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By Gaudensio Lakwo Atuka,

SPLA soldiers in the first phase of 2013-2014 South Sudan civil war in Malakal, Upper Nile(Photo: files)
SPLA soldiers in the first phase of 2013-2014 South Sudan civil war in Malakal, Upper Nile(Photo: files)

Nov 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The African leaders, British and America must urgently give the SPLM/A leader of South Sudan to agree peace agreement and support to promote the process so that the Southern people would enjoy a safe homeland across the political, ethnic unambiguous and unequivocal message: the killing simply must stop, the message also says that impunity by whoever perpetrated will be halted and punished.

The British and United Stated have been a primary international backer of South Sudan for their independence since 2011 from Sudan they must interment force immediately assembled and deployed in South Sudan with a more robust mandate and rules of engagement than the United Nations peacekeepers. This killing in South Sudan which is increasing directed at noncombatants and with an ethnic dimension must stop and not be allowed to degenerate into a Rwanda 1994 horror.

All the protagonist in the tragedy unfolding in South Sudan claim to be members of the SPLM/A, because  committed and ideologically clear member or leader of a liberation movement cannot be party to anything approaching war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.

How shamefully for the southern politicians and SPLM/A leaders to forget the millions of their sons and daughters who have died in the internal conflagrations since 1955? How can any politicians or a leader of the SPLM/A forgets their officers, fighters, heroes, wounded heroes and martyrs? How can minister of Interior and lawmakers (MPS) turn their back to their citizen? Where are the police to save the life of people in Juba? People being killed, robbed at bright day time and no single police there in its hour of need, not even the policeman from next door come out to rescue the victim.

They must learn how to establish democracy, human rights, good system of governance and finally, to real emancipate the people of South Sudan and the world. Not to involve in crimes, corruption, grabbing of lands, debauchees, thieves, murderers the innocent fellow brothers and spreaders of noxious rumors to their masters.

The good people like Bari, Acholi, Shilluk, Nuer, Murle, Toposa, Madi, Didinga, Lotuko, Dinka, Muru and Zande cannot be willing parties to such tragedy they could only be misused and abused to such ends by the elite pretenders to their leadership.

The African Union, the British and America must be decisive about stopping the war in the South Sudan and assisting the people of South Sudan onto a new political road map, to let all southern in freedom, equal rights for all, in which the people would once for all be saved from every kind of slavery, from social injustice, in which there would be no exploitation of man by man, in which the people would be their own wine masters and makers of their own fate. Not for verbal declaration, but first and foremost in concrete patriotic deeds, because our elite may not be up to it on their own.

Under the act of the African Union, the Union can intervene in a condition of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.  But what is the fundamental problem in South Sudan today? Is it ethnicity? What are lessons for some tribes in South Sudan? Is it federal system? Can the federal system solve the problem of South Sudan? Where is manpower? Where is office of governor in eighteen new States and their States Ministers, States legislative Assembly and vehicles for their services? What about corruption, the “Ghost’s name” whose money ends up in the pockets of corrupt payroll administrators. South Sudan people become tired of inexperienced staff that has compounded the many challenges facing South Sudan administration.

We must not be short sighted, this is a terrible blow, the South Sudan economic and national independence of the country has fallen off the heads of all South Sudan men and women. Southern Sudanese must change the country and choose its own tomorrow free from the shadow of yesterday. They must reject the tribalism and work together as brothers and sisters; we may fight and fight and fight until we spoil all South Sudan, the only solution that southern Sudan should agree that peace agreement is a positive connotation about coming together and healing the wounds.

The past conflicts

The first of this is what can be termed non-tribalism ideology of peace agreement. The non-tribalism ideology defines peace as dissolving the tribes’ ideologies, arising from the policies of the past within this model people with tribalism attitudes, particularly Dinka, Nuer, and Shilluk are seen to largely carry the blame for past divisions and conflicts.
Let us understand and see the suffering and miseries of our people and let us feel in our heart warmer and bloody tear-shed every day of our mothers, sisters and brothers for their homelessness, sleepless and restless.

We should often confer so as to correct one another mistakes, because everyone makes mistakes and cannot always realize it by himself. We should really appreciate him who shows us our mistakes and let such a man be our friend.  “Let us work for our country my dear fellow! Let us correct each other and walk on together if we are to be men should be”. Let every honest and true South Sudanese men and women resolutely say: ‘No to nepotism and tribalism’.

Let us join all our effort to win the peoples victory so that the Sun of freedom and happiness may shine at last over our suffering country South Sudan. Let our political work to be carried on under the main slogan against dictatorship and the ruling clique.
The South Sudan will only be fully and really independent when all her people are free from killing each other, free from insecurity, free from ignorance, free from hunger, free from laziness and free from sickness. The time has come to us from responsibility, for producing change, we lost two generations of children in war and the Southern child cannot wait for another generation. The killing must stop.

The author can be reached at lokoujungo@gmail.com

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Gatdar.wich November 3, 2015 at 7:10 pm

South Sudanese of all walks of life will only realize peace when The incompetents, tribal warlords, power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer Kiir, Kuol Manyany, Malong Awan, Marial Chinuong, Malual Ayom, Garang Mabir, Salva Mathok, Bol Akot, Mabek Lang Bilkuey, Bona Malual, Ambrose Riiny, Makuei Liar, and Philip Aguer undergo trephination(cutting/drilling holes in their brains),
castrated, and cremated period. These sadistic-treacherous individuals suffers from the rarest form of mental disorder, which can only be cured by performing the process of Trephination, Castration, and Cremation. These surgical operations are very expensive, but Gatdarwich is very confident that my distance cousins-Jiengs(slaves), will, and shall aid me in
saving these heroes from eminent self-destructions.

chol y November 4, 2015 at 2:38 pm

You are just loser. You called Dinka slaves the nuers are real slaves you work for Khartoum for decades while the Dinka fough for south Sudan freedom. Mathiang anyar should killed all Nuers slaves in Juba in 2013.

Gatdar.wich November 4, 2015 at 9:38 pm

Chol Y,

You are a pathetic liar Nyanthin.

In reality, Jieng are slaves and political prostitution- Indisputable fact.
How do you explain the marriage between your tribal chief-Killer Kiir and Museven!(Museveni assassinated your hero-Garang De Mabior in July 2005).

Only slaves hearted and traitorous beings-political prostitution would do that. Jiengs !

Harsh reality, and bitter truth, I know.

Welcome to Gatdarwich’s World.

Dumb-stupid-treacherous-fool-Chol Y.



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