South Sudan’s Salva Kiir and Germany’s Hitler: Same Characters in Different Times

By Matai Muon,
First episode,
Salva Kiir of South Sudan and Adolf Hitler of Gernmany(Photo: file)
Salva Kiir of South Sudan and Adolf Hitler of Gernmany(Photo: file)
Feb 4, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — If the extermination of the Jewish scientists means the elimination of the contemporary German science, then we shall have to do without science for some years, (Adolf Hitler 20/04/1889-30/04/1945). On 2 August 1934, a solar eclipse occurred in Berlin. An Austrian-born German politician, Adolf Hitler seized Germany. Shortly after assuming the helm of power, Hitler began his anti-Semitic lobby. The German Jews would have to leave the Land at all cost.  Regardless of their age, sex, political affiliations, economic status, the Jews faced one of the ruthless massacres ever. Hunted down for what they believed in, the Nazi massacred an estimated six millions German Jews in the process.One million of this startling number was Jewish children alone. Hitler also had five million non-German Jews exterminated. This, statistically, brings the number to eleven millions. By the beginning of 1941-1945 the number of Jew ethnic group that Nazi targeted and methodically murdered in genocide was the largest in modern history. In the theatre of this dirty operation was every armed German. Hitler was directing killing orders. About one hundred to five hundred thousand security personals were direct participants in this horrific plan. Official Nazi German Army, SS Paramilitary force, Reserve Police Battalion 101, Prison, name it, all of them took part in such a horrible Statearchitectured killing.

Six, and a half decades down the line, a gloomy sky covered the geographical Landscape of South Sudan. Hitler was reborn in modern times. Precisely, On December 15, 2013, the Planet Earth’s youngest State went to war, this time, against itself. Salva Kiir, the president carried out one of the rarest genocides in decades. . A notorious privately trained army (Gelweng) under the guise of Palace guards Kiir used to eliminate the Naath in the Nation’s Capital. Over twenty thousand (20, 000) ethnic Nuer were massacred in just a fraction of days. Other reliable sources however, dispute this statistics, and raise it a bit higher. Out of this figure, 90% was vulnerable group, pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers, innocent children, unarmed young men of the Nuer ethnicity. In a ruthless killing art, the Kiir State apparatus went door-to-door lynching of the innocent Nuer. Tribally trained in his own home States, these blood thirst hunters stopped at nothing than seeing the Capital free of anything Nuer. Street killings began. The disaster in power [Kiir] ordered a curfew in the City to intensify the killing from 6pm to 6am.

The Dutku Ben now had a perfect time to eliminate silently late in the dark hours. Places like Tongping, Mia Sava, Megat 10, and many others saw imminent destruction. The Dinka dominated killing machine would ask any passing Nuer in a Dinka Dialect, upon failure to reply, the State operators would start randomized shooting. These continued for days, months and now for more than  a year. The Nuer still live in concentrated UNMISS camps and only come out between 6am and 6pm. The result was an unexpected number of a terrific human loss. Mass graves were the only options for thousand innocent souls tortured due to which tribe they belonged. They then transported the rest in truckloads, piled in one site or another then burned to ashes. In some unverified cases, the survivors of Juba Massacres narrate horrifying tales of human cannibalism, an incident only heard of from Central Africa’s political mess, and that of Hitler’s Germany. The Nuer massacre survivors tell scary stories of some security bodies from Dinka ethnicity eating off what they could not bury or burn. This is horrendous picture of human indignity.

Consequent upon this, South Sudan’s security affairs deteriorate. Human lives become so simple that they die at a proportion of houseflies. A South Sudanese dies here and there. The State turns to a Police one. As lawless as Somalia, all the law culprits kill with pleasure. Security bodies become more brutal. Unarmed South Sudanese, innocent foreign nationals working with the non-governmental organizations continue to suffer at an alarming rate. Some are taken hostage, ill-treat then disappear in a mystery. The State with direct orders from the top intimidates, threatens, and in worst-case scenarios, kills any dissenting voices. High-flying political figures have their travel documents confiscated. A case in point is Dr. Lam Akol the Country’s main opposition leader, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, the former Higher Education Minister. Hon. Adwok now serves in the bush Ministry for political mobilization in the fractured SPLMA/A, some of the former detained, SPLM leaders too, had their travel rights infringed on in many instances, Youth in Opposition representative Puoch Riek Deng, and many other minor cases.

The constitutional rules shattered, articles contorted, Clauses amended to appease the few elites while depriving the Nation of its fundamental rights. Elected State Governors dismissed with no explanation, Party members exchanged, removed, and then expelled. Intellectuals of some hefty extent do not speak freely, if they do, the Police State will have them intimidated, threatened and in most instances eliminated. Thousands of young South Sudanese are out of school, surviving in some of the newest but horrific refugee camps within and outside the Country. Pregnant mothers deliver without a privilege of a trained medical personal. Breastfeeding mothers die of starvation, their young ones severely malnourished, suffers from tons of deficient diseases.

In essence, this virtually reflects the true image of the Nazi Germany. In Hitler’s Germany, the Nazi passed infamous autocratic rules at Nuremberg in 1935. These later became the Nuremberg law. Under this, freedom of expression never existed, political opponents had no say in the State affairs, and the democratic government that was there became past…thousands died of direct starvation in many of the concentration camps within and outside the German frontiers. Nearly one million died in the notorious killing sites such as Auschwitz, a complex of three camps and numerous satellites.

Ravensbruck, concentration camps for mostly Jewish women, Harleim Killing Complex where the Nazi exterminated roughly 3.3 million Prisoners of War, mainly from the Soviet Union, some from resisting armed Jewish Minority. Tens of thousands more died of diseases related to nutrition. The German Jews rarely had a chance to express their views. In fact, nine in ten of the German Jews would rather hide than to speak even if a chance occurred. Those displaced to the nearby France, Poland had a slim chances to have a life of some degree, their children would attend schools in Camps, the parents would engage in jobs of some sorts.

Life was a bit definable until the Nazi’s Army followed them, the Nazi invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, annexed it, then France. The Nazi hunted down Jewish intellectuals with pleasure. It used gas chambers to eliminate. At Auschwitz for instance, the Nazi soldiers used an unforgiving cyanide gas in a crystal form at one of the separate units known as Zyklon B. It would send Hundred to thousand innocent ones to these inhumane chemical filled chambers, lit them, and they would burn ruthlessly. To limit their escaping opportunities, the Nazi German government put severe restrictions on emigration. Hitler planned a bureaucratic emigration system of some kind. A ministry that used “filtered, sorted” technique sort of issuing travel documents was set up. They intended this to reduce chances, limit the number of the German Jews leaving Germany on daily routine. Leaving Germany thus became hard. Those who got that chance had only a fraction of their property taken; the rest would stay behind for the Hitler’s loyalists.

South Sudan, an oil rich Nation, with great agricultural signs, as a result begins to falter. The ruined political path makes these economic potentials virtually impossible. The young economy starts to decline at overwhelming rate. International projections by experts are nerve racking, on the economic angles, a $22-28 billion is to be lost in the next five years should the war rage on. The humanitarian corridor reports over 2 millions displaced. Out of this, over 1.35 million are in major UN camps within South Sudan. More than 453, 600 fled to the sister countries across the frontiers of the Young Nation (this statistics was of August 2014).

As a matter of concern, the humanitarian experts project the number to double this year if the war continues. While humanitarian situation exhibits discouraging signs, the State itself is, doing everything it could to exacerbate such matters. More than half of the Country is under insecurity. In a State where the government cares less about the plight of its displaced population, chances are very narrow for the humanitarian situation to improve. The United Nations through its usual donors has invested millions of dollars in this corridor. However, with less or no political will to end the war, these funds will never serve a better role. By looking at such a statistics, it is very explicit the nation is taking off the radar. On the next final episode: the end of the Nazi rule, a perfect lesson for Salva Kiir. Miss it at your own risk!

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