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The Ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik of South Sudan in Rome Italy, did it again. 

By Nicholas Osobi,

FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva receiving Credentials from Ajing Adiang Marik, Ambassadorof South Sudan to Italy in 2015(Photo credit: FAO/Giulio Napolitano).
FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva receiving Credentials from Ajing Adiang Marik, Ambassador of South Sudan to Italy in 2015(Photo credit: FAO/Giulio Napolitano).

Dec 03, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan head of mission ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik who is well known for his cruel personality has now openly resorted from corrupting and eating the visa fees and local staffs’ salaries to diplomats’ salaries which has been a case going on for a while since he has been handed this diplomatic mission. He has taken advantage of it even in the presence of the committee, sent to settle salaries and general situations of the embassy in Rome Italy, which marked him doing it on the redline that today, breaks the diplomatic silences. As we all know that, It has been a while ago that the saga around the lack of payment of the staffs in the foreign service has been in the air and that it has been almost two years since Diplomats deployed in these foreign missions were left in unbearable conditions to suffer in those foreign countries without payment of their salaries to meet their bills to the extent that some of them especially the male stuffs were forced to work as uber drivers, albeit heartless people like the ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik have no shame but to deny diplomats like him their basic rights of salary.

This is cruelty and injustice of the first order. As these may seems in human and raping of the good will of these diplomats, one of the worst case that stood out as real injustice, discrimination and bully is the case of a female diplomat’s second secretary, who was deployed in the South Sudanese embassy in Rome Italy. As the motives seems vague as to why this staffer in questions was subjected to such bully and injustice. One is left speechless but to wonder with one conclusion that perhaps it is because she is hailing from Equatoria and she is a helpless woman who cannot defend herself physically. It is worth mention that even at the time I am writing this piece, she is in a state of despair and is broken by the injustice, discrimination done to her. From my close short of information that she and her family are still been subjected unabated to bully by the heartless ambassador Mr. Ajing Adiang Merik.

 Secondly, one is left to also conclude perhaps because she is too diplomatic and gentle to depend on administrative solutions which is officially and diplomatically correct but it’s unfortunately that, she is dealing with a person without any background of Education, or just because she is not a daughter of a big general or neither is she related to a minister or an undersecretary of one of these ministries, that is why the ambassador in question is bullying her since he knows no one will come to her aid and support. This obvious case in South Sudan these days is really destroying our young talented intellectuals that is likely to encounter injustice in this foreign service since It is not a surprise that most of the South Sudanese who are working in the foreign ministry are either related to big sharks in the government or they are immediate daughter and sons of those ministers. 

Since the ambassador realised that she is a no nonsense woman, he started accusing her of many fails and threatening her with stoppage of salary. 

The bullying of the ambassador did not end with denying Second secretary  her salary amidst her obligation to pay pending bills, but the ambassador also confiscate her passport and of the family. 

My serious surprise is knowing that the whole administrations of the Ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation headquarters in Juba and the entire government officials in the system who have been visiting Rome Italy are aware of the situation of this diplomat but did nothing.

My dear people, this is enough to know who is safe again in south Sudan if this is how female diplomat, and  just a civil servant is treated on our face. We must act revenge on this individuals who are distractive to our innocent talented female behind the back of president which I’m very sure is not aware of what is happening under his name. 

The current minister seems to be trying hard to put things in place since she is able to rescue the embassies with 10 Months of the pending salaries for the year 2018, but instead of paying all diplomats dues like the rest of the other diplomats, the ambassador and his cohorts decided to denying others these along waited salaries. 

Now, why the ambassador is doing such abuse to a female diplomat is yet to be known, but this clearly shows the attitude of the kleptocratic and corrupt nature of the senior staffs of government of South Sudan who are not just looting the money of the government but of their own colleagues using government bureaucracy. It has been an established reality that Ambassador Ajing Adiang is fond of corrupting the embassy monies including the salary of local staffs. He on one occasion sold the car of the embassy besides being, a lazy person who does not attend meetings and discharging his duties as a government representative to Italy. 

As the hamurabi law saying goes that a tooth for tooth and eye for eye, and in accordance with the Newton third law of motion, that says to every action there is equal and opposite reaction, there is no any remedy left to such inhumane behaviour from an ambassador towards a fellow diplomat other than to redress the issue in the court of law because the act of the ambassador and those who are aiding him is unjust, cruel and against human right. 

The act of the ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik is not just a bullying and harassment to a woman but it is an act of lack of contempt and remorse towards a staff member and her family. One is left to wonder if the church is not there to support her and her family, otherwise how will she continue to manage with life in a foreign land where her only relative is the money she has worked for amidst all she have been managing for all this months. And again confiscating her passport and that of the family and asking them to go to Juba with a travel document is none other than a grave denial of once basic freedoms because she was not there on her own accord, but officially assigned there for the representation of the country by her government.

Asking her to use her salary to buy tickets when they know they have not paid her salary and dues for 21 months is another mockery and raping of once patient and good gesture towards her own country if not against the traditional norms of foreign deployment. 

Thus in lieu of all these circumstance, the government of South Sudan should not just recall this useless ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik back to Juba but to pay the diplomat in question all her salaries for the months that she was in her duty station plus her looted salaries that was not paid by the Ambassador Ajing Adiang Merik including her passport and  that of her family or else she should call for international protection in lieu to this long standing situations for the government of South Sudan for neglecting her to be mistreated by an ambassador despite her repeated call for action from Juba. Secondly she should register a court case against the ambassador itself for bullying her and causing her emotional stress and breakage of spirit in her career.

 I will thus recommend to this humble diplomat to stop being humble but to immediately contact the lawyers without borders who can take her case up against the government of South Sudan in general and the ambassador in particular because this is the way how we lose innocent citizens and still losing in the face of injustice and I wouldn’t want to watch it continue. 

Therefore, on my personal assurance for Mr Ajing Adiang Merik is that, I announce this junior strong female diplomat a heroines. She has managed both the south Sudan’s financial crisis by leaving alive with her family in Europe for over 2 years without salaries and on your evil plots on her. Long live our diplomat, keep strong but not for bullish, you are not alone, we are with you.

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