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The Birth of Toxic Leaders in South Sudan and Twic State.

By Esir Bol and Sabali Awinyjok,

President Salva Kiir flanked by Party officials in a march during the SPLM Party registration ceremony in Juba (Photo: file).
President Salva Kiir flanked by Party officials in a march during the SPLM Party registration ceremony in Juba (Photo: file).

March 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —-  Toxic leader is a phrase that Marcia Whicker uses to define a leader that has responsibility over a group of people or an organisation and abuses the leader-follower relationship by leaving those they lead worse-off then initially. It is with this definition that I sought to shed light on some of our leaders that wear it custom made, straight from Beijing. Readers, please be mindful that I’m no leader or a politician, given my young age, I probably would not and do not qualify for the mentioned, as this is our logic in South Sudan. But who I’m you will collect between these pages.

Frustrated by illiterate ill minded individuals that have assumed this title of leadership, I contemplated on jotting down my thoughts, as to express freely and as lively possible where most might not. As I sat at work on a rainy afternoon, I thought of our beloved country. The young malnourished, natural rich state with bosses and leaders that are somewhat led by their subordinates. I came to a realisation that leadership in itself is not a role or a position to be had, but all in one a quality that is deeply embedded in not so many. As evident in South Sudan’s political arena, historians are known to identify themselves as political leaders instead of history keepers, subsequently derailing the country’s political future.

The war that our so-called leaders have waged on the citizens of the Republic provides a window of leadership we should never dare to look out of. Their form of leadership has radiated to the like-minded all across the country, and threatens to further pollute and occupy the minds of the masses. As we continually witness greed, and fights for positions at the national level, our ordinary citizens are left to survive on a daily cup of tea. Could it be that, maybe slightly, these thugs fighting for leadership and positions have some psychological problems. Most are traumatised to say the least. How naïve and ignorant could we be to allow psychological disturbed people guide us to prosperity. Do we grant them permission to manipulate and do away with our freedom? To dig mass graves for our innocent souls? Most certainly! And we will continue to ride on blood slides if we do not alter our ways. Think National, not Tribal.

That said, through their distorted political views, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) formed on dawn December 15th 2013; continue to reiterate their commitment and support to our unjust war. They insist on proving to South Sudan that they are the masterminds behind what has brought our thatched huts to the ground. As a concern Junub Sudan citizen, I’m confident South Sudan can be amongst one of the best nations on the continent, so long we rid ourselves of tribal leaderships. Wait, their foreign bank accounts might otherwise outweigh their tribal deeds. “They” must eat right?

Dear readers, please allow me to carry you onto another “Set yourself up for failure” kind of leadership.

Upon the creation of 28 states, of which his Excellency the president unilaterally ordered. Twic, amongst states, had its capital city relocated. For those South Sudanese that might not know the history of Twic and it’s people. Twic is a former county of warrap state. It borders Abyei and Ruweng to the north, Aweil East to the west, Gogrial state to the south and Northern Liech to the east. Her headquarter Turalei is the hometown of the late chief Bol Chol , Dr Justin Yach, and Manute Bol, just to name a few. Allow me to continue!

Now, from what was initially announced in a conference conducted in Kansas City, nothing adds up. The vice president, honourable Wani Igga, reading from the list of states and their respective capitals, upgraded what is now being regarded as a “former” Twic headquarter namely Turalei, as Capital. This particular development was somewhere along the line altered by Majak Aler and his peace disturbing colleagues/ political opportunists of the Twic community without consultation. Allocating what they term their “Boma” Mayen Abun, as the capital city. Please be mindful that “Mayen Abun” was Major General’s Kerubino Kuanyin Bol’s military headquarter when the SPLM founder Dr John Garang De Mabior accused him of defection, hence, is still to this day considered by Twic Mayardit community as a burial ground for thousands of Twic sons known to have perished there. Please do follow! History can record the death of Twic sons, specifically, Dr Justin Yach, Dominic Dim Deng, and John Mangok Kout, whom from the look of things, have left behind what will now be a fragile state. Dear readers, Mind you Twic Mayardit, Also known as Twic Bol Chol, has been amongst some of the peace loving communities in South Sudan. Until recently, when Khartoum (NCP) returnees such as Majak Aler, decided to treat the absence of those peace loving leaders they probably helped get rid of, as an opportunity to dismantle the community’s peaceful coexistence. The unilateral relocation of the head-quarter to Mayen Abun, serves as another perfect example of toxic leaders that have failed their respective communities.

As evident in the case of Juba to Ramciel, relocations of head-quarters or capital city is serious business and not stools moved when self-proclaimed political elites feel so otherwise. The rights of the people can no longer be taken away by interest groups, because in essence, reaching out to the people seemed the primary objective in creating the 28 states. Those of Majak Aler, his colleagues/opportunists, and Kirr’s current decreed cousin governor of Twic ,Bona Panek Biar, have now come to a standstill. Yes, you read right, “President Kiir’s Cousin”. For the president to have hand-picked his own cousin into governorship is contradictory to his heightened fight corruption campaigns. That’s hypocrisy if ever I have seen one. Our culture teaches us to respect our elders and in so doing they will guide you to better days. This time round, that advice is found shredded to be recycled at a later date because to people back home, in Twic, no amount of money can bribe them into your filthy sharing of back door deals, Mr “Governor”.

As an upright man, I would like to extend my sincere support to those Twic Mayardit Payams of Amiol Gemdit, Akuer Athokbek, Ajak kuach and Akoc Thon that are peacefully spearheading this form of corruption at a grass root level. For we all know in Twic, we stand behind the rights and not the wrongs, In Twic of yesterday and today we speak the truth and nothing but the truth, for the Twic of tomorrow will stand tall, like did Manute, with integrity and pride.

Dear Twic Mayardit, You have always had ways of tackling your issues. You never ran from your responsibilities, therefore, as a concerned member of Twic, I want to encourage all, including our neighbours to attend a conference on the said issue scheduled for Aweng on the 16th of March, 2016. I hereby also encourage all to never lose your Twic way of doing things (tabling your differences), simply because we have for long been a great example of how communities should be. Ahok Mayar!

Yours sincerely,

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