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Salva Kiir’s Desertion of Juba for Bhar El-Ghazel means the last Route to the autocracy

By. Mak Banguot Gok,
Salva Kiir and his Western Bahr el Ghazal State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan (left) and the State Police Commissioner Abraham Manyuat during his visit to Wau in which he campaigns in which the people of Wau wants the capital transferred to Wau [Photo: via Gurtong]
Salva Kiir and his Western Bahr el Ghazal State Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan (left) and the State Police Commissioner Abraham Manyuat during his visit to Wau in which he campaigns in which the people of Wau wants the capital transferred to Wau (Photo: via Gurtong)
July 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — What the transfer of the Dinka government seat from Juba toWau would bring to already perverted government? Why now? And how will Dinka do this huge task in a very short time of thirty days interval?Today in Juba, the talks in every month are curved on contemporary focus of moving Salva Kiir’s government pew from its current whereabouts in Central Equatoria State for Western Bhar-El Ghazel State of Wau. This is an unforeseen verdict that emanated as the last option by the Dinka-led government in Juba after being caught tenable of the datum that, UPDF and others rented legionnaires who fought neutralizing proxy war a long side Salva Kiir against the Nuer-lead rebel for interval of seven months since December have lagged overdue the fight for Salva Kiir.

Meanwhile, Ugandan mercenaries, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), The Sudan Revolutionary Moment (SRM) and, so on, will not continue active engagement in fronts simply because of the rainy season that at present paralyzing the UPDF military capacity in South Sudan. Difficult to encounter Nuer rebel without tanks, machines guns mounted on land locomotives; and, others military hardware including Chinese and Egyptian sophisticated weapons that gives them advantage of neutralizing the rebel on fully engaging the genocidal government of Juba ceased to take part this time and, Salva Kiir has no active force of his own.

If you heard of Yoweri Museveni’s short speeches during the flawed independent anniversary celebration in Juba, you detect variance in the context of their usual friendly speech; you understood that, UPDF is almost collapsing its operation in South Sudan. $Millions of the oil money which diverted to Museveni’s personal account to uplift his bankrupted government paralyzed by corruption and one man leadership is not now as usual being pays to Museveni. Thousands of the Dinka civilians recruited as private army to encounter Nuer rebellious already exhausted throughout the seven months old conflict in war fronts of the greater upper Nile region.

Equatorians awaken and might inflame war against Dinka government anytime if they learn the might Nuer rebel advancing to Salva Kiir’s last position.  In Juba, Salva Kiir and his tribesmen found it difficult to return back the money which they have wasted on individual gratification to protect and keep their government a life. The scarcity of money since oil which gave Salva Kiir relative efforts to hiring soldier of fortune to encounter Nuer revolution is deadly ending production.

All in all, the period from August to October, 2014 if Salva Kiir continues as the flouting president of the Republic of South Sudan, the corners of the country will on looks devastation in materials and human. This is because, the reason which killed thousands Nuer innocent civilians in Juba from 16th, to 20th, December, 2013 needs Salva Kiir and his groups of tribesmen to answers.

Audaciously, not only a bogus operative group as usual molded by Salva Kiir from within his (Salva Kiir) tribesmen to chore on realization of deserting Juba from now to August, 2014. They (Dinka) clandestinely set to clinch the evacuation process of all the heads of their government institutions from highest to an extremity up to 30th of the next month.

However, the Content of their noises for the transfer of the government seat from Juba to Wau as to almost all the people of South Sudan is not sounding like any reason to convince the nation and the world of its legitimacy. Simply, people of Wau demanded for the capital to be relocates to their State! Why? And if next year, other State demand for that, will they transfer it others more?

By the same token, when Salva Kiir prompted the 15th, December ethnic cleansing in Juba, he was blatantly screeched of a coup endeavored against his presidency by reformists’ leader- Dr. Machar. Silly formulae and, it was instantaneously overruled by many South Sudanese as deceitful.  And, their version of a coup as the cause of killing and destructions of civil population and their livelihood had been frozen as a false contention by the world’s leaders and political scientists who know what are intricate in a military takeover of the power from individual tentative impasse to the nation’s prosperity.

Meanwhile, without coup staged by Riek Machar, thousands of acquitted life lost, myriad miseries of the people of South Sudan within and outside the country, properties destroyed and the country in the verge of relapse after two and half years of its attaining independent. Innocent South Sudanese citizens where misleads and in some extend, asserting that, Riek Machar staged military coup to oust Salva Kiir from power by force.

Now, taking this serious idea of relocating Juba to Wau, Salva Kiir and his tribesmen wiles that, people of Wau noises for emigrating Dinka government in their State. Why? No answer! This claims is a covering of the fact that, Salva Kiir lost supports of all the none-Dinka States of South Sudan and, therefore, incompatible in Juba. Any matured person know that, the move of leaving Equatoria region by Dinka and be re-settling in Wau is a made-up of few swashbucklers  since there is no tribe or a community in South Sudan this time can accept to bring poisonous government runs by single tribe to settles nearby their land.

If you talk to a friend from Fertite, Balanda, Zande and the others respective tribes of Western Bhar El- Ghazel, you wouldn’t find a single soul compatible with intrigue which is levied on them by Rezik Zechariah and his Dinka superiors. Every one of the original inhabitance in Western Bhar-El Ghazel resists and considers the move as to chastise their peaceful communities of what they don’t really know by few individuals colluding with the last pocket of the Dinka government with an objective best known to only those individuals’ opportunists.

Nevertheless, people of Wau are precisely eloquent of the reality that, rebellious, if that will be the last prime after all the efforts stimulated by IGAD and others international players to bring to an end the bloodiest military confrontation in the young nation, botched to achieves the target, thing will be different because, rebel will end fighting at the crook where Salva Kiir and his last pocked crackdown.

If they are found in Wau, it is a must that, when liberation reached Wau, devastation is unavoidable as others Upper Nile States countersigned. This is what people of Wau should acquire clue of its probability.

Before they (Dinka) move toward the conclusion of shuffling the present government bench in Juba to the region of the tyranny-Salva Kiir, voluminous people were doubtful that, the last partiality will be the reposition of Salva Kiir from Juba. There is no rationalization as to why Dinka premeditated to uninhabited Equatoria and build up the government in their home state whilst Salva Kiir’ government coping to be in control of the National sovereignty. The question as why Salva Kiir decided to runs to Wau this time is difficult to answers by a single Dinka rather than emotionally accepting the logic that, Dinka collapsed to uphold their government this time in Juba because of one reason and another.

There is no proposal ever prompted for the transferal of Juba as the National capital to any part of Bhar- El-Ghazel region. Neither in the country’s transitional constitution nor the ensuing verdicts of repositioning the capital of the Republic of South Sudan to Ramchiel has advocates for Wau as substitute. It came as bombshell to the citizens who freshly erudite of the most topical rival strategic action by the Dinka leaders. This move by now is signifying the downfall of their government in Juba and, to avoid shattering of their final exits.

However, any well-informed national of this country knew that, this Nuer-Lead revolution against the Dinka-led government in Juba would create more unbelievable things to happens, especially when the tyranny and his tribal government is nearly reverting.

The relocation which target government heads of the functional institutions from top to bottom. To take government from Juba to Wau justify only the fact that, Salva Kiir’s government became vulnerable to the point of breaking up as the Nuer-lead revolution continuously in acquisition of momentum in term of regional and international political influence and sustenance. The reality that, rebel is now primed in extend that, continuation of fighting during this rainy season will expose Salva Kiir and his henchmen to the level of total annihilation by the federalists force. Equatorians almost awaking to crafts some possible ferocious from within their territories including Juba and others part of their region.

At this instant, it became spot-on that, hostilities in South Sudan is not to be comprehends by contracting mercenaries with millions of the South Sudanese oil money and the fact that, Nuer-lead revolution counter to the Dinka-led government need apposite management not by evenhanded rely on short-term bump into and inference. What many might not understood is, in the history of the Nuer-Dinka an amity, there has never been any episode interrelated to the governance and presidency; almost what approximating to the present-day scuffles between Nuer and Dinka in 1991 has its living histories signposted by what method defenseless the Dinka-Led Torit offshoot when it enfolded in Eastern Equatoria by separatists force by Nuer revolutionaries. Today in independent state of South Sudan, it is very difficult to determine how the balance of power over leadership of a sovereign state can be between the Nuer and Dinka. Waits and sees how the ongoing fighting will end.

What is not true was that, people of Western Bhar El Ghazel have requested for the emigration of the Dinka government from Juba to Wau, but, the opportunists are ingenuous of the looming hell as the mighty rebel strife for conventional operation against the genocidal government of Juba.

Mak Banguot Gok can be reached via makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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