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Red hat Commandos: Cease hostilities in Ma’diland or else we’ll liberate Bilpam and J1

By Nicholas Osobi,



Dec 05, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— The Red hat commandos, commonly known as the “invisible fighters” have issued stern warning to the tribal government of the sickly president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, vowing to shift the war to Juba if his malnourished tribal recruits don’t cease their hostilities in Ma’diland.

Ours sources within the elite red hat revolutionary commando unit has it that they (the red hat commandos) aka Black Lions threaten to liberate the regime’s major command and control centres; J1 and Bilpam in order to restore peace not only in Ma’diland but also in the whole of South Sudan.

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The red hat commandos said they have been provoked by the recent barbaric attack on group of fishermen on a small island of Runya by the criminal regime’s forces.

By reports, the hostility started when some dinka soldiers ordered three fishermen from Ma’di ethnic under gun point to get onto their boat and return within 30 minutes with 6 “nile perch” fishes. The fishermen got onto their boats and sailed forever, and never returned, most likely out of fear as they knew what doom awaits them. The primitive dinka soldiers were angered by this and then decided to resort to shelling of the island but the fishermen were protected by ancestral spirits and no fatalities have been reported.

But this encounter, according to the red hat commandos is going to be a game changer as they say their patience with the regime has constantly been abused by the regime and now it has irreversibly run out and that it is time for an eye for an eye.

“We would have finished their child soldiers if we were heartless and barbaric like them but we chose to spare their lives (child soldier)”,

“However this is not time of sympathy anymore, it is an eye for an eye thing”

Said the unnamed leader of the red hat commando.

Reports reaching our revolutionary desk indicates that the red hats have assigned 136 revolutionary elite commandos to liberate the government’s major command and control centres; 100 commandos will be liberating Bilpam and the remaining 36 will storm and liberate J1 where the sickly president sip whisky with his concubines, including his Ugandan English tutor. The sources believe those 136 commandos are more than enough to liberate the two command and control centres considering their track records of thunderous attack.

Early last year the same elite commando unit conducted special operations in Nimule dubbed operation “operation owira ya” meaning good morning and captured Nimule barrack in about 7 minutes and 12 seconds. It is believed that those 136 commandos will be more than enough to dismantle the regime’s strong hold and hopefully restore the much needed law and order.

South Sudan’s civil war is supposed to be over by now. In April after more than two years of government induced war that killed more than tens of thousands but because Salva Kiir has put tribal agenda before nation’s interest, he has plunged the whole country into a fiery furnace.

Thinking that by engaging his tribal men into expansionist war he is promoting tribal supremacy, in real sense he is killing the future of his people, considering the fact that he is recruiting young boys of school age to die in the jungles instead of learning geography and maths in classrooms.

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Micheal West December 5, 2016 at 10:19 pm

Dear Osobi,
do you know what was happened to your rebel of J1 in July 2016? so don’t need to lecture for us the war the bush is already caught the fire!!!

Nicholas Osobi December 6, 2016 at 1:03 am

I am not a rebel but a revolutionary columnist, covering events as they unfold. And unless you’re talking about different J1 but the one that i know is not worth talking about.


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