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Salva-crisis: The Secret of a “big project” Revealed

By Elbow Chuol,

The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)
The only foreign president to attend the 3rd independent celebration in Juba(Photo: shared by Museveni)

July 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) –“For you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” Jesus Christ (1-33 AD) more than 2,000 years ago the son of carpentry wasn’t wrong.

This conflict is not senseless but well sorted out before it came into effective. Trust me.

Throughout the after math of Dec 15, one man in meticulous became the hub of millions thoughts. Passing through the worse sort of tropical ethnical blames game of all time and loosely defrosting him from the main stream. The focal tributary of social admiration and cultural depended, the sturdy political influenced that connect an individual with the outside world, that indeed certainty doesn’t exist in him. The cultural of responding to human outcry and the grand suggestion to be a soul expired in him since time immemorial. The theory of making other reflect on you as a goodies but not is outlying itself from the very gentleman.

Gen. James Hoth is not man enough to hoist his voice in the midst of human injustice and dignity when requested. Let us be heartfelt and says the least about a star. Sometime in life social fabric, political strength and economical power can make a man out of boy. Some men were predominantly born grim and cannot no matter their level of education, can never embrace the real scheme that world clasp for the last centuries.

Take heart if you are a died hard supporter of former south Sudanese military chief of staff, powerful General James Hoth Mai, because I will not tolerate letting you follow a blind man since it was long predicted, “if a blind man follow a blind man they can all fall into the same pit” and at the same time it will be a grave mistake being a defense of a man whose polit-military career is coming to an end both locally and internationally.

And so over long runs, I began to doubt the extra-existential of this general Hoth Mai.

James Hoth Mai is not from Ulang but Fangak of Jonglie while he has the blood of Dinka Luanc bordering Ayod.  But there is something about James Hoth that the other doesn’t know. His real name is Gathoth Mai dropping the famous Gat- to Hoth so that he is distinguished as not Nuer something he has never been proud of from the very beginning.

In history, petite niceties are important. So don’t be surprised with too much of these miniature things I am interesting to disclose. The famous James Hoth is adoptee to uttered his loyalty to the sec he believe make superhot than others. James Hoth have never been proud of where he came from but mingles his characters around the supposed that he is an influential by the intrinsic worth of his position and wealth’s. This is so wrong and misleading. He has no supporters from the civilians back home since he disassociated himself from these powerful villagers. He term them beggars and disturbers. Sickening and certainly I marvel why terroristic President Kiir enclosed himself with most hated men and women from the people he hope to enlarge their ropes. Men like Simon Kun Pouch, Nguen of Unity State are not part of social fabric that one can hope to stand with in time of sky-scraping political juncture but pot-caretakers observing only the minute they will get their meal.

Then it came to pass. Social link is important and cradle is the art of acceptance. James Hoth’s interest is not even of those he loved but crate to himself and individuals he foresight where the source of his income flows.  These are the cadres he worships and bestowed his trust upon.

In Nuer culture, the art of inviting guests is greatly observes and monitor. A man who kicks off his guests or doesn’t properly welcome them in his home is a shame both to his family, parents and relatives. Moreover, a cursed to the community and to the entire tribe. This is the way of life among the Nuer of south Sudan. They value shame beyond human reasoning and their consecutiveness to this culture is what distinguishes them from other people. In fact what distinguished human being from the animals in the forest is ability for one to feel a shamed?

This constrain them downhill the ethic of being honest both to their tribe and adversary alike. They are critical to tendencies of pride and superiority ascertain. Though they approved this, they don’t tolerate it. Naturally, they are enemies to superiority claims.  And so they are humble who believed in human equity because naturally they don’t have this mentality of being better than other people. The traits preach this mass assortment.

Therefore, he is not in term with goodness of mankind but of himself with fear of dying with no food on his family table. Such an everlasting shamed. In the world of today, everything is possible including the drifting away uncomfortable persons in the society. Hoth is already banned from Australia and he will never set a foot in United States of America due to the fact that, his personality has been of that, being cowards. He lied. He hated those seems to be above him and he does nothing to those below him. I feel mortified to these individuals trying to follows these fellows.

He can only afford to buy to kills. He will not set a foot in his home county Ulang unless miracle happen like what forced him early October last year when he mistakenly land in Ulang with his military Helicopter. Nobody welcomed him even the civilians Chiefs but the former commissioner, Gatkuoth Biem who didn’t stays long but left immediately since the man was very outgoing seeing the locals as if they are not his kind. Indeed they were not his likes but that was the greatest mistake of his time.

And then came the big blow to the man many people around the world hope would have stop the worst atrocities in history of a new nation. While other blame it on Dinka ethic, there was a man assumed from Nuer who seems mastermind the killing and there is evidences to this facts and truth. It was a shared assessment. Though Gen. Hoth is not the mastermind but he allowed himself to be the tool of success. This is a powerful betrayal and can never be forgotten by south Sudanese.

As a chief of general staff for the entire country’s army forces, General Hoth would have prevented the killing whatsoever, but instead he was concentrated protecting himself from nobody in contrary to his postulation. I remember uttered these words in Juba one morning he visited Gudele where hundreds of Nuer lied along the streets already dead. They could not be buried; nobody indeed could attempt such a risky decent universal acceptance burial provides to the deceased.

Upon seeing the countless children and women shot dead by a brutal soldiers he commanded, Hoth instead helping, he managed to utter these raucous words in due course of the history.  “This is what Dr. Machar did Killing innocents’ civilians” aphorism it while paused. A normal man with the sense of ability to differentiate between good and evil would believe in idiosyncrasy of this man. Where on earth was Dr. Machar killing while he was cowardly running from these clowns? Machar himself feared death and so he ran for his dare life like anybody else escaping from a well rained private armed from president’s tribe properly told to eliminate people on their ethnicity. If Machar pretend to be a hero, along the list of other thousands he would be dead right now. Instead he runs like an antelope chased by a lion.

Being the powerful Chief, nobody here is suggesting he should declared war, but how come in his watch thousands were slaughtered and failed to condemn? Nonetheless, he put the blames game on the survivor insulting them and branding them the source of the problem? His duty as Chief of staff is to protect south Sudanese from external and internal threats. He failed and now is attempting to promote this problem by bribing the same people to be continues kills by the atrocious government whose objective is to clean a certain sec of people from the map of south Sudan.  May be what he said was true. “There was no coup but civilians coup” and so civilians were supposed to be killed like real soldiers. I wonder where on earth that ever a civilian’s coup.

This is where he, Gen. James contributed deeply to harmed the Nuer community long before the incident occurred. Let me revealed to you some painful secrets. Do you remember the letter wrote by Association Jieng Community in Juba early Oct 2012? Here read part of the letter

“We call upon the C-in-C of the SPLA army, Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir and the Chief-of-general-staffs, Lt.Gen. James Hoth to clean the SPLA from all Nyagats (fifth columnists) who are collaborating with Dak Kueth and David Yau Yau. It is not a secret in Juba that Maj. Gen. Gatwec Dual and Maj. Gen. Bol Kong are sympathizers of Dak Kueth. The leaders of the SPLA should not allow military officers who have links to Dak Kueth to continue commanding units in the army. The national secrets of the south are at risk if the officers like Bol Kong and Gatwec Dual are not arrested and retired from the army. Dak Kueth is a rebel and any Nuer collaborating with him should not be in the SPLA army.” What are these national secrets of south Sudan that demand the arrest of these individuals?

Garang Nhail, the information Secretary for Association Jieng Community according to the famous article published in south Sudanese blogger Panlualwel in Oct 14, 2012. Dinka Community Supports the Arrest of Maj. Gen. Gatwec Duel dispatched the truth.

The truth is that, the letter was discussed months before the whole thing came into effective. And so it was a pre-planned method of eliminating figures to carry out the worse form of human sacrificial ever happen in 21st century. What a useless mass execution proper imposed on south Sudanese? The secret read in another part, “eliminate their leaders and so they are weak” so it was a done deal if he, Gen. Hoth managed to do the Job properly he would maintain his position until further notice. Indeed he maintain that Job for another year or so. This is where the man failed. Hoth was just scapegoat used for numerical symbolic to quench the thirst of ethnics representatives in Kiir government. He was never a man for the Job. If it was another person this crisis could not go farer than its now. He was the longest serving chief of staff since CPA. For a reason.

Early this year when Hoth Mai was detached from his position, an agent told me, the government hands him unknown millions of dollars to bribes and retired. He was receiving the money for the long time planned secret which succeeded under his leadership.

It’s important also to noticed that, in the expense of money, Gen. Hoth indeed made a good job and his years in power does nothing to south Sudanese than improving the already instituted corruption and sharpening the art of hatred. Don’t not forget that, the third of SPLA troops where those of Gen. Matip’s fiction. The moment of truth, and so, some part of the letter read like this,

“The Jieng (Dinka) community in Juba is behind President Salva Kiir and Chief-of-staff James Hoth to arrest all renegades who endangering the security f our nation. Juba city is full of crimes at night and those crimes are committed by criminals linked to anti-Kiir elements within the SPLA. The militias who were brought by Paulino Matip and those who rebelled against the leadership of the SPLM/A in 1991 cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is in the interest of south Sudan that sympathizers of Dak Kueth like Gatwec Duel and Bol Kong are removed from the army”

This implores a simple question, were these Generals arrested and removed from the army? Some were arrested and all indeed in the turn of the year were kicked out from the SPLA. This is why Kiir is a weak leader and Dr. John Garang betters him off. Dr. John could not think of accepting this hatred letter from his confused community who are against the unity of south Sudanese. How can you operate a nation with a heart full of hatred and claims to be the leader?  And because Kiir is not wise and his doomed Chief of staff is not interested in the unity of our people, they make sure the request is guaranteed. It wasn’t the mistakes of the Association but the two leaders and their clowns. They would have thought before they act but anyway it was a long time planned back in 2011.

The big project

Writer and former secret national security member in the office of Uganda president, James Moises did south Sudanese a great favor before the civil war occurred. He does his part as man with integrity who is concern for human lives and south Sudanese future. But nobody took him serious when he published his whistleblower article about Uganda president having a deadly hand in south Sudan crisis. The classified article shockingly revealed some very straight and informative information carried by president Kiir and his Boss Yoweri of Uganda. It was Kiir planned not even the Yoweri.

July/27/2013 James Moises an insider in the most secretive organ in Uganda president’s security circle revealed such a considerate article. He was just concerned for the future of south Sudanese who are so innocents and were being refused to enjoy the fruits of more than 189 years of struggles. Here read part of his shocking news,

“The current political crisis in south Sudan started with five-member team secretly handpicked by the south Sudanese president in Oct 2011. They were not well-known to south Sudan, let alone the political leaders of south Sudan. All the team members were called “presidential private secretaries”. They were told to do exactly what the president wants them to do because “the risks were very high”.  Then in the late October of the same year, the leader of the so-called presidential private secretaries” on the south Sudanese side was told by president Kiir to prepare for a serious meeting with an unidentified contact, a Uganda by nationality. During the discussion, Kiir went into details describing the plan as a big project” that must be managed behind the scene, no matter what it takes”

What James Moises didn’t tell the world is that, one among those secretaries is a young man picked by Hoth himself to do the filthy eliminating south Sudanese? The plan was the method of eliminating the figures to maintain power. The protectorate of ethnic glued by food lovers whose interests are money.

The big project was to do away with Nuer generals in the army to weaken the military stand of this ethic.

Then the story had just begun. Gen. Gatwec was arrested alongside Brdg. Chuol Gakah accusing them of supporting Dak Kueth and rumoring to host Kiir out of power because these two individuals were pretty consecutive Nuer. The truth meter is that, Gen. Gatwec Duel never supported Dak Kueth but he was angered of hundreds of his clan being killed by David Yau Yau yet the government is doing nothing.  So he was on plans to leave Juba and visit his home town to defense Lou Nuer from the aggressive Yau Yau tribe. He has nothing to do with Dak Kueth in real sense. Simon Gatwec was arrested for no particular reason but the twig of a big project.

The story of Gen. Chuol was family disillusion between him and Hoth. Hoth personally never want any man from his clan come up. So, it was a good coincidental method of doing the long time dream link with the big project.

So the task to eliminate figures was left upon James Hoth whose duty was not to transform the unprofessional SPLA bush minded soldiers but to deal with the said, fictionist and Nyagats. Chuol Gakah was rushed into prison tortured and his family wealth confiscated under the order of Chief of staff.  His salaries withheld and his house was demolished. He was almost killed. And lastly after prison he was denied a visa to US to attend the medical checkup still but by the ordered of Chief of Staff. Finally he was sacked from his low paying Job driving him completely from the source of his income. He escaped death in Juba last year December after his house was crushed down by four military tanks and demolished completely to the ground. Now a certain General is building a Manson on his land.

Gatwec Duel was allows to stay in prison for almost a year and when released house arrest was the next step and was refused to visit his family after the death of his son. His salaries and his little wealth in Juba were dried off from his hand. Gatwec before the massacred took place was pretty cashless. He couldn’t be allows to borrow money from the banks or given a space to operate a business. The same things were drafted to all the said Nuer Generals serving in the SPLA suspected to be Nyagats or linked with Dak Kueth. It was nothing but simple method to control the country by keeping the cliques in check. The plan was to deal with the consecutive Nuer and their most powerful generals. He escaped assassination night before he left Juba for the bush. “The big project” consequences.

Previously he ordered the arrest of more than four Nuer Generals including Gen. Tangginya who has been in jailed since 2011. Gen. Tang stayed in prison with his colleagues Mabor Thol after getting themselves into sharpies deal with Kiir government immediately they returned back from khortoum lied in cells in humiliation. They were lured instead and their heavy guns they brought from the north were confiscated and brand as traitors. From the there they were threw into prison with no charges. The big project was in making.

One thing we all need to remember is that, all these generals were forcefully sentence into prison for further execution but the God of land made it not happened.  The secret was to assassinate them and the government becomes free from what they term as Nyagats spoiling and wanting to take away the leadership of Kiir, the famous SPLM/A that defended the movement from 1991 fictionists were the only one wanted in the government but the rest should be driven off from the system. This is an amazing hatred practices in what many hope to be the only way to unite south Sudanese which have been rivalry partially for a century.

Among the mistake James Hoth made is the truth meter of relieving more than 87 Nuer commanders serving from Generals, Brigadiers, colonels and many other un-knurly kicked out from  the military by denying them salaries and keeping them in beds with no duties. He and his Boss thought they successfully made the dream comes true but they were far from the reality. They just fueled the crisis. All these generals were all from Matip camp and the former fictionists of 1991.

“As a former insider, I know that the Juba-Kampala plan’s helped Kiir in some areas of his political wishes, but the plan itself caused many problems in south Sudan, for example, it is inciting tribalism and threatening the new nation to collapse” said the shocking James perhaps worried. Today we have it. Because of the tribal orientation of the plan we face what Moises prophesied. By the looks we already know who had the problem, the masterminds of the “big project” and the agents that carry out the mechanism of implementing the said worthy billions project.How can our nation move forward when all these nonsensical are being done by the very leaders that lead the people of south Sudan? They are behaving like they are not part of this country. Our leaders are disgraced to south Sudan as whole and the future as well. God please take them away.

“I want the good people of south Sudan to understand that Yoweri is an experienced killer here in Uganda and you must tell him to stay out of your home dealing or else your nation will be another Somalia in our beloved Africa” published by south Sudan news agency. My friend we are leveled the most failed state in the world after over taking the famous Somalia. Aha aha ahah aha simply because of the big project theory of hatred dictatorship. Moises in this article appeal to south Sudanese that, Uganda is not an enemy to south Sudanese but the iron fist leader. The famous dictator of 21st century, Yoweri Kaguta.

President Kiir’s rush-more to imposed south Sudanese iron fist method of ruling is the one plunging the nation into abyss. The private Territorial Army trained for the period of six months just to carry out part of the plan drafted in presidential palace in Kampala in early October 2011 became more effective. Why a leader would plan his down falls? Why would someone someplace sat in his coach at night instead of building the nation would just spend billions of south Sudanese pounds to eliminate a single tribe in the country?.

The big project theory came to an end after more than 15, 000 presidential privates’ militias famously know as Gelweng went into the streets of Juba killing Nuer ethic in Dec 15 and is currently threatening to continue by buying missiles praiseworthy billions of dollar from Chinese who has been mingling in south Sudanese affairs over centuries.

There is only one alternative to destroy the big project. Federalism

God have mercy.

Elbow Chuol is a Historian, Journalist and a member of freedom fighters. He is in face book with the same name, elbow Chuol. You can reach over him via elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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