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Opinion: Simon Hoth Political Controversy with Governor Denay Chagor ~ Part II

Part II,

By. Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson),

June 22, 2021 — Surprisingly, much of Hoth’s undernourished political computations are coming into an orderly view. The same way he (Hoth) has been messing up the SPLM-IO’s greater Lou-Nuer area (the way Hoth dictated the leadership/governorship of the late governor of Bieh State, Koang Rambang, may his precious soul continues resting in Peace’’, is the same as to what he (Hoth) is reapplying on the current Jonglei State governor, Denay Jock.

Former SPLM/A-IO Bieh State governor, Brig. Gen. Simon Hoth Duol(Photo credit: supplied)
Former SPLM/A-IO Bieh State governor, Brig. Gen. Simon Hoth Duol(Photo credit: supplied)

During the late Koang’s era, he (Hoth) may have agitated the late Governor’s leadership because he was running after the post. But, what is now his reason after the young Governor who has no colliding political interest with him? He (Hoth) is abandoning his traditional roles as an SPLM-IO ‘revolutionary guardian, and has become somewhat best described as “political gambler”. This recklessness is excusably noticeable with his “Political inflexibility” that Simon Hoth prompted to the conception of unjust negotiations with the State governor-Hon. Denay Jock Chagor. 

Meanwhile, as minister in the current Jonglei State government, he (Hoth) started to cling to an opposing stance against the young Governor without properly first thoughts-provoking of the diversion which he is playing. He (Hoth) created a political enmity with the state governor by means of fusion with an opposing block within the same government. By allying with the SPLM-IO enemies, he (Hoth) is at variance on many of the basic steps toward the state ‘Public Service restructuring. And, if one looks into the nature of his opposing stance against the Governor, you easily arrive at some winding up that his interests are not serving that of the SPLM-IO ‘political interests. Therefore, any devoted member of the SPLM-IO can easily disagree with him and prefers an option to remove. This is an area and the time where/when every concerned member of the SPLM-IO can set up to verify how apathetic the SPLM-IO movement’s greater Lou-Nuer ‘acting chairman.

Perhaps! Without first premeditating the impacts of his Self – serving political recital, he (Hoth) formed a conspicuous ally with others ‘ethno-political antagonists against the Jonglei State Governor without reason rather a sign of political naivety. What is really his (Hoth Duol) problem with the young Governor whose political path has nothing to prevent the SPLM-IO from achieving its revolutionary objective? His action is purely own wimpy that came with a devoid of the regard to the best interest of SPLM-IO followers who he (Hoth) is representing in the higher system. He is too personal and showed signs of deviation from SPLM-IO movement’s political objective.

The SPLM-IO movement’s revolutionary position stood still for a radical alteration of the decayed tribalised prearranged public service bureaucracy. There will be no stone leaves unturned by the SPLM-IO in search for the much expected systemic reforms. And, if he (Hoth) left behind his comrades unawares of the cause for his pursuance of a self opportunistically motivated interest, there are to be logical speculations that, the cause his political recklessness is perhaps so luckily may have an effects on the SPLM-IO movement’s political reception by the followers. Thus! Act of twisting an ally with those few ill-wishers political dissenters to the Jonglei State Governor is meaning that he (Hoth) is politically apathetic and unqualified to go on with the occupation.

And, to make it altogether illegal, the group which he (Hoth) have joined up with, is mostly comprises of unorganized political allies to the Deputy Governor-Antipath Nyok. Choosing a friendly political marching instead with such a traditional woes is by its entirety a political scandal that,, a true SPLM-IO’s revolutionary companion cannot allows such a disgraceful association with those of (in case of the Jonglei State) Antipath Nyok’s group whose whose political antagonisms and objective toward Governor is to illegally refute him (D. J. Chagor) of a free access to the exercise of his constitutionally bestowed political powers by the state. There is no any justifying reason for SPLM-IO ‘political leader, representative and/or enthusiast to lives friendly with the likes of Antipath Nyok whilst politically convincing others of any personal reason for hostility with the young Governor. In this regard, he (Hoth) is playing his own interests in a rather conformity with the SPLM-IO movement’s political reforms agenda. When you looks into the assertions made by that group which stands opposing the Governor’s reforms agenda, you easily become conscious that, many of them with Hoth included, are individuals with an ethnically motivated agenda (ethnocentric mentality) with each of them is eagerly pushing for its achievement against the young Governor. These sorts of tribalistic political antagonisms toward the Governor are not even that, the SPLM-IO ‘political agenda is moderating. 

Still with Simon Hoth’s illegal dealing with the young governor, a most fresh mortified scenario in which he (Hoth) has been rightly affiliated is the ongoing debates at the state level. There is political wrestling which involved and took dimensions of competitive positions by the parties at the state level on how to revitalize Jonglei State ‘Public Services Bureaucracy. That means, after the state government is formally formed, it becomes somewhat of an urgent need to form the state public service (example was the appointment of the directors who are going to serve in various institutions at the state level). This is also what has already become another political bottleneck. The divergences are so far on “what sort of modality could be uses for the appointment of the directors, heads of the departments and state ‘executive posts holders have produced two of the differing win-win and diversionary ‘political stance:

A group associated with the Deputy Governor (Antipath) and with Hoth including, are urging that, the formation of the state ‘directorates should be based on before the 2013 public service employment records.  (According to such a group, only those who were directors prior to the conflict in 2013 are the ones eligible for the reappointment to their previous posts as directors in the R-TGoNU).

However, the young governor with others of his like-minded moderate politicians prefers a new set of formulas. The Governor is proposing that an inclusive process (the four defunct states of Jonglei ‘public services employment records, plus wider consultation with the relevant stack-holders) should be used to form the basis of the appointment process. With this proposal, according to the governor, he means to ensure that his state government system is seen as balancing opportunities distribution among the people and communities within the state.

As per the young governor’s version, there are suggestions that he (the governor) wanted to put to the fore. He is aiming at favouring a straightforward modality which, when necessary, he uses for allocations, identification, and recruitment of a proficient workforces in the state. And, with these suggested methods, according to the young governor, he means (if for example, the former defunct four States governments ‘public services records of Akobo, Bieh, Fangak and Jonglei States) are to be merge up together and, the basis for the selection of directors shall be on the availability of those qualified. With it, the young governor is meaning a democratic modality that can bring jointly those former states civil services records for amalgamation to ensure an incorporation of the elements of good governance (such as, the rule of law, transference, responsiveness, consensus-oriented, equity and inclusiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, and accountability) into the selection process. 

The governor’s strategic vision is that he wants to ensure the participation of all men and women of Jonglei State to have a voice in the decision-making through legitimate intermediate institutions that represent their interests, and is being misunderstood in one way or another. Those of us who are well informed about the reality may support the young governor’s strategic leadership vision. Whatsoever the interests might be, supporting Jonglei state Governor in the implementation of his reformation agenda has its unadulterated advantage to all of the Jonglei citizens and communities who may have been marginalized and oppressed by then entrenched State government ‘systemic ethnocentrism that paralyzed Jonglei State during those years. 

Hence! The governor’s adaptation that, new formula is necessary for the reinstitutionalization of state bureaucracy is also cognizant of the fact that all the parties to the agreement are entitled to their share in the state’s revitalization of bureaucratic structures. The young governor’s acknowledgment of the political consensus-orientation meant for the mediation of differing interests to always work by reaching first abroad consensus on what is in the best interest of the group and, where possible, on policies and procedures that favour all citizens of the state. And, in a deeper prediction, the primary beneficiaries of the governor’s edition are all the communities, groups and parties including the SPLM-IO’s Jonglei State as one of the principal partners to the peace agreement. And, if he (Hoth) overlooked the intrinsic pro of the young Governor’s version, it means that Hoth is lacking a genuine sense of partisan judgment.

You can judge which of the modality above suited public interests. In this situation, he (Hoth) is standing detrimentally scapegoating at the Governor’s reformation agendas without properly thought in the matters. This is another area of letdown whence he (Hoth) unshakably stands firm with Antipath Nyok’s group on a ‘corruptive assertion that, the much anticipated work of picking those to-be appointed as directors in the state’s government institutions should not be solely entrusted upon the Governor. And, the terms and references of the R-ARCSS made it clear that, all the appointments of these kinds (directorates ‘post-holders) in the Revitalize Transitional State government is purely granted to the governor.

This projection is only favouring the old nepotism that Jonglei state citizens have stood, and continues to be standing firm by the young Governor in its oblation. There is no room for such a group which is inspired with the same fraudulent and meiotic sorts of corrupt notions, and whose aim is to continue with the same corrupt employment policy that favour only pockets of a particular state population. There are logical justifications that, it is a true sleaziness by itself if you talk of the 2013 records, there couldn’t be ethical justification, given the fact that, not even all the old faces who were used to be directors off the 2013 are still alive. Even if there are still a few old men from the year 2013 who used to be the directors in various state government ‘institutions appearing, none of them is in any form still able to produce. And, with this particular projection, it means the involvement is such disgraceful dealing, in which Hoth affiliated without first thinking out the nature of the  interests behind this formula. 

With this, one may end up asking him (Hon. Hoth) of where and how does he think the very people (SPLM-IO group) which he allegedly acts in lieu of, will come into the R-TGoNU? If indeed, he (Hoth) was somehow critically thoughtful of the nature of which he blindly felt compassionate of, he would have properly realized that, there is no others way apart from only permitting the young Governor to freely perform a governing reforms that, the like of him (Hoth) will ensure that, his followers are reached with the peace dividends.


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