Salva Kiir Must Go!

By Dobol H. Luak


President Salva Kiir wiping his face with no handkerchief during a hard talk on Al Jazeera in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: extracted from youtube)
President Salva Kiir wiping his face with no handkerchief during a hard talk on Al Jazeera in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: extracted from youtube)

Jan 22, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — This is a call to the peace-loving majority of the Nuer and the Dinka communities all over the world, to come together and remove salva kiir and his genocidal government from power by all means necessary.

The people of South Sudan knows and most expecially in order for the Nuer and Dinka communities to come together for reconciliation, to forgive each other and to maintained their coexistence as they have done for thousands and thousands of years before.

Salva kiir and his kill and go regime must go. I am calling on the people of the Nuer and Dinka brothers to wake up and open your eyes, look around you, we are killing off all the brightest young men and young women in our communities. What is the future of South Sudan without us, the two sons of Nyatuochdeng (Monynuer and Nyaruobdeng ) (Monyjang/jieng)? Weather this story is a myth or reality, the commonality and the similarity in our cultures can’t be deny the fact that we are from the same family.  I am calling on you because the power to run this country is in your hands, its in our hands. You can say today enough is enough and this senseless killing of our young people; the future of our communities and our country for that matter will come to an end. I am calling on you because deep down inside we all know what happened last year. Denying the fact that a massacre has not taken place in Juba, at the hand by of our president will not bring the much needed peace and reconciliation to our people, who are desperately yarning for peace to return to our homeland. As someone who have descendants on both tribes as many of us in Nuer and the Dinka communities do, it’s really make me sad seeing my beloved communities killing each other mercilessly without second thought.

Peace will not comes to South Sudan as long as this worseless dictator, this monster killer, and the so-called South Sudan President Salva Kiir still among us as the president of our country. The reality is that salva kiir is the symbol of what happened last year in our country. Salva kiir should step down in order for the peace to prevailed and the healing to begins among our communities. Failure to do so would means more fighting and of course more revenge killing between our two brotherly communities. To you my people, time has come to save our communities from more meaningless killing and the destruction of our country.

Believe it or not, one day all these chaos will go way, weather it’s the UPDF OF Uganda, or Uganda People Depend Force, JEM, (Join Equality Movement) SPLM/SPLA-N, (Sudan People’s Liberation North), SSLM, South Sudan Liberation Movement), of Mathew Pul Jang, Bapiny Minytuel, Gordon Buay Reath and the caretaker Governor of Unity State Dr. Joseph Guen Monytuel and many more who have involved in our internal affair/ conflict of South Sudanese, especially those of UPDF and various of Sudanese rebels, will one day go away and we will remain as South Sudanese. Outsider or invaders will not resolve our disagreement; it will be resolved by us and by us only.

Let the UPDF have their day in South Sudan, we will catch up with them one day that is a guarantee. Do they, the UPDF really in their wildness dream believe that they are superior over the mighty SPLM/SPLA; the only successful and the only well organize gorilla movement warfare in Africa? If they, that would be a wishful thinking, because I do not buy that for a second, as a former member of these great warriors, the Africa and the world have ever seen, I know what the mighty the SPLM/SPLA is cable of. There would have been no contest between us and them/UPDF if we possessed the same weaponry they have in their military hardware inventories, we would have kicked their assess back into the dirty Uganda from where they came. Theses cowards never achieved anything in Africa accept chaos and misery. From the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Somalia, to central African Republic, and the list goes on and on without a single achievement.

They have some of the sophisticated weapons, including, tanks warplanes, hammers and personnel carries and fighting infantry vehicles they have scammed from United States in the name of fighting the Lord Resistance Army of notorious Rebel leader Joseph Kony. But yet they could not even defeat the poor equipped, the superior and mighty Nuer white army. Instead, the Nuer white army managed to capture the city of Bor twice, the city of Malakal three times and the city of Bentiu twice, regardless of the present of the well trained, well equipped UPDF.  Also, the white army managed to killed many of them too. Anyway, I don’t want to loss the main focus and the reason why I wanted to write this article in the first place, which is to remind you my people of the Nuer and the Dinka communities to realize that no matter what happened, we can not run away from each other, we are family, we are brothers and always will be, weather we accept this or not, its in our bloods. I am proud of what we have achieved together during the liberation struggle, although we lost a lot of people, its was worth it. As the result of those sacrifices, today we have our own country. Let’s look back a little bit and reflect that morale and the high spirit that bonded us together to wind that war of the liberation struggle. One more time, let’s unite together again as we did during the liberation struggle.

As I mentioned from the above early on this article, I know deep down inside, we all know the truth Dr. Riek Machar Teny did not staged any coup against president kiir.  Not only us South Sudanese, but also the entire world know that there was no coup. President kiir and the Unganda dictator who runs Uganda as his own property planned it all. We will not accept this tyranny style of governance in our South Sudan. We can and will not reconcile our differences under the leadership of kiir, its just can and will not happened, especially for us in the Nuer community, its unacceptable, not because his is a Dinka, Salva Kiir, but he massacre his own people and destroyed the coexistence between our brotherly communities coexistence for thousands and thousands of years. We cannot let one man destroy our country; he must be stop one-way or another.

The author is a S. Sudanese leaving in the United State, in New England, United States of America.

He is also a Vice Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Sudan People’s Liberation Movement In Opposition Chapter, the Northern, New England branch office with its headquarter in the great state of Maine in Portland.

He obtained his first degree in Criminal Justice System at Kaplan University in 2008, and second degree in Criminology, with minor in Political Science and International Relation at the University Southern Maine in 2013. He is also looking toward to study conflict Resolution in a near future at (J.F.K), John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of government.

For contact information:

Luak953@yahoo.com or dobol.luak@facebook.com.

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Editorial Team


Gatluak Nyuot January 22, 2015 at 12:23 pm

is word mony a Dinka word or a Nuer word?

AGUMUT January 22, 2015 at 1:38 pm

it is Nuer a word ,as you know that Nuers wanted to become obese,fashionable and sleep with out working like Machar.

AGUMUT January 22, 2015 at 1:55 pm

It is a Nuer word since Machar said secretly to his aliens that not to kill him,but let us do it in any different way.

Toney Toney Matot January 23, 2015 at 9:40 pm

your call represent nothing but hyena in Goat skin. some of Nuer Guys will never know the truths. people should not keep spreading lies all the the time and the truths of the matter is known worldwide.you are just a group of disgruntle people who wish to rule South Sudan by all means.when did you fight in South Sudan liberation movement when most of you were allies to our enemy including Nyagat Riek Machar.


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