South Sudan General Election to be held on 30 June 2015 is a mere Dream!

By Gatmai Machar,


Salva Kiir, the incumbent president of South Sudan and commander in chief of SPLA-Juba faction (Photo: file)
Salva Kiir, the incumbent president of South Sudan and commander in chief of SPLA-Juba faction (Photo: file)

Jan 5, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan general election to be held on 30th June 2015 as scheduled by the chairperson of the electoral commission is an impossible day light dream that is only dreamed by juba thugs and their ignorance die-hard supporters.

After the one year turmoil in the country, 2 million of the population have been displaced and have gone to seek refuge in the neighboring countries, half of the population that have resisted fleeing the country and had remained inside south Sudan are either in UN camps or have gone deeply to the villages to hide for fear of being murdered by the foreign mercenaries and the Government recruited militias in the states or counties headquarters, especially in Greater upper Nile region.

The insecurity in Greater Upper Nile region is 99% in all the counties and payams, when a normal and a patriotic citizen heard of election being held given the instability in this region, he would first of all imagine how possible is that? Where will the ballots box be placed here? How will the campaign managers come into contact with the civil population? Would the campaign manager’s moves freely to campaign? Would the MPs goes to their respective constituencies in this region and talk to their civil population as usual?

Given the fact that even a mere freedom of speech is not given to any one now inside the country, would the election be free and fair? Would Salva kiir his opponents be allowed to moves freely and be given good security in government controlled areas especially where military commanders control and governed the place? Would Salva kiir tolerate critics when he even declare war on a mere request of a political reform when election was still too far? Would Kiir himself go to all the states during the campaign? If not why would he expect votes from people he fears to talk to physically?

Lastly, the current SPLA which is mostly comprised of untrained volunteers from the Greater Bhar-el-ghazal region is not capable of maintaining security while election is ongoing. It was clearly stated by the parliament in February last year that 70% of the National army SPLA (well trained soldiers) have defected to the rebel movement. Meaning only 30% of the National army remain in juba with kiir which forced him to invite UPDF and other foreign mercenaries to come into his rescue. So what makes juba believe that they can still protect the voters from any threat during election?

Answer, may be the UPDF and the mercenaries, yes UPDF have been enjoying free air space strike for the whole of last year in Greater upper Nile region, but given the latest acquisition of sophisticated weapons by Machar’s forces. The UPDF has few chances of gaining more victories in greater upper Nile again this year. UPDF have been encountering uncounted defeats on ground battles, hence with the medicine to their planes being discovered they are hit with irremovable nail on the head.

I am here to tell the public that, that election is not possible, it is just a mere dream. Wish you all a happy new year, May it brings blessing to our Country.

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ezekielpey January 5, 2015 at 11:29 am

people of s.sudan you hve to know that, the dinka president are always used drung that’s why he valid what he say at 5/2014 saying that no ellection


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