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By TT Shaka,

A look of South Sudan's 32 states ....
A look of South Sudan’s 32 states ….

October 14, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — The vicious cycle to peace can never end unless all the Southerners realize that what they need is the South but not Kiir and his Jieng Council of Demons. Of course this has not excluded the political prostitutes who have confused us before and after the independence. The South has and continues to bleed just because we allowed them to referee a game they won’t win

I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. I mentioned it earlier in one of my articles that majority of the Dinka are suffering just like any other tribes elsewhere in South Sudan and continue to die silently. There are different forms of atrocities taking place in Dinka land unreported In the name of cattle wrestling; many people are killed couple with the number Kiir kills too. I have come to know over the years one of the reasons many ordinal Dinka came to settle in Equatoria was that Equatoria heaven for them in many ways.

Kiir’s government thought by suppressing the Equatorian from their land would be pleasing its people. Instead by so doing, they have created wounds in the heart of Equatorians. If Kiir left these people alone, Equatorians are peaceful people and do accommodate friends in need and there shouldn’t have been aggravated situation that may go a long way to solve after the war.

Why do Kiir and his government insist on number of states that they can’t even support financially. If they could, why do they continue to bag to implement they bogus agreement?

Dear Countryman, yesterday I watched a video a Nuer addressing a large group of people and I don’t know if they are all Nuers or Southerners. However, as a member of the big family, I was disturbed throughout the night and thought of sharing my views with you. Unless we take his warning seriously, the real war is at our door steps. Remember, they said, “If two elephants are fighting, the earth suffers “Just picture how the earth will suffer this time. All the dead will wake up too. Mark my words if we let it to happen.in support of Kiir and his government,

I think I have a few solutions to mitigate the heavy storm we all are about to receive. Kiir can’t call the west that they don’t want peace in the South when the west has supported and maintained him up to today. He shouldn’t think he can win or continue this time to harvest the oil money forever. The only way to avert a fight not only with the Nuer is:

  • For Kiir to leave immediately to a country that supports him, like Ugandan if he wants to remain alive.
  • For all the Southerners to get to the street. I know Kiir’s primitive, ill trained and don’t know who they fight for will try to kill us but will not finish the whole population
  • If we can have a local autonomous government based on three Regions then, why can’t we have a care taker government now with those three Regions until we find an acceptable government for all? The care taker government must not in any way have individual previously from Kiir’s government and neither Kiir nor Machar.

Incidentally if you think I am a fool; then please prepare yourselves to doge the raining bullets. That is to come!

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