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South Sudan a Broken Nation: Witnessing painful disintegration in hands of unwise elders: A case of Aldo Ajou Deng

By Ayuen Akuot Atem de Mayen,


Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey, a vocal member of the Jieng Council of Elders(Photo: file)
Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey, a vocal member of the Jieng Council of Elders(Photo: file)

Dec 01, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- As a proud Citizen in the identity of South Sudan sincerely I am deeply lament and upset by the sorrow and helpless watching and witnessing the dejected disintegration of South Sudan into autonomous region, ethnicity and tribal politic in the hands of irresponsible and imprudent regional elders engulfed in wolf skin of Jieng council of elders. A case of Aldo Ajou Deng-Akuey. The former diehard of NCP and the master minder of tribal and ethnic mole in South Sudanese politic.

Earlier This week a member of Jieng Council of elders Mr. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey, wrote an opinion article published by PaanLuel Wel titled “Education in our political history”. In his opinion the self claimed regional elder blamed the ongoing political hot spring and disintegration of South Sudan into several autonomous and indeed his failed man-made project of 2015 December crisis on innocent retried politician and exiled leaders, individual personalities, political elites, youth which he described as a Dinka of Jonglei.

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Allow me my dear cheerlessness countrymen and women who are totally grief by the anguish sorrow of a broken nation; to humbly responses to the numerous intended political accusation, allegations and regional propaganda of name calling, political scape-goating labeled against Dinka Jonglei in context of his opinion he was referring to the (ethnic Bor Dinka of eastern bank of river Nile) and their historical leaders and political icons by the so called elder who hailed from Bar el Gazal equitably Mr Aldo is the appointed parliamentarian representing Northern Bar el Gazal in the lower house of council of state and also a member of Jieng council of elders.

In brief Mr. Aldo, joined the ruling SPLM party on the 6th of July 2007 by abandoning the National Congress Party for green pastures and viewing South Sudan as doom corner to preach his ethnic political revenge with idled insane empty minded majority politic.

Painfully the self claimed elder hails from “Mading Aweil” the popular Dinka land in the extreme edge of South Sudan bordering CAR and Sudan. He has been a die heart and mole of the Sudanese NCP in South Sudan politic for decades featuring his regional opinion by launching a last kicking of dying shameful elder who has messed rich diversity South Sudan on his foolhardy attacks on region, ethnicity and on individual personalities by disgracing and denying their visible and historical tireless contributions and struggles of Jonglei prominent leaders who fought in numerous series of civil war for the successful attainment of South Sudan independency in 2011. A bravely and bold step executed in the absent of today Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey.

To begin with Mr. Aldo is the political mole of Arab Sudanese rule and divided politic of regional and ethnic disintegration of South Sudan. Am truly touch by the fact that South Sudan is completely disintegrating and dashing into autonomous and tribal division in the hands of unwise regional elders. Albeit

Pointblank the people being blames and escape goating your regional failures on them are the true liberators and the die heart of unity, nationalism and peaceful co existence among the South Sudanese. Historically the unified leaders hails from Equatoria and Upper Nile. There has never been a generation of South Sudanese people without a brilliant and wise sons and daughters of Dinka-Bor.

The intention of Aldo Ajou is that he wanted all the Dinka ethnicity both politicians, military and civil servants and youth to campaigns for Dinka union, ganging up against others 65 tribes of South Sudan. A witted idea and philosophy that has been widely rejected by the numerous nationalists and patriotic sons and daughters of what you described as Dinka Jonglei. The Like of Dr Majak D’Agot plus youths. South Sudan is the nation and it is above tribal interest and ethnic marginalization in regards to NCP ideologies as you may think so. You are unwise old man without out reputation.

The self claimed tribal association; you are the problem of this country and whoever condemn you ill advices and practices of tribal illusion like the historical leaders of the SPLM and the moderate youths are being labeled as dissidents. The problem of South Sudan is not leadership but yourself the unwise elder who have sneak into president circle.

You have no remembrance in the history of South Sudan. For instance when the then Southern Sudanese weight war against colonization and against the oppressive regime of Khartoum in 1955- 19972 starting in Torit which was widely joined by the patriotic self sacrificed Dinka, Equatoria and Nuer. You failed to take part in that war of liberation you were busying fishing in the dirty bloods and flesh of your fellow countrymen in Khartoum with the politic of name calling and fostering the hard lining ethnicity.

Again in 1983 after the collapse and dishonoring of Addis Ababa agreement by Sudan government South Sudanese across the nation took up arms against Arab monolithic regime with the call for independent South Sudan. where were you Mr. Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey in frontline. Instead you were busy campaigning for the united Sudan with double standards politic of regionalization and being a grand linkage of the notorious bloodiest Sadiq Al Muhadi regime of cleansing Southern then. May be you will be honor and remember by your region for championing ethnic and tribal hatreds among the South Sudanese. But what will you benefit if South Sudan disintegrated into three more regional and tribal states or nation.

In your opinion you said the December 15 crisis would have been control and quell down while blaming it wide spreads into others town on few individual from Upper Nile region. The decision makers at the time of crisis were not from the innocent Upper Nile or Equatoria region they were from your own region.

Why do you escape-goat your own messes, weakness and ailing political advices that has caused failed state and total collapse of South Sudan on the people and leaders who have nothing to do with ethnic cleansing that you have embraced in name of region and tribes. Anyway you are behind the clock but be informed that South Sudanese and the entire world are watching your broad day light skirmishes of rule and divided politic, selfness, corrupt political sycophancy installed.

Incitement “Quote from Aldo Opinion published in Paanluel Wel website” Referring to Abel Alier and John Garang, all the time, may not continue attractive to South Sudanese any more event with Bor Community as a whole. Check your neighbours in Akobo, Pibor, Pacalla and Panjab. Can they now vote for Bor community candidate for presidency? Why do you leave your Biblical problem unresolved “respect your neighbour as you do to yourself”. Fulfil this obligation before extend your aggressive tongue to Bahr Al Ghazal Dinka Community.

In reality you don’t deserves to be an elder; better to something else. Who told you that in South Sudan there are biblical problem that are unresolved between the Bor Dinka and their neighbors?. Which chapter in bible talks of unresolved biblical problems. Does that negative prophecy reflect your ages and wisdom?

Asking and stimulating that no neighbor will vote for political candidate who will hails from Jonglei in future. We its political illusion and presumption but did asks South Sudanese people leaves alone your neighbors whether they are ready this time to vote for presidency who might hail from your region?

The elders of your nature have made a popular leader to became unpopular. If your are exactly a elder as you claims the problem of South Sudan is not the people or ethnic group that you broadly accuses. The major setback in the political messes of this country are the inner tribal elders who forcefully encoded their ill-advised wisdom into national issues.

Be informs that your elderly aged you are in today in other part of the country it considered as wise age for grooming and portraying positive advices into generations but to my surprise it’s gifts of doom and division along ethnicity. What you should know is that you are they old groom that doesn’t sweep well and additional politically were shapely silenced and defeated by your political age-mate of 1970s and 1980s from the Jonglei Dinka. ” a born that is not politically managed by energetic dog cannot be defeated by less dim-witted brainless unenergetic old dog”

Attacking personalities of heroes and liberators leaders of a certain ethnicity such as Dr. John Garang, Abel Alier, Akuot Atem and Dr. Majak D’Agot in your opinion, plus the youths from what you describes as Dinka Jonglei are the sign of political falsity and defeats. Please stood firm in your ethnic and tribal campaigns. If it mean execution or crucifying be it on you because you have already done harm on ethnic division. Pay the pride.

In addition a Wisdom and knowledge is not a gifts. It is a community integrity and credibility that cannot be shared on ethnicity.

Indeed through your ill-advices you have succeeded in tearing apart by irrigating the tribal and regional ideology. Look how unwise you are; you went as far as blaming the founding members of the movement that you are enjoying it fruits on regionalism and ethnicity. Are you really wise Mr. Aldo?. You just joined SPLM in June of 2007 and the like of Dr Majak D’Agot whom you describes as young boy, has tirelessly devoted his entries life’s in the bush fighting again your friendly regime in Khartoum from 1983 until the signing of Comprehensive peace agreement in 2005 they same agreement brokered by the leaders you accused had open doors for you to Join the SPLM which has become your golden ethnic party.

I know the motive of your Falster political motivated accusation are Merely based on your blindly campaigns for tribal politic and regionalization of South Sudan. It’s a witted philosophy and blink ideas of 19 century that a true nationalist and patriotic South Sudanese cannot buy. I firmly support those individual politician from Dinka Jonglei that you blames because they disagreed with you on ideologies of running South Sudan in the arena of Jieng.

Those who have been in the bush for 21 years are tired of tribalism for your case a die-hard of Khartoum regime is comfortable with ethnicity and regionalism.

South Sudan is left in your hands why didn’t you resolved contentious pioneering cultures of gang rapes, road ambush and ethnic targeted killing on ethnicity and geographical location. These are the issues that an elder can deal with.

I would like conclude my argument with Dinka proverb that says you can be an old man with grey hairs and that does not qualified you to be considered as a wise person who can comment on national issues.

The views expressed above solely belong to the writer; the author is a freelance writer, he can be reached for comment and input at demayen@gmail.com

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