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Pluralistic Ignorance From The South Sudan Peace Brokers Killed Many Civilians and Forces in Juba

It was pluralistic ignorance from Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), African Union (AU), Troika, European Union (EU), China and United Nations (UN) that killed the SPLA-IG’s, IO’s forces and civilians in Juba

By Gatwech Deng Wal

Melbourne, Australia

US President, Barack Obama, meets regional leaders over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)
US President, Barack Obama, meets regional leaders over South Sudan conflict(Photo: file)

July 16, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— IGAD, AU, Troika, EU China and UN’s pressure and ignorance on South Sudanese peace agreement is what led to perpetuation of killing between South Sudan People Liberation Army/Movement in Government and Opposition (SPLA/M-IG’s and IO’s) forces. It was in the mind of every living individual that the peace negotiation lacks ingredients of truth and transparency. This is because the root causes of the conflict and modalities of the negotiation were not addressed. Instead, mediators, that is, IGAD, AU, Troika, EU China and UN left it vacuum, underestimated what would seems to be the right path of the negotiation and endorsed the peace that has little support from the bearers.

Peace agreement between the SPLA/M-IG and IO was weak. It was possible to collapse as it happened. This is due to the reason that mediators failed to undertake orders that would prevent disputes between the warring parties. That is, it would have been better if mediators put in place of the following:

  1. Deployed military forces authorised to act with or without the consent of the warring parties in order to ensure compliance with a ceasefire and peace agreement mandated. These military forces should be composed of heavily armed of National Army, IGAD and AU forces, operating under the direction of the IGAD, AU and UN. Also, the work of these military force might involve building confidence measures, fact finding early warning of the violence between the warring parties and prevent other foreigner troops’ deployment into South Sudan.
  1. Created peace making team from the IGAD, AU, Troika, EU China and UN. This team would work in bringing hostile parties to actual agreement by drawing upon judicial settlement, mediation, and other forms of negotiation once peace signed.
  1. Demilitarisation of Juba and three regional states that is, Malakal, Bor and Unity.
  1. Transported all 2, 910 (Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten) IO’s forces to Juba as agreed in the compromised peace agreement.
  1. Organised an economic and social cooperation body. Before IO’s leaders and forces were transported to Juba, mediators should select such body with the purpose of building confidence among the warring parties, developing the social, political, and economic infrastructure to prevent future violence, and laying the foundations for a durable peace.

If all these mentioned points above were considered and put in place by mediators, then the now South Sudan’s collapsing peace would materialised and last forever. However, due to pressure and pluralistic ignorance from the mediators, everything was ignored and that led South Sudanese to horrible consequences and loss of lives. South Sudan’s peace under IGAD, AU, Troika, EU China and UN will not yell any fruit. This is because they are organisations occupied by bunch of dictators and business individuals who do not care about other peoples’ lives, however, their interests. Thus, pluralistic ignorance on South Sudanese peace negotiations and agreements will not stop because they are overwhelmed by their interests and gains they wanted to get in this time of South Sudan’s conflict.

The author, Gatwech Deng Wal, can be reached by email at gatwechdeng@gmail.com.

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