By Comrade Peter Kleto,


Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in forests of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)
Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, in forests of South Sudan(Photo: supplied)

December 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In response to the statements by South Sudan army chief General Paul Malong, published on Sudan Tribune on December 02, 2014, the army chief warned against rewarding individuals who rebelled against the government. He also mention that the army’s responsibility is to defend the constitution and the country in addition to protecting civilians and their properties from harmful group to maintain peace; and that Salva Kiir is to be protected because he is legitimately elected president.

Sincerely speaking, our problem in South Sudan is that the government is always not honest and frank to its citizens. The recurring wars that have been witness in South Sudan were not waged for the attainment of positions in the government, but the wars resulted from extremely bad leadership in Juba. If it is about positions, then I don’t still see any reason why others should be prevented from holding public office in their own country. Does the country belong to one tribe or community or to all?

With regards to defending the constitution, the General will have to inform the public which constitution he is talking about. Is Paul Malong talking about the transitional constitution of South Sudan which Dictator Salva Kiir and his clique have been violating since day one? Only the Chief can answer this question. But I want to seriously inform my fellow citizens that a constitution can only be a constitution if its citizens beginning from the head of state respect and abide by it and violation of the constitution will result into chaos including removal of any official including the president from the office.

The president has abused his powers by among many breaches of the constitution removing the governors of lakes state and Unity State respectively without any reason. On top of that, election to elect a new governor within 60 days as stipulated in the constitution did not happen and the president still keeps the governors he appointed. The current governor of lakes state is still in office illegally and nothing is done about it by the Dictator. I want to tell all citizens that do not be confused and used by the dying regime in Juba. You should question whatever they say.

Frankly speaking, marginalization of other communities in South Sudan is always the root cause of conflict and this will continue to go on unless this government is removed and a federal system of governance is installed for the benefit of all. I always tell you in my other papers that change for the betterment of all can only be achieve through collective work of all of us.  Sit and wait attitude will not help us change the bad system. Each and every day, people are being murdered in all cities in South Sudan and this is a fact and a bitter pill that all of us will have to swallow.

SPLM/A IN Oppostion is not fighting for positions but for the freedom of all. The government of Dictator Salva Kiir has robbed citizens of their rights and the freedom fighters are fighting to return freedom back to the people. I challenge you the soldiers fighting alongside Salva Kiir to question yourselves why you are defending Salva Kiir. Do you want dictatorship to continue thriving in South Sudan? Do you want South Sudan to continue suffering with no single infrastructure? Do you want South Sudan to be ruled by one community instead of all 64 tribes?  This conflict is a big test to South Sudanese to choose between freedom and tyranny. We fought for more than 50 years against dictatorship and marginalization and it would be shameful for us to defend the Dictator.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that I see a glaring picture of hope of the Republic of South Sudan under his Excellency Comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny, and a gloomy picture of sorrow and suffering of the Republic under Dictator Salva Kiir.

Thank you.

Struggle Continues

Peter Kleto

Deputy Chairman, SPLM IN OPPosition

Greater Toronto Chapter

I could be reached at peterkleto8@hotmail.com

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