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By Nicholas Osobi,

Late Lt. Gen. Kenyi Martin Kenyi, one of the SPLM/A(IO) generals who died on the way to Congo. According to witnesses, Gen. Kenyi died from exhaustion.(Photo credit: France24)
Late Lt. Gen. Kenyi Martin Kenyi, one of the SPLM/A(IO) generals who died on the way to Congo. According to eyewitnesses, Gen. Kenyi died out of exhaustion.(Photo credit: France24)

September 20th, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — As always, any report about the disappearance of popular SPLA IO army general Martin Kenyi still nauseates SPLA IO officers despite their unwillingness to clear his murder mystery and make things easy for themselves.

Three weeks ago, when we published an in-depth report (based on an insider’s account), detailing the subtle involvement of SPLA IO leadership in his brutal assassination, and subsequent cover up stories by Dr. Riek and his wife Angelina Teny to keep the entire public in perpetual state of limbo, our report was ill conceived in SPLA IO camp.

One of Dr. Riek Marchar’s closest officers/colonel (name withheld), in an attempt to prove his master’s innocence, refuted the report and referred to it as a propaganda intended to tarnish the image of SPLA IO and its commander in chief.

“It is unfortunate that some people want to take advantage of the situation surrounding Gen. Martin despite their ignorance of the whole truth. I believe journalism is about truth not lies and negative stories to attract attention and support,” said the officer.

He urges the reporter to have respect for martyr, Gen. Martin Kenyi even if he hates Dr. Riek Machar (Martin’s killer as far as we know).

“I would like you to at least have respect for Gen. Martin Kenyi even if you hate Dr. Machar and SPLA IO,” he added.

Challenging our integrity whilst leaving that of SPLA IO leadership hanging by thread, to us however, is an invitation for “integrity challenge” which we are confident of winning. If our report is inaccurate as he alleged, should the public still believe Dr. Riek Machar’s narrative that Gen. Martin Kenyi and Elias are alive carrying out some secret assignment in undisclosed location? What of his wife’s confession in 2017 whilst in Canada that Gen. Martin was killed along with his bodyguard because he didn’t have soldiers from his tribe to protect him? Who is a liar here; Dr. Riek, his wife or this revolutionary columnist?

Remember, President Salva Kiir himself confirmed to his tribal militia during Bahr El Gazal tour that SPLA IO murdered Gen. Martin Kenyi. In his own word he said,

“My brothers, the nuer helped eliminate Gen. Martin Kenyi” Kiir disclosed this few months ago.

So, we are not making up this story up. It is coming from an enemy of the liberation. Besides, we interviewed about 17 people including officers from SPLA IO and former associates of Gen. Martin K before publishing the story.

SPLA IO MUST first untangle itself from cobwebs of conspiracies and betrayals it is perpetrating in its pseudo liberation movement the way Jesus advised in Matt 7:4,

“How wilt thou say to thy brother, let me pull out the. mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?”

It should detox itself from Ngundeng’s philosophy and make itself a national movement with clear objectives. 

If we want to be critical of Dr. Riek Machar we can do so within our ethics. We have enough evidence to downgrade him to a “cult leader” and not freedom fighter as he would like to be portrayed. He has big mote in his eyes which he needs to remove before pointing fingers toward our Mighty Revolutionary Desk.

We can call Dr. Riek, a vampire and still be right because a lot of Equatorian intellectuals and high-ranking officers in his movements vanished without traces, yet he Machar never bothered to account for their disappearance the same way he is doing to Gen. Martin Kenyi.

We can call Dr. Riek, a ‘selfish or heartless man’ who doesn’t have his very own tribemates at heart, and still stand unchallenged because a true revolutionary leader would not recruit his untrained village youths into military, to fight well trained government forces. As a learnt person and PhD holder, he should be encouraging youths to go to school and learn biology, chemistry, Maths etc so that they can have brighter future but not indoctrinate them for an ill intent.

In fact, if anything SPLA IO needs to be renamed as NGUNDENG’S MOVEMENT because its objective is not to bring positive transformation but rather, to fulfill the prophesy (delusion) of Dr. Riek’s ancestor, Ngundeng.

Nicholas Osobi, is a Revolutionary Columnist, he can be reached through his email at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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