naath homeland is located in the swamp ( Toch) areas of Upper Nile. The influence of the environment on the lifestyle of the Naath is obvious. The Naath people are sedentary agro-pastoralists whom balancing subsistence agriculture with cattle herding. Hence, Naath keep large herds of cows, sheep, goats, and practices fishing and hunting wild animals for food.

Their main crops are sorghum, millets, maize, groundnuts, pumpkins and tobacco. However, the Lou Nuer demonstrates yearly transhumance. The arid nature of their homeland in central Upper Nile dictates their dry season migration to the Sobat basin or to Zerap basin which result into pasture conflicts and feudal war with Eastern Jikany Nuer (fishing rights severed war trigger),Gawar Nuer and Dinka Nyarweng of Dukeen respectively.

Western Nuer homeland is imbued with enormous deposits of petroleum ( Lith muon). The experts say, ‘’the discovery, development and exploitation of this natural resource is more curse to the Naath people than a blessing’’. It is the cause of immense humanitarian disruption and unprecedented in Naath history. Other natural resources potential include wildlife ( lei doar), fisheries( Reec), Water lilies ( Yiel), acacia Senegalese (gum Arabic or African gum or auricle= ‘luac’ in Nuer)), and Ballantine aegyptiucm (laloob in Arabic or thaor in Nuer).


Recent Books on the Nuer written by:
1. Douglas H. Johnson ( 1994) .Nuer Prophets @ New York: Oxford University Press
2. Sharon E, Hutchinson & Jok Madut (1996). Nuer Dilemmas: Coping with Money, War and the State @ Los Angeles -University of California Press
3. Pritchard, E. E. Evans (1940 & 1990). Kingship and Marriage among the Nuer.’ Clarendon Oxford Press.

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7.Martin Plaut (6 March 2014). “South Sudan: Riek Machar and the prophet’s rod”.

8 .Elbow Chuol (22 May 2014). “South Sudan: A Historical Prophet – Ngundeng Bong’s Position in South Sudan Current Crisis”. AllAfrica.com.

Ter Manyang Gatwech is a Public Administrator by Profession and Commentator. Wrote a lot of issues about Human Rights, Rule of Law, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Equality and Democratization in Africa Continent. Reachable at: termanyang24@gmail.com

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Can someone tell the primitive that the laws of universe do not allow the prediction of the future. If God does not exist, what make this primitive think ngundeng was prophet?. He was non other than man of deception.

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Can someone tell the primitive that the laws of universe do not allow the prediction of the future. If God does not exist, what make this primitive think ngundeng was prophet?. He was non other than man of deception. Get real education man.

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‘Laws of the universe do not allow the prediction of the future,and God does not exist’…

I just wanna answer atleast the last one.

The idea of God’s none existence is something to not even talk about since we are bound within the observable or 3D universe.What I believe as a non-physicist or anything is::neither does the physics approve God’s existence nor His none existence.

In Quantum Mechanics it seems that Universe accidentally came to existence by chance or the laws of physics created the universe from nothing.But another vexing problem arised about what created those laws…

What i believe is that there might be supreme entity who triggered everything including the laws of physics and why the universe is fine-tune for life.
And that entity should be responsible for our destiny,…that entity should see the past,present and future altogather.

Anyway am not a stuanch suppprter of Ngundeng but am only answering a friend above who talked about the non existence of God.
From experience i cannot tell God does not exist,this should lead to someone being labeled a “crank”.

If God exists then predictions are real.

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Great thank to you publisher this is reallity our orgin, our expansions, our heroes who conquer vast land by war and our sub clans

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Great work Mr. Ter! I learned a lot from this paper (essay). Before I know we all come from Bentiu, but I do not our sections there and where they were originally originated.

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