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SPLM-IO will prevail but individuals will perish


By Mak Banguot Gok

May 23, 2021 — During the liberation struggle in the midst of the 1980s, as very small boys, we used to hear soldiers singing their revolutionary war songs. One of the inspirational songs that go in a Nuer language as “Gör muɔ̱n yakɔmɛrɛt, ciɛ de luäŋ rami nyɛga̱t!” It literally means “struggling for land/freedom isn’t afford by a bandit!” This song stuck in my mind for it contains wisdom.

If you’re initially encouraged to join SPLM-IO inspired by short-lived enthusiasm, definitely, you are one of those types who will go back easily to their political bewilderment.

Thinking of the ongoing controversial rifts between the SPLM-IO Supreme Command and the C-in-C, I realized that, many of the SPLM-IO supporters are only just a lips-service provider to the movement.

Some are spies who infiltrated the party to destroy the movement from within. Fake members of the SPLM-IO display a widespread inconsistency and frustratingly talked nonessential political gossiping against the SPLM-IO Chairman through social media platforms. I regret such demeaning behaviors shown by those apathetic enthusiasts of the SPLM-IO, following the days of administrative contraventions between the SPLM-IO leaders.

Some others with double standards use the mere misunderstanding between two leaders against the Chairman. Do not just conclude in your own extortion without properly scrutinizing the nature of that circulated leadership turmoil.

Those are such categories of many other pressing issues involved in the revolutionary struggles. Many people will continue switching allegiance due to many reasons related to characters.

You do not have to love materials and maybe fighting against hypertension (high blood pressure), and yet pretending to be struggling for freedom through radical change. You need courage and tolerance! And, if you don’t withstand the hit of bush life, if you don’t compromise a slight mistake that your mission to joined SPLM-IO is not to be an officer/worker in the office of Dr. Machar Teny if you don’t give up materials hooking and, above all, if you don’t differentiate between what is militarily mend for military and, political ones remain solely the work of politicians, I doubt that, you are the types of person needed for SPLM-IO movement Zaatu.

The fact that there is nothing anytime soon to be called normal rebellion against the existing tribal political system in Juba, we chose beyond a reasonable doubt to defend the rights of our people and their identity whereby either supporting the SPLM-IO movement under Dr. Riek Machar up to the end or else, to miserably give up to the genocidal government of the Jieng-led status quo.

And, remaining loyal to the SPLM-IO movement, there are consequences anytime of rebelling. These difficulties involved in the rebellion are endured only by well-bore and committed men and women of full moral character. Some with no morality are going off into smoke.

Those who are frustrating without knowing the consequences of their actions ended up switching allegiance to the very enemy who will only take them for granted. We all wish for the integration of the SPLM-IO movement towards victory. And, the question to the firm members is not about these administrative faults which have nothing to do with the removal of the status quo in Juba, but how we are going to achieve victory over the oppressor.

After the signing of R-ARCSS, it became a suitable time for political struggles, and more importantly, it’s an interlude to the ongoing military struggles for both armed forces to the conflict.  They are in their barracks simply because, there are no more military operations required by the freedom fighters. SPLM-IO forces are required to remain watching in their assembly sites.

Likewise, their commanders (SPLM-IO military generals) are also expected to remain responsive only to political leadership. This time is only for the politicians to express their political dissatisfactions on the appointment to the government.

The fact is the same as that, in every human-led liberation struggle, hardships are inevitable; difficulties in tactical conduct, chronic logistical constraints, conventional structuring of the army, and political leadership plus many other expectations are always not arranged in the interest of the bulk of the movement’s followers. If you are one of those lacking moral characters, you defect and the SPLM-IO movement continues without you.

The author is a concern citizen who can be reached through email at johnsonmak61@gmail.com

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