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The forthcoming R-TGONU view: How can we make South Sudan a great Nation?


By Deng M. Kulang,

Nov 14, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is home of 64 tribes. In order for us to make it a great nation, there is need for everyone to reconcile and unite with whoever we think is our worst enemy, Reconciliation is the major tool to make this blessed South Sudan a great nation. South Sudanese need to work together and build trust among themselves from both side before the forthcoming R-TGONU formation, “come 2020”.  

I recommend us to make South Sudan more productive nation by imposing ban on all political talk shows. During last several years, I have seen there is political division in our society. Facebook and twitter are fully of hatred where we are wasting much of our time on political discussions which have nothing to do. And frankly we cannot change our fate with political talk shows.

There is need of more cultural diversity. I don’t oppose Arabic language but at the same time I’m concerned about survival of regional languages. Bari, Shilluk, Dinka and Nuer among others should be taught in schools, colleges and universities so our new generation should intact with their cultural legacy.

All people living in South Sudan should be free to practice their religion. They shouldn’t be judged based upon their religious and political views.

And most important, I wish South Sudan a Country with no corruption. Corruption is like cancer where many talented and deserving people are leaving the Country as they cannot survive in the presence of corruption. We can change our Country by living in it.


South Sudanese deserve to live free from danger, or feeling safe. We need to stay at home with the doors unlocked and feel safe.

we must have to give up our provincial interests in front of National Interests, whether they are related to dams, infrastructures and all other things we have to own Complete South Sudan.

we must discourage all those elements who promote sectarianism in any mean, these thing (Jiengism, Naathism, Quatorianism, Shillukism, Oppositionists, J1 etc) have damaged South Sudan more than any other thing.

 Development in Rural Areas
this is the most important step which must be considered by the Government of South Sudan. Government must start projects, industries, schools, colleges and universities in those backward areas so that there will be education and employment opportunities for the people and they will not have to migrate towards towns. Also this will be helpful to develop remote areas and will reduce the heavy burden on already developed but highly overcrowded towns.
Our towns are already developed but they face the huge amount of migrants from remote areas and hence there comes a gap between demand and supply and living standards goes down.

 Stop Getting Debts
we have already bearing the burden of huge debts from other countries we must stop this if we really want our economy to flourish otherwise it is being swamped in foreign debts.

it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and the people around us. May be some people find it irrelevant but I have idea that whenever someone either from Village or from City get him/herself educated, he/she should try to open a school (off course whenever he/she has sources) for the poor children who cannot afford education although government is responsible for this but people should do efforts by themselves too.

More than 90% South Sudan population is related to agriculture, so we should bring agricultural reforms. Farmers must be facilitated by modern means of agriculture. Again it will help to promote rural areas and will definitely improve our economy and by promoting this and all other source of Organic Production, South Sudan can enhance its Exports.

These are only few points, if we deal them with sincere efforts, in my opinion South Sudan can become a great Nation in coming few years. 

For South Sudan to be great we need a Sincere Leadership and mostly the Unity among people of South Sudan is most essential for South Sudan to become a great Nation. 

When I sat down to theoretically solve the problems South Sudan faces one by one you are baffled at the sheer number of factors involved. Factors are intertwined and complex not to mention the magnitude of will power needed to solve them. It’s pretty much the same for every country in the world, all face difficulties in one way or another.

The list of issues is long and cannot be tackled one by one rather should be confronted collectively. Nonetheless if South Sudan were to prosper it would have to overcome some basic issues such as poverty, corruption, health, security, education and governance. 

Give Peace a chance to make South Sudan a great Nation. 

May God Bless South Sudan! 

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