South Sudan Will Never be a United Country Under the President Salva Kiir Mayardit and His Looters Who Are Enjoying Their Time in the Hotels in Juba

By Bayak Chuol Puoch,
The only foreign president who attend the least attended 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)
The only foreign president who attend the least attended 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)
Sept 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan will never be a united country under the President Salva Kiir Mayardit because Salva Kiir is thinking that ethnic cleansing against Nuer tribe will keep him in power for life and this definitely will never be happened.
South Sudan is becoming a place of African vultures that are looking for food. This situation is dividing the nation into pieces because the President Kiir himself doesn’t care about his people who brought him into power in the year 2010.
Salva Kiir is a blind man who cannot see thing properly and he keeps telling people that he was elected by people and he doesn’t know that we elected only SPLM not Kiir in person who killed more 25,000 innocents South Sudanese. Those whom were killed by Salva Kiir all of them are South Sudanese. That ethnic cleansing offense against particular South Sudanese tribes will never keep him in power for life and this for sure will become problematic issue in the country from now onward. South Sudanese will continue to fight the government until the last man because their children, women and old aged were innocently killed in Juba and other locations in the country.
Humiliation of Dr John Garang’s family in South Sudan:
Dr John Garang died in a helicopter crash while coming from Uganda to South Sudan. The South Sudanese think that when Dr John Garang die, his son Captain Mabior Garang De Mabior should be awarded a ministerial post in the government of South Sudan that will reward him the death of his father which was for the sake of this country. This will show that we love the founding father with all our hearts.
Our main problem is the President Salva Kiir who killed more than 25,000 innocent and the people who were supporting him. He will be in danger in the future because he is ruling a dying regime and no one of his followers will escape away from these crimes they committed in the country. The South Sudanese will not see President Salva Kiir leading the country because he lost his legitimate and no one will look at him as the leader of this nation contrary people are seeing Salva Kiir like a fatal malaria disease that regularly and predominantly kills a lot of people annually.
SPLM Former Detainees becoming anti South Sudanese
Pagan Amum and his colleagues think that they are smarter than any South Sudanese because they were with Dr Riek Machar in December, 2013. That was the beginning of South Sudanese genocide in the country when Salva Kiir and his presidential guards began their mission of murdering more than 25000 innocents. That will never be fulfilling in 20 years of time and this will not be forgotten by South Sudanese. Pagan Amum and his group are becoming smart bacteria while the doctor give some medication to the infected patients, the bacteria knows well the medicine will never cure the illness so the bacteria will mutate its self into another different disease. This simple description of a bacteria disease simply resembles Pagan and his group who love money more than South Sudanese. The voice of Pagan Amum becomes useless in South Sudanese community because he think that he is smarter than Dr Riek Machar and he was imprisoned by the President Salva but now Pagan began worshiping Salva again.  I was thinking that he was a good politician that he will stands with his people when there is something like what happened in South Sudan but this not true at all.
The G10 are not responsible people at all and they deceived themselves that they are good politicians who played good politics in South Sudan when they denied the killing of South Sudanese. We don’t know why they were against the President Kiir and now it becomes clear these hungry people to power are crying because their bread is cut by Salva. Actually, they don’t care about the lives of people. We are telling them that their greediness has become true and the minds of all of these SPLM Former Detainees have become useless.
Before I was a true supporter of Pagan Amum but I stopped my support to him because the man is weak in politics and his job is only to get power by denying the killing of South Sudanese. Also, he was the first man who let SPLM to lose its vision. We need someone to take over and we were thinking that Pagan will become the future President of South Sudan but this war has shown a lot of hidden and unseen facts. I think Pagan will never become the President of South Sudan by denying things and this ruined him in politics and no one will trust in him again. There are some people in the community who are getting blood money to become very rich. That is why some people were killed in South Sudanese in Juba and other country side.
God Bless South Sudan!
Bayak Chuol Puoch is the Former Chairperson of Nuer Community and Director of Naath Community Development Center in Cairo, Egypt. The author can be reached at bpyarkhor121@yahoo.com

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