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Opinion: Shorthand about the evil deeds of TPLF and disapproval on the reluctance

By Agenagn Kebede, Asst. Prof, Woldia University,

Woldia, Ethiopia.

members of the Tigray People Liberation Front at their headquarters at Mekelle, Tigray Region, Ethiopia(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
members of the Tigray People Liberation Front at their headquarters at Mekelle, Tigray Region, Ethiopia(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 22, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Even though you get a hoax from Tigray Media House, Digital Weyane and Tedros Adhanome, The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) was the utmost terrorist in description. It was heathen. It did not give a value for religion, morality and culture which are bedrock for progressive and favorable socio-political structure of a given country. Ethiopia, my wretched country was governed by this moral nihilist. Look at my country! Nowadays, brotherhood killing is common. Conflict, which is caused by ethnic issues, has been seen here and there. Everybody is in an identity conundrum. Faith is encircled by religion fundamentalists. Those have happened in a country because TPLF put Pandora Box. 

TPLF diverted Ethiopians thinking and acting of unity and development to fragile, regionalism and clan. That was achieved through TPLF’s Minor Agenda (which is taken as constitution), distorted education policy and its silly untheoretical and historical political doctrine of developmental democracy (This was coined by Meles Zenawi. I can name this ideology as “Melesizim.”). What a mind torture that was! 

Hearing about TPLF is more interesting than Hitler! Its genocide on Amhra nation is by far greater than Nazi’s genocide on Jewish. We can never find such a terrorist group in East Africa which did all the worst in the world. TPLF built all injustice in education, law, history and ideologies that generates poverty, inequalities, ill health, lack of access to services, premature death, unequal life chances, moral harm, psychological harm and physical harm for Amhara.

Million Amharas were marginalized and exterminated with no reason. During TPLF’s administration, Amhara nation was among the highest in terms of overall mortality rate, infant mortality rate, and maternal mortality rate. The Amhara was also ranked first in terms of stunted growth of children.

The Amhara nation had lost more than 2 million people since 1997. Later 1997 every notable ethnic group showed an increase in average of 2.6% whereas the Amhara showed only a 1.9% per annual growth. When Tedros Adhanom was  leading officer of the health sector, more than a million Amhara women were injected to be infertile. Right now, it is common to observe Amhara women who cannot deliver a birth. Further, during TPLF administration, Amhara was the beneficiary of the lowest health service of the country. 

Amhara was, purposely, architected as an illiterate nation during TPLF’s administration. In the Amhara region, there is an ever-widening gap between the numbers of schools available for various levels of education. This nation accessed a low standard of education. As far as this, As per 2017 World Bank report, absolute poverty, which stands at 24% at the national level, was moderately higher among the Amhara at 26.1%. Amhara is the owner of plenty of natural resources and tourist areas but it was unbeneficial on its resources. On the reverse of this, the resources were looted by TPLF. Amhara was getting mal living with few resources and lowest infrastructures.

In Raya, Welkait-Tsegede, Gondar, Bahir-Dar, Woldia, Metekel, Gurafarda, Chilga, Kemise, Arbagugu, Bedno, Jima, Harar and Nazrit Amharas had targeted for genocide. In there, Children, women, youths and elders of Amhara were killed in the mob. In the recent past, October 2020, TPLF and its organized youths committed genocide on Amhara nation at Mayikadra, the former province of Tigray region. More than thousands of Amhara were slaughtered in Mayikadra. Correspondingly, more than thousands of Kunama, Andrta, Agew, Erob, Afar, Somali,Gedio and Oromo were the victim of ethnic cleansing and genocide for no justification. 

In addition to this, TPLF was in charge of see-sawing crack politics and the economy of Ethiopia and East Africa. It was TPLF that defaced East Africa economy. It was TPLF that provided logistical support for terrorists of East Africa. TPLF was a menace of East Africa security. The rebellion and the government of South Sudan were not assuredly come around a table for negotiation because of TPLF’s intrigue. For ten years, by hearing all false accusations of TPLF over Eritrea, Europe and the US put an economic embargo on Eritrea. More than more, this group betrayed the country that it administered for twenty seven years at all by carrying out an atrocious attack on Ethiopian Defense Force which delivered security for this group and the Tigray Society (in which the terrorist group originated). 

Whence some dare to support this scapegoat. Shame on them!!! What a mental illness and emotional breakdowns they get!!! What anti-Ethiopian and anti-African stupidity that I read on their forehead. Why do not abandon Ethiopia politics for Ethiopians? Oh come on! Let me ask them this question. What if the terrorists committed genocide in Europe? What if the terrorists attacked British Military force? They never give rewards for such terrorists!!! In fact they will eliminate those fanatics from the earth. 

Dear all, it is incumbent for world communities and international media to know TPLF was a chief mechanic on the destruction of Ethiopia and East Africa. TPLF was known for his gainsay. Its work and its words were unalike because of this you deceived. Unknowingly, you supported and aided TPLF. In turn, your supports enabled TPLF to be capable slayer. Owing to TPLF, the matter in hand had become knotty. Everybody was worn out and treated as a plaything except the Tigray clan. 

Please, live for truth and humanity! Check facts then hearing the bogus information of TPLF’s paid journalists and agents. It is not rational to cry when TPLF kicked into hell after you preferred silence for 27 years of TPLF’s anti-humanities and anti-democracy manipulation.  

The author, Agenagn Kebede, is Asstistant Prof of Political Science, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Woldia University, Woldia, and a Mentor at Publon Academy, Ethiopia. He can be reached through email at agenagnkebede@gmail.com.

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