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Statement of Solidarity with “United South Sudan Opposition Movements” (USSOM)


By Gen. Lemi Logwonga LOMURÖ

Dear Compatriots,

Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Oyai, Malong, Pagan and Cerilo meets in Nairobi (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Sept 26, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — May I offer, on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire fraternity of The Rally For Democratic Change (RDC) to take this opportunity to convey our sincere congratulations to the patriotic leaders who made history by forming the ‘United South Sudan Opposition Movement’ (USSOM) on August 29th, 2019, in the Hague, the Netherlands. The Rally for Democratic Change further express its full support and solidarity with all those compatriots for initiating such a historical initiative to save South Sudan from the imminent cliff edge of total collapse in the hands of the current failed government of Gen. Kiir Mayardit in Juba1. 

These compatriots include the leaders of the Real Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (R-SPLM), the South Sudan National Democratic Alliance (SSNDA), the National Salvation Front (NSF) and, the South Sudan United Front (SSUF), principally, for formulating the Declaration of Principles (DP) which underpin the establishment of United South Sudan Opposition Movement (USSOM). 

RDC beliefs that this magnificent historical Declaration of alliance by opposition groups underlines the spirit of genuine recognition of the need for Unity of the people of South Sudan to speedily converge and stop the bloodshed that has bedevilled the country for over five years since independence in 2011. 

It is our firm belief that the power of resistance which has enabled the people of South Sudan to survive for thousands of years has been based largely on traditions of mutual solidarity of all likeminded compatriots who are willing, not only to sacrifice for the greater good of the people, but also are ready to put national interest above individual gains. It must be emphasised that in the last five years of suffering inflicted upon the people of South Sudan by General Kiir’s myopic leadership, our desire to converge and work in unison with one another is being put in particularly severe test. May we stand this test in the same way that our fathers did to deliver South Sudan from over hundred years of slavery in the hands of our traditional enemies. 

There is no other better means for regaining our lost integrity than our solidarity in the full knowledge that the cause for which we are suffering is sacred and monumental. 

Indeed, United South Sudan Opposition Movements (USSOM) must represent a source of gratification to the founders for making such an important contribution toward salvaging our victimised people from their calamitous peril and guide them towards a better, secure and brighter future. 

The creation of a United South Sudan Opposition Movements (USSOM) comes at an opportune time when the country is faced with the potential for total disintegration because of poor political leadership that has squandered prudent governance at the expense of majority South Sudanese citizens. That being the case, the Rally for Democratic Change commends the declaration as an important historical cornerstone that underscores the power of resistance by the people of South Sudan against the forces of evil who continue to loot the wealth of the country for personal benefit. 

It is to be recalled that the current regime of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit represents the most wicked tyrannical system of government that is defined by acute tribal chauvinism, rampant corruption, dictatorship, raping of women, mass murder of civilian, and impunity rooted in an archaic tribal control. This kind of misrule must therefore, be ended by all means, including the use of all other relevant tools in addition to political alliances, in order to limit the endless carnage being inflicted on the people of South Sudan.

In this regard, the RDC avails itself the honour to emphasise its full solidarity with this historical development that is signified by the creation of the United South Sudan Opposition (USSOM). Its broad coalition is a welcome step in the right direction that will provide a credible alternative visionary political leadership ready and able to guide South Sudan towards the path of unity, security, justice, equality, the rule of law and prosperity for all citizens irrespective of tribe, gender, geographical location and political affiliation.   

Against this backdrop, and after careful examination of the articles of the declaration of USSOM, the Leadership Council of the Rally for Democratic Change, in consultation with majority of its membership, both at home and in the diaspora, unanimously decided that this new Alliance of the opposition has not only ensured the Unity of the people of South Sudan in their diversity, rather, it has also created the space for collective participation of all patriotic citizens in a truly realistic national forum that has the power to challenge the forces of evil in Juba 1. 

What is more, is that the new opposition alliance manifests itself as the single most diversified organization ever created by patriotic sons and daughters of South Sudan. This is so because USSOM is an embodiment of all ethnic groups from all geographical regions of the country. 

For these and other reasons the Rally for Democratic Change would unreservedly lend it full solidarity in support to the vision, mission and the objectives of the United South Sudan Opposition Movements (USSOM).  

Sign: Gen. Lemi Logwonga LOMURÖ

Interim Chair,

Rally For Democratic Change (RDC).

Contacts Email: lemilomuro@gmail.com

Tel: (Abroad) +44 74 24 78 44 77; (Home) +211 977792666.

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