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The Militarized Society of South Sudan is a Threat to National Security.

By Dr. Justin Deng Deng (BPHARM)

A heavily militarized South Sudanese capital marks the "SPLA anniversary" in Juba, 2012(Photo: Waakhe Simon Wudu)
A heavily militarized South Sudanese capital marks the “SPLA anniversary” in Juba, 2012(Photo: Waakhe Simon Wudu)

Nov 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- With the final security arrangements signed recently in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, South Sudan will vaguely witness the time of relative calm. The high level delegation of SPLM-IO is expected to touch down in Juba international airport in the next few weeks, probably the mid of November 2015, and our people will start celebrating the peace that doesn’t exist in elites’ hearts.

The ordinary South Sudanese will again be in a sphere of new hope-dreaming of a bright & prosperous happy nation ten to fifteen years to come.

There will be a formation of transitional government of national unity (TGoNU) which will be too divisive & sectarian, according to my view, than the pledged unity. This TGoNU will face more fears of insecurity from within itself leaving the issues of public security unaddressed.

The real insecurity we are facing in our country today is the problem of: ‘everyone is carrying a gun & laws in his own hand’. Almost 90% of youths and middle aged men are carrying guns especially the cattle-keeping communities.

These guns are being used by non-military personnels for multiple purposes ranging from self defense, cattle raiding, gang robbery, fighting tribal conflicts & many others.

These guns & laws need to be out of civilians’ hands AND a rightful & independent security and judicial system be put in place for our people. These are the least expectations of south Sudanese from the coming TGoNU.

This will be a base and beginning of a true social peace.

To solve this problem:

  • the next government must carry out the effective all-out disarmament of all illegal firearms & regulate arms flow within the country in collaboration with local government at grass root levels.
  • The parliament of TGoNU must also enact & pass the arms regulation laws during the constitution making process.
  • Establishment of effective & independent judicial system at all levels of administration.

The above points will strategically be initiated & accomplished by:

a) convening conferences to engage youths & local chiefs to seek their maximum cooperation and witting support-only then shall the stability be achieved.

b) conduction of workshops to disseminate the importance & benefits of peace & rule of laws, and hazards of illegal arms in the society.

c) prioritize the educational programs to make the youths busy planning for their future.

d) put down the developmental projects to provide the job opportunities which will directly minimize the level of unemployment & crimes ( less militancy thoughts) leading to diminishment of rebellious acts.

e) laws enforcement and complete separation of judicial system from executive and legislative systems-for courts to carry out their decisions independently.

f) army recruitment should be conducted according to international criteria putting into consideration the physical fitness, mental health and educational backgrounds, and thoroughly trained to know their duties & mandate.

g) encouragement of sports nation wide to bring youths together and make them realize that unity is their strength.

Wish a happy peace time to you all my people…..

The author can be reached at dengdengdit@ymail.com

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pete Sudan Gach November 10, 2015 at 11:54 am

I am so sorry to hear gun collection in South Sudan. The Nuer community weapons was collected and I have not heard any of the Dinka community weapons where collected. This time I will not accept even Dr. Riek Machar himself, said that there is a security to collect the weapons it will not happened this time. Until the leadership of south Sudan is removed from uneducated team of Dinka North who Kills Dr. John Garage and give up Abiey to our Northern brother
Thank you

Gatdar.wich November 10, 2015 at 11:59 am

Dr. Deng,

guns in the hands of civilians are not the problem in South Sudan, but the chief problem in South Sudan is the tribal-oriented government, under The incompetent, tribal-chief-minded, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir period. So, the most urgent thing for the South Sudanese people to do, is to installed people-oriented government. I firmly believe that civilians with guns, will, and shall voluntarily disarmed themselves or turn-in their guns to the legitimate authorities, when they see and felt the present of one period

Ghol Chot November 10, 2015 at 7:53 pm

If we are not properly armed then the evil corporate America and Europe will just come and occupy our country at will. Some of you clowns do not still know that we are not fighting the Nuers, but the evil corporate America and Europe. The Nuers are their only pawns.

martin jacob November 11, 2015 at 5:19 am

No i prove you wrong. the only and only law abiding communities are communities with no fire arms, but a community of thief’s normally need self protection with fire arm because of stealing from un armed community,Dinka are real thief and fear to be disarmed, secondly a peaceful society always there is rule of law. freedom, good justices system and so on. but how can south Sudan be peaceful if kirr continue to be the president
he is a typical detector
illiterate and always fear people who are well informed Educationally like the Equatorial and the Nuer community

Tolio November 12, 2015 at 12:06 pm

I don’t think the disarmament of armed civilians will take place during the transitional term,because the two armies are not yet united.The best time for disarmament is after these militaries are reintegrated as a national army under a signal command.


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