Salva Kiir Mayardit(photo: file)
Salva Kiir Mayardit(photo: file)

July 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It’s unfortunate for Dictator President Kiir with his a crocks administration who believed on the use of force and intimidation has finally cut off his right hand. Since the events of Dec, 15 2013, President Kiir put his confident to people of Equatorian on the believed that they may not know his dictatorship tendency that has created mess in new nation. During the Nuer massacres in Juba Kiir took the Equatorian support for grants and they were hoping that, by having support of Equatorian would make them stay in power and they could easily defeat SPLM/A IN Opposition.

As matter of fact, unwise leaders always have got no clear vision that could make his/her legacy decent. President Kiir assumed having support of Equatorian was a confession him because he thought they are the only hero and could rule the South through the use of force. President Kiir and his alliance have forgotten that patience of South Sudanese indigenous has run out. The corruption, nepotism and tribalism that had been institutionalize and instigated to the young nation by the current regime that nowadays are worsening the general situation between other South Sudanese ethnics’ group vs Dinka.

Truly, the relationship between President Kiir and Equatorian become sours nowadays. The rights of the people that supposed to be the demand from the government to fulfilled and protect, it become the controversially issue that threatening the freedom of the citizens. This is what exactly brought tension between government of Kiir and Equatorian that threatening the lives of innocence people of Equatorian who have committed no crimes against the government of Kiir. People of equatorian are just simple asking for federal system that could bring the devastated country into a total unity that would give power back to the people that had been denied for many centuries. People of South Sudan under incumbent President or administration are despaired due to inconsistent of the administration. The government is working contrary to the will of the people and it look like a colony foreign force that occupying the difference country that not associated with it has it own people.

General population of Equatorian endured many agonies from this incumbent President Salva Kiir. What people been experiencing since the inception of South Sudan government 2005. The President is own tribal member exhausted the patient of the entirely population, a lot of disappearance, land grasping, torturing of innocence people particularly in Juba which the capital of the nation and the administration of Salva Kiir is saying nothing. The example of those mentioned above one of the distributing story is the death of the engineering Lewis who were murdered in a cold blood simple because he constructed the house of the one Dinka general and after completion of his task, he were asking the master to pay him his dues, but he were murdered instead of giving him his own money and the government turn blind eyes to his case the murderer get away for it until now.

There are so many cases that President Kiir and his relatives when away with it uncounted for, for instance, Salva Mathok Gendit who slaughter 18 indigenous of Nuer including three families uncounted for and at last one of Nuer sergeant of police who were slaughter in his own home by his board guard who were authorized by him when he was a deputy police minister. President Salva Kiir depended his father in law and nothing was done for the death of those innocence citizens and every member of President families become so aggressive and the killing, raps, torturing, and disappearance become accustom and nothing to be say or nobody should questioning them on that intolerable behavior simple because their man Kiir is the boss of the nation.


President Salva Kiir has finally cut off is right hand without knowing it. Populations of equatorian region are the best friend to Salva Kiir during his reign. The entirely people of both three States were patiently waiting and were cooperating with the administration for all this period of time hoping that, the administration of Dinka under Kiir would one day may change their mind and their attitude toward equatorian. Unfortunately, at last, Kiir and his gage advisories declared war against people of Equatorian simple because the supported the call from the greater leader of SPLA/M Dr. Riek Machar for the implementation of Federalism in of South Sudan. The three states governors been given a lives threaten assassination by rogue government of kiir and the action were about to be implemented by assassination attempt to Gen Wani Konga the governor of Central equatorial two day ago. The rest of two governors of East and west are still in the death row because Kiir administration determine to carrying out the policy of assassination toward those who they thought are enemy to his government. This policy started on the Kenya air that were recently hijacked by the free fighter in Uror country of Jonglie state that was arms with silence pistols and carrying the lists of high command officers of revolutionary forces. Due to this fact, President Kiir and his gangs group are not representing people of South Sudan they actually terrorist and people of South Sudan the peace lover should forcefully kick this terrorists out of Juba because if we leave them there they continues carrying out the atrocities that may not necessarily needed in our country. By doing this so fare, President Kiir and his Dinka alliance wanting to torn this young nation apart, but this will never happen. The resilience young people of South Sudanese indigenous who love peace and justice will work hard and tackle Kiir rogue government and established the real government that shall retort lasting peace and stability whereby the people of South Sudan shall enjoy dividend of peace and harmony where the justice shall prevail for all people not for partial.

President Kiir doom the Dinka future

In a sincere sense, President Kiir and his visionless Dinka elders has completely destroyed their young men future that may acquire the leadership of Republic of South Sudan. The example that had been set by Kiir now will in future deterrence the entirely population of South Sudan for voting in another Dinka candidate to the presidency of this nation. It would be hard for the people to experience another atrocities that been inflicted to this nation like what Kiir instigated in to the people of South Sudan. This country had suffered a lot from Kiir ruthless ambition of wealth and thirst of leadership. Nobody would one against desire to attain the same ruthless leader like Kiir to come and disturb the peace and the prosperity that this country deserves the most. President Kiir has been blindly misled by the gossip that been proclaimed that Dinka are the majority. This proclamation is baseless and leave alone that Nuer are majority than Dinka, would anyone denied that one out from sixty three ethnics could not claim the majority. These groups of gangs are really aware about the failure of their government. This was provided by the spook person of foreign affairs Mr. Mawein when he call for the international community to step in and rescue South Sudan to fail. This admission is absolute sign for rough government to go, it would had been good if they allow their President to step down and let the visionary President step in and finally recue out this country from mess of Kiir and his Dinka alliances who had failed the state.

Finally, the amalgamation of Nuer and Equatorian would make a big deal to Kiir and his alliance and the upcoming listen would taught them a good lesson that will never be forgotten by all dictators to come and let South Sudanese learn from their past mistakes. I hope for peace, harmony, stability and justice for all in the future government that has to be establishing in a near future.

This is a concern citizen of Federal Republic of South Sudan who leave in United States of America and it could be reach at dahelnguth@gmail.com

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