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Opinion: Who runs and owns ‘The South Sudan Eye’, an online news website?

By Comrade Nicolas Chan.

July 2, 2021 — South Sudan Eye is an online news website which was created and ran by Hon.Garang Malong Awan, a former minister in the defunct Aweil East state, son to the estranged powerful and richest former chief of General staff of the SPLA, which later changed to SSPDF, who now heads the rebel group called SSUF/A. 

Hon. Garang Achol Kuel, runs the website on behalf of his father’s rebel movement in which he is an active and senior member in political and military branches. Our team came to learn that this website was founded on the premise to promote the policies of the SSUF/A movement, while embarking on propaganda making, manufacturing of lies, wild rumors, smear campaigns and violent incitement against the Juba regime.

Let it be known to all and sundry that the website calling itself ‘South Sudan Eye’ is owned by Gen.Malong’s son. He is driven by one agenda: solely to tarnish the names of duly elected and appointed government officials of the Republic of South Sudan and especially members of the government who come from Mading Aweil, whom Garang Malong hates for inheriting the political space after his father’s years long domination. 

For those who don’t know the true character of this particular individual, Garang is an illiterate, and a fraudster who purports to have a degree from the university of Nairobi. His posts, which bear the hallmarks of an illiterate, vindicates me. 

This guy is a big coward, who chooses to do his dirty work of tarnishing others through pseudo social media accounts than does it publicly. He is a serial gossip, who would rather post unsubstantiated posts than seek verification before posting the same. 

The guy is a reckless, very bitter individual, who still lives in the past, and who believes that unless his father, Gen.Malong was calling the shots, then no other leader in South Sudan has that capability, which is a big white lie. Garang would rather want this country to go down burning by fanning animosity, than preach peaceful co-existence among South Sudanese people. 

I urge the people of South Sudan to regard all his reckless posts with the contempt they deserve. 

The author,  Comrade Nicolas Chan, is a concerned South Sudan. He can be reached through email at nicolasmadingchan@gmail.com

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