The government of Republic South Sudan is down to her knees

                     KIIR AND THE LIKE: YOU BE THE JUDGE!!

By Kuoth Deng Bayak

Salva Kiir and his delegation(Photo: file)

The Decision-Making Model

August1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — 1-State the situation: examine the situation and ask yourself; what decision needs to be made? Identify others who may be affected by your decision. This brought us to stunning point surprisingly when your presidential guards went out massacre the unarmed Nuer due to the fact that they should have been looking for the politicians and armed persons alike but unfortunately one community was much more victimized to finish line.

2-List the possible options; ask yourself; what are the possible choices that one could make? Remember, to include “not act at all.” If appropriate. Share your options with responsible family members, teachers, or friends, ask for their advice. And if you knew it was only for politicians and armed persons and you know it so far that in constitution there are equals rights before the law and the right to found a family, rights of women, rights of the child while on your media speech during the assassination attempt to Dr.Machar you mentioned that you have a right as president by constitution, and if so what about the others.

3-Weigh possible outcomes; ask yourself if there are both positive and negative results of each choices .weigh the outcome, or conquence of each option, ask yourself, is this decision healthful,safe,and legal? Does it show respect for myself and others? Look we just got our independent three years ago now and we still work out too many issues such as implementation of 2005 peace agreements, border demarcation,debts,citizenship to mention few and as well as internal affairs, the politics, economics, and more that need our attention and follow up. The constitution said in part three chapter one the guiding objectives and principles such as political objectives, all levels of government shall promote democratic principles and political pluralism, and shall be guided by the principles of decentralization and devolution of power to the people through the appropriate levels of government where they can best manage and direct their affairs. Economics objectives for the development strategy shall be the (a) eradication of poverty (b) attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (c) guaranteeing the equitable distribution of wealth ;(d)redressing imbalances of income; and (e)achieving a decent standard of life for the people of South Sudan

4-Consider your values, evaluate whether your cause of action is in keep with highest values for yourself, your family and community. Ask yourself; Am I comfortable with the possible outcome? What will my family and other responsible adults think about this decision? What will I feel about this decision in the weeks and months ahead? Well I think this your best chance of listening to people around you, such as elders and youths of Bahr el Ghazal in general come up with empathy decision to be considered by you, that you can leave the seat of South Sudan for sake of peace and if your family and community did that to you, don’t you think that they love you dearly for life? Are you comfortable now on your seat or it is a hot seat, even though you think of bringing more forces,weapons,skipping peace talks, moving capital city like scapegoat the ball still in your room in the constitution part two the Bill of Rights number 12 personal Liberty said Every person has the right to liberty and security of person; no person shall be subjected to arrest,detention,deprivation ,or restriction of his or her liberty except for specified reasons and in accordance with procedures prescribed by law.

5-Make a Decision and Take Actions: use everything you know at this point to make a responsible. You can feel good that you have carefully prepared and thought about the situation and your options. You don’t need more bad advice from a bad boys who encircled you now for when taking their advices as your decisions and take actions that alone is digging more graves all together and If I were you I have to take the elders and youths one from Bahr el Ghazal than opting for the bad boys who just need to embezzled themselves instead of follow the constitution order.

6-Evaluate your Decision: After you have made decision and taken action. Reflect on what happened you might ask yourself; what was the outcome? Was it what I expected? How did my decision affect my health? What did I learn? Would I take the same action again? Now you think you made quell the political issues of those who tried their best to improve the country in every levels of the government and that was your expectations but now they kicked the ball into your bedroom and we wait for what you going to do, hold it or kick it back and take the same action again. Your decision of killing more of one ethnic group make it worth for your family,regime,presidency,and country as whole as result UNMISS camps overcrowded,mal nutritons,diseases,killing, and more.

Common Defense Mechanism

1-Repression: involuntary unconscious pushing of unpleasant feelings below the surface and out of conscious thought. As you let the presidential guards kill more Nuer children,women and unarmed men that cause Nuer involuntary action for defending their community so this make it that you interposed the conflict on Nuer and Dinka than any other Dinka leader and will not be forgotten or forgiven by any Nuer son/daughter

2-Suppression: intentional pushing of unpleasant-ness from one’s mind and as long as you tested the Nuer community by making decision of Massacre in huge number in thousands Juba the capital, they will not leave any stone unturned and also not leaving you alone

3-Rationalization: Making excuses to try to explain a situation or behavior rather than directly taking responsibility for it. I think that was irrelevant when you act to avoid the truth such force of Uganda entry to country you Kiir mentioned that they were brought by Dr.Riek Machar and also Kuol Manyang Juuk said differently yes we funds the UPDF,what it’s look like while you all serving the same government under your leadership and as well at the same time Kirr said JEM in Darfur were brought by former Unity governor Taban Deng Gai who was also working with you day and night to sooth your leadership how come this happened without your knowledge? in your interview BBC hardtalk you said that those in the UNMISS camps in juba are lucky they should had been killed, what about their rights in the constitution and law was it written in vain and take the law in your hands

4-Regression: Reverting, or turning back, to behaviors more characteristic of an earlier stage of development rather than dealing with the conflict in a more mature manner. It is a efficiency of your decision making when mention the 1991 on the media whereas most of people forgot about that and I think you are one those who hold it for revenge, meanwhile you let the Nuer be Massacred as a result for Nuer to defend themselves you said there should not be a revenge acknowledging that you massacred Nuer in the same way, you did not come up with the solution that killed thousands, sent thousands, and malnourished thousands in the country and this should be taken the soft way not hard way deal with it in a more mature manner.

5-Denial: unconscious, involuntary lack of acknowledgement of something in one’s environment that is obvious to others. you are right Salva Kiir because your ascending to lead the country never been your dream at all yes due to the fact you never been in the political arena before and all your bushes years and some of us may take it as trauma or drama in a way that you put everybody in plate.unconciousness reveal itself and make you paint your image worst in every one eye internationally, watch out you may be stumbling on your steps.

6-Compensation: Wanting to cover up weakness and mistakes by making up for them through gift-giving hard work, or other extreme efforts. The same Nuer people you denied them lion shares in the country are the one that you bribed(ing) with the money they should have been possessed peacefully and in dignity but in so they voluntarily proceed killing their own kins for the sake of wealth which is found in their own backyard, I have learned something from Bor fighting ambush southsudan that one of Salva Kiir soldier said the rebels are only one group ethnically and we our side some of that ethnic are with us and they were frightened by bullets came from rebels and can’t fight more running like rats.

7-Projection: Being unaware of attributing one’s own feelings or faults to another person or group even when these attributes do not apply. If you know that we are not in the same feeling don’t project the way you think is correct since we have a constitution guides everyone in the country is good for all automatically and the democratic or decentralization as well as federalism is the only way forward for all not one

8-Idealization: Seeing someone else as perfect or more ideal or worthy than everyone else. All ethnic groups in south Sudan are total 64 in number and some large or small still we are all equal before the law and if you think one ethnic among the 64 is the best such as Dinka you are wrong and insisting every now and then will isolate your community for good,why?this is why anyone who rule us from your community ethnically isolating others such as Abel Alier,John Garang,and Salva Kiir are equal in my judgment and I am not sure you have such a chances and think differently so now it our turn don’t beg for us to spare time anyway but we will not be equal to those three I mentioned .the decision making and common defense mechanism are to be carefully used than the way Salva Kiir regime is using them

Kuoth Deng Bayak can be reached at bkuothdeng @yahoo.com

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