Reasons Why Dictator Kiir Will Never Respect Any Peace Deal Signed By The Two Worrying Parties.


By Gatmai Gatluak Chuol Jut,


General Salva Kiir Mayardiit, the president of South Sudan (Photo: Past file)
General Salva Kiir Mayardiit, the president of South Sudan (Photo: Past file)

July 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Kiir’s political changes were no less dramatic. During the 2013 kiir transformed the Republic of South Sudan into a personal dictatorship through a series of purges that eradicated all vestiges of opposition and debate from the SPLM/A party, the state bureaucracy and the military. In effect, kiir turned the Republic of South Sudan into a totalitarian dictatorship, operating through systematic intimidation, repression and terror.

In July 2013 kiir dissolved the entire cabinet including his deputy Dr. Riek Machar Teny, secretary general of the SPLM/A party Pagan Amum, and the elected governor of Unity state Gen. Taban Deng Gai. A move which was seen by many political analyze and observers as the rise of totalitarian dictatorship in south Sudan.

Further more in Dec 2013 he (kiir) perpetuated the current crisis by instructed the commander of the presidential guards Marial Chinoung to disarm soldiers from the Nuer tribe in the presidential guards. After Nuer resisted then the commander of the presidential guards ordered his soldiers to shoot, hence the 15 Dec 2013 murder of innocent Nuer civilians in juba.

In January 2014 followed by May 9 peace agreements were signed by the two conflicting parties to cease hostilities and allow humanitarian access to areas affected by the conflict, but non of the two agreements was effective simply because dictator kiir believe that his forces will defeat the SPLM/A in opposition militarily.

In 2012 he (kiir) was coached by Mr. Museveni of Uganda to assassinate his deputy Dr. Riek Machar Teny and later deals with his supporters like what he (museveni) did to Joseph Kony of Uganda, but kiir failed to tell museveni that cultures and history of Uganda and south Sudan are totally different in that Ugandan tribes are weak compared to South Sudanese tribes. This coaching was the cause of the Dec 2013 murder of civilians and the current crisis in the Republic of South Sudan.

Now to the main point why he (kiir) does not and will never respect any peace deal signed by the two conflicting parties. He (kiir) believe that the SPLM/A in opposition will forever remains in bush like the LRA of Uganda because they (SPLM/A in opposition), does not have the following; (1) good and enough arms and weapons, (2) money to buy food, medical, arms and weapons, (3) well trained fighters and reinforcement.

Since the conflict has remained in three states of Upper Nile, Jonglei, Unity, which are mainly inhabited by Nuer make him (kiir) care less of their suffering. The fact that his home state of Warrap is not yet affected by this crisis tells me the reasons why he does not respect any deal signed by the two worrying parties. because Their children are still in school studying, they have enough food to eat, they are driving their cars, their network is still on to communicate to their relatives and friends in warrap, their houses are not burn, their children have access to hospitals and clinics, so he (kiir) could care less knowing that all the above mentioned are in place in his home state of warrap.

My question to the sellout Nuer that are still with the genocidal regime of dictator kiir seeing their friends and relatives being killed and which participate in the killing of their friends and relatives for money, (a) is do you think that dictator kiir can treat you equally like his tribe mate when the SPLM/A in opposition is defeated?, or (b) do you think that the little money you are getting can still be there when the SPLM/A in opposition is defeated?, surely not instead kiir can turn his gun to you again and kill all of you. I guess you already heard what happen to James Hoth Mai in Australia, where will you go because what I know you will be rejected in Nuer land. You don’t have to kill your relatives and friends for money because the money that kiir give you, are not his money, they are South Sudan money which every south Sudanese is entitles to get without fighting against each other.

Since you don’t know what you are supporting let me tell you, the central pillar of kiir’s regime is a comprehensive process of surveillance and terroristics policing, and a pervasive system of ideological manipulation and control. In this sense, dictator kiir want to abolish the ‘private’ sphere of life in the Republic of South Sudan. This is a goal that only fascist, who wish to dissolve individual identity within the social whole, are prepared openly to endorse.

But Dr. Riek Machar and the SPLM/A in opposition wouldn’t let this happen in south Sudan. Dictatorship will never have roots in the Republic of South Sudan. May the heavenly father help the freedom fighters in ending kiir’s genocidal regime in Jesus name I pray. We are makers of history, we can make this, we did it before. Dr. Riek Machar Teny will change this country into a wonderful nation, I believe in him, he (Machar) championed the self determination that lead to the signing of the CPA and the independent of the Republic of south Sudan, and he can still champion this democratic movement. I encourage youth of south Sudanese to stand with him and defence our Rights and freedoms. We must defeat dictator kiir and shape our destinies.

Gatmai Gatluak Chuol Jut is an independent writer and a graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy living in Kampala Uganda. He can be reached ggatmai@gmail.com, tell +256-785-209-813.

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