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Opinion: Open letter to both president Kiir and Dr. Machar

By Dabuol Steven Nuor

Kiir, Machar after meeting in J1 (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

February 19th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – With honor and respect to your full immunity in presiding everything in our country both within SPLM/A, IG and I.O whether in political ground or others involvements which are of tremendous value to your citizens across South Sudan, I therefore, want to honestly appeals to your humble and excellent understandings as per the responsibilities the innocent people of this nation really inquire from you day in and day out, all after, I beg your forgiveness even if this letter may seem tiny holographical to your internal outlook and analysis once you come to put it in to implementation, due to the distance I have between us is a bit further in advising you, but as long as I’m one of your citizens with his little post he hold and practice how to be come a good leader in a nearer future, then let this be close to your interest of reading it and pick what may benefit us in the new government of national unity in our country as we can have a lasting peace of which you couldn’t be named ‘A blame president’ or
‘A blame Chairman’

My foreseeable exigency in five days to come!

This letter came to my attention once I fully nutted out, both of you broke the stalemate of the impasse of States which we the citizens fear for a length of time in which we thought South Sudan may resumed the conflict, then, by the very hour we heard from your speech in the state house J1, that the country had gone back to ten States as passed by IGAD council of ministers plus others international bodies, then we breathe a little bit hoping that peace shall come and be embraced by the most needed ones, especially the ones with no political interest or the ‘haves’ or ‘have nots’ who only deserve to be given their services by their leaders like you.

Point of concerns in the letter;

You have now only five day to have a new government which shall be the unity government of national unity in our country since the failed one in 2016 and be revitalized now and then,with few inputs and advises, to the way you are going to appointed your new political posts holders; I, Dabuol Nuor really need you to nominate only those with full humanity and respective to their own country, those will keep the resources of this nation as belong to our civil population and not their pockets needs, those who will make a quick development in revamping the war torn country, those who will bring back our lost economic and be standardized with others countries with enjoyable economics, those who will normalized the security situations and the country will get rid of unknown gunmen country wide,those who will penetrated rapid development more then the zero done since the independent of the young nation in 2011, those who will build a firm reconciliation like the one did in Rwandan years back up to now, during their genocide which eradicated tribe’s names, with only nationality to every citizens in which if you go to Rwanda, you can’t ask someone’s tribe, and if that happened to you, then you will be tried before justice,and this is what I wanted you to put in to action and be incorporated into our constitution amendment, those who will recuperated our international relationship (diplomacy) within our continent and to the rest of the continents, so that they should not take us back to war again and leave the rigid guys with bad personality and back up by corruption, then, if I’m to cited you with an example to those people of whom with such behavioural characters, one is honorable minister of information with the world’s naked evident which indicated his negative personality which he proven to all of us by taking the flag of the nation which was not belong to his wife or his in front of IGAD council of ministers.

All in all, Mr minister was not blissful because he assimilated there was a peace in Ethiopia during that day and he didn’t want such to happen. All by then, such scenario disheartening and shy every citizens of South Sudan who thinks educationally and politically because it would not be done by anybody swear in as a minster.

I would be the most euphoric if you may let this officiated task to happened in your Majesty, I will appreciated you so abundantly, and I’ll be proud of you all the time. Stay blessed and God will granted you some extras luckiest in your duties all the way toward new government.

Peace peace peace for all!!!

The author is a political young analyst for SPLM-IO. He Can be reached via mariodeng88@gmail.com

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