President Kiir Will Not Accept Peace Unless Warrap Is Under Siege!

By Jul Khor,


President Kiir Mayardit (via Wikipedia)
President Kiir Mayardit Photo (via Wikipedia)

August 3, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — The only way I have observed President Salva kiir Mayardit, he is not interesting in Peace, rather  he (Salva) became more dictator , murder President who made a secret planning to eliminates both Equatorians and Nuer, as well as some Dinka who are supporting Federal Democratic call under the Visionary leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

One of his evil plan is to eliminate those against him, he used all South Sudan oil money for purchasing destructive weapons from China in a hope that, he want to destroy Nuer land as well as Equatorians people and some Dinka who calling for change of his dictatorial regime government into a Federal Democratic government .

moreover, President Salva want, to rule South Sudan for the next 40 years. Given the fact that, president is not for peace he is only interesting in fighting, now he become proud of the weapons purchased in China, he forgot that, those who are going to firing those weapons are useless, who are nothing to freedom fighters, even if he buy whatever missiles, Nuer will not give up in fighting if he choose it. He (Kiir) forgot that, this time fighting will not be Nuer only, it will be all South Sudanese who are fed up with this dictator government system which focusing on stealing and killing South Sudanese resources. Even thought he bought Ugandan Amy, JEM, and SPLA -N to fight for him in order to retain his position, he bribed many people internally and externally for him to retain his position, forgetting that blood money will return to him, watch (Nigeria movie of blood money for satisfaction) as well.

South Sudanese are suffering of famine, lack of education and health services, yet president continuing wasting South Sudanese resources and call himself elected president, he forget that the fighting within South Sudanese people among themselves can be achieve peacefully, he (Kiir) thought that, the fighting is between two states, namely, Republic of South Sudan headed by himself(Salva) fighting with Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan, headed by Dr. Riek Machar that is why he ran to China for more fighting.

Therefore, I’m calling South Sudanese people who are calling for Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan, to stand firm and fight for change of this destruction regime who have no pity on her citizens, I urge SPLA -IO to recapture all former bases for example Malakal, Bentiu Bor, Awiel and Warap, for Salva to accept peace, or let him resign peace fully, for the sack of his family. If you can see how president Salva Kiir, addressing people in every celebration even in a religions occasions which have no link to politics, all Salva Kiir speeches focusing on Dr. Riek Machar by insulting him and accusing him in a hope that, he thought people will abandon the support to Dr. Riek. Absolutely the right is opposite, when he see people clapping their hands, he feel happy and thought that, they accepted what he said, he does not know that they are just cheating on him.

Mr., President, let me assuring you that, 20% of South Sudanese people under your current regime are the only your supporters, While Dr. Riek Machar, and his team in SPLA- IO supported by 80% of South Sudanese people, if you’re really a nationalist South Sudanese and president of the people, you must step down peace fully ,instead for you to plan more destruction. However looking at, Greater upper Nile states were the only states destroyed by your soldiers who claiming that they are the national army, in the world i never heard an army called national while, killing her citizens, burning people alive, raping women and young girl, burning houses and make more destructions in their own country yet claiming that they are national Amy. To me is not true, your army are the one suppose to be call malicious even are not eligible to be call rebel.

During SPLA struggle, it never happened army kill civilians, nor destroying villages and stealing, only did your current soldiers do these malicious acts. In this case, if we were telling the truth, Mr. President, I never see a national army who take a ethnic dimensions yet you call them national army, while they destroyed all Nuer villages and town even in Juba many Nuer houses were destroyed. All properties looted by your soldiers, Mr. President put in mind that, Nuer people will not finish and you will never win a war with Nuer, you know them very well and you can convinced yourself in December 2013 fighting, if there is no Uganda Amy, there would be no Salva Kiir Regime, you confessed it in front of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda President.

I don’t see any legitimacy as president of South Sudan, who killed his people, what kind of a legitimate do you value yourself while, your country citizens live in UN camps as IDPs and most flee to a safe neighboring countries, you don’t feel compassionate as a human being?
If I were you I would have resign for the sack of South Sudanese people, for me to seek the forgiveness as a true South Sudanese nationalist. I know if you get this message you will laugh at it and you will say this person is a mad. But, Mr. President Iam saving your life as well as your people.

The Bible says there is time for happiness and time for sorrow, notice that; South Sudan will never end it will remained forever and for thousands generations to come, recall your background during your struggling period, did you dream to become a president one day?
How many those of you in struggle still alive, I think few of you, this should be a blessing to you, ten years as president, you would have be given respect by all South Sudanese as a first President of South Sudan but you discredit yourself( a clean pigs turned to dirty mud) what next ruling you are expecting to do, while half of your citizens leave the country and thousand die because of your stubborn that you don’t want to allow others to rule.

South Sudan is not for you alone, everybody have right to rule, you cannot make yourself more complicated and murdering President, people will forget the good things you did during struggling days, and your time as a President of South Sudan ceased in the day you had order your private army to kill un armed civilians, you know our culture and consequences of any acts you did.

Below are three options  for Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, to give peace a chance in South Sudan according to my own view as citizen.
• Kiir should Resign peacefully.
• Declare his stepping from presidency before next year, otherwise he (Kiir)  might end up like Former Libya President.
• Forcefully resignation.
Given the above three options, I think Kiir should  take one, because all in all, whether he don’t accept those three options, still he will go by all means, is better for him to decide for the sake of people not himself.

Calls for SPLA to join Federal army under SPLA- in Opposition

I urge SPLA men and Women to join Federal army under Leadership of SPLA -IO headed by Dr. Reik Machar. Dear comrades in military services why you allowed yourselves to use by dictator president who does not care for your welfare as a national defender Amy. Salva is using you for his individual interest not for South Sudan, you are dying in frontline, your families are suffering, yet President is only believing in UGANDA Army as his legitimate Army, paying them a millions of dollars, while you are suffering in bush fighting with no reasons, please join your colleagues in SPLA-IO forces, for us to live in freedom and prosperous Federal Democratic state and by standing together and working together to change the current dictator government.

South Sudan will achieve everlasting peace soon. Iam not happy for your death in the frontline fighting your brothers, who are calling for democratic in order for the South Sudanese people to leave in every happy life, yet your mandate is to defend the country from external threat not the internal political issues, as Salva Kiir has blindfold you by crying the false coup and ordering his private Army to kill unarmed civilians, from there you can convinced yourself that your fighting with your brothers is a waste. It has no meaning, as the coup has been denied internally and externally by the world leaders, is your time to think for your future as well as your family. Look here, even if Salva Kiir continue to be the president of S .Sudan, still he will go in the near future and tomorrow no one will care for you neither general chief of Staff nor Salva Kiir will recognizing you, after you have suffered as well as you family for their interests, you fought for them, and you will be the tomorrow victim, please join colleagues in resistance movement .

The Author is a Concern South Sudanese Citizen; he can be contact through this email address: khorjul@yahoo.co.uk

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