Opinion: Nhial Deng Nhial dispatches his sister to Nigeria in his final move to end the life of the president

By Nicolas Chan,

Nhial Deng Nhial, a leading member of government delegation pleads to Dr. John Garang's widow, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, a leading members of former detainees(photo: file)
Nhial Deng Nhial, a leading member of government delegation pleads to Dr. John Garang’s widow, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, a leading members of former detainees(photo: file)

March 9, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — As you read this piece, try to be analytical – explore your memory to identify any unmatched revolutionary leverages that keep Nhial Deng Nhial politically relevant more than any other revolutionary cadres at this era. Try not to be dismissive but be inquisitive to know where the man derives his political relevance. You will find that there is something that you do not know about him – his nature of political operations supported by superstition. 

Honorable Nhial Deng Nhial, Minister for Presidential Affairs, dispatches his sister Ambassador Gai Deng Nhial, the member of East African parliament to Nigeria to seek voodoo (witchcraft) powers intended at ending the rule of President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan. News reaching us from London, Nairobi and within his inner circle explained the frustration that led him to opt for underworld powers to end the life of the president and paves the way for his ascension to power. 

Nhial Deng Nhial’s use of west African voodoo began in 2003

Gai Deng Nhial, the East African parliamentarian never had a child since she was married to his late husband way back in 80’s. Luckily enough, she bumped into a Nigerian woman named Marriem Adamu in 2003. Marriem Adamu was staying in the same neighborhood in London with Gai. Gai in their usual conversation with Marriem explained her sad story of barrenness which caught the attention of the Nigerian friend. Marriem suggested to Gai to try Nigerian witch doctors for help, which she did. While in Nigeria, Gai met with an extremely strong witch doctor who performed all miracles she never saw in her life. She was convinced by his extraordinary magic and thought of explaining her brother’s problem to him. Gai told the witch doctor to cast an evil spell that would create a rift between late Dr. John Garang de Mabor and Salva Kiir Mayardit, for his brother Nhial Deng Nhial to replace Salva Kiir. The Nigeria witch doctor puts forward a hefty monetary demand upon which he could perform the right rituals in fulfillment of that objective. Gai had to meet that demand after mobilizing funds from her sisters, brothers and friends (5) days later.  

The event around 2004, between Dr. Garang and Salva kiir were shot into display by Nhial Deng 

In early 2004, the dream came true when Late Garang in his secret meeting in Nairobi resolved with some high-ranking SPLA military officers to replace commander Salva with commander Nhial Deng Nhial.  Nhial, through Nigerian voodoo, had hatched a plan to have Salva fired before the CPA’s implementation, since Nhial did not believe in Kiir’s ability to deputize Garang in peace time that would require sufficient brain work, soft and technical skills other than absolute reliance on mere AK-47.  Although Nhial’s practice of witchcraft (voodoo) created a bad blood between Salva and Garang, the will of people of Southern Sudan and the gods did not give up. Nhial’s bad motives, greed and ill intentions were defeated in the Rumbek peace settlement in which Agar Dinka intellectuals in SPLA and the spear masters played a critical role. However, his lust for power and adamant belief in superstition, still keeps Nhial Deng aspirations for power abreast.

What was behind Nhial resignation in 2006?

In 2006, Nhial was squeezed between hard surfaces by some commanders in the SPLA. Earlier, he knew that the death of Garang would end his ambitious urge for leadership. He was branded among the most favored boys of Garang. Salva Kiir forgave them for the wrongs they committed against him for years in the name of unity, peace and harmony within the rank and file of the movement. Nhial decided at whim to resign and escaped to Nairobi when he was not being chased by anyone. Nhial double face and trickeries are not that easily understood. He boarded a plane from Nairobi, landed at London and remained still at the airport to wait for the arrival of his sister as they transit to Nigeria to seek witch doctoring. The results of his 2006 visit to Nigeria probably led to the plane crash in May 2008 in which two of his archrivals lost their lives. He would come back later to take up the position left vacant by one of his witch doing’s victims. I will not mention the names of those two victims of his witch doings. May God rests their souls in eternal life!

Nhial final moves and the danger it poses to the life of the president

As I write this note, that old Nigerian witch doctor is in Nairobi. He is accommodated in an apartment in Kilimani, near Yaya centre in Nairobi. He was brought in a month ago by his sister Gai Deng Nhial. The working objective is one: to kill the president with feared voodoo. It started with the rumor that Nhial was being replaced from his position. This tells he was going home without a trace, if removed this time. Nhial, after receiving a lot of money in bribes, is in a better position to take the presidency by all means. After a successful performance by this Nigerian Witch doctor in Nairobi, he was instructed by the same witch doctor to come to Juba and get two bulls for further rituals. These bulls were to be slaughtered and the meat distributed raw or crude. The meat must not be cooked in his house. In that way, any plan by the president and his other enemies is deemed to die at the planning stage. This ritual performance took place a day before yesterday and Nhial Deng is eagerly awaiting to witness the outcomes of magical forecasts. These are the details of the ongoing superstitious covert activities revealed to me by a member of his inner circle. 

Deng Dau, the Deputy Minister for Foreign affairs’ meeting with president at his palace angered Nhial

There are no rumors in Juba, once what seems like a rumor spread, try to believe it. Deng Dau’s rumored meeting with the president has angered Nhial to the core. The meeting simply debunked the person funding and running the show behind the JCE’s position papers. Deng Dau revealed to the president of the Republic that Nhial Deng Nhial was the man behind the numerous releases by the JCE. Some Nhial recruits at J1 took the message to him and this has terrified him to death. But who was not aware that Nhial was behind the JCE, whom he bribed to trigger a violent demonstration on the streets? 

Nhial does not travel to London to see his children as widely believed

Most people are taken aback when a note like this comes out talking about Nhial Deng Nhial use of excessive witchcraft to kill his political opponents, dominate government appointments and finally planning to finish the president and take his seat. When he is seen boarding a plane to London via Nairobi, many people believe he goes to see his children. Come on my poor and blindfolded people! This man does not reach his house. He lands and sleeps at the airport for a day to wait for her sister as they transit to Nigeria to consult witch doctor once political activities get hot in South Sudan. He does this most of the time he is in trouble in Juba. Nhial money does not benefit a common widow, orphan, wounded or poor people but witch doctors. Nhial gets 60,000 USD as DSAs per a trip every time he concocted reasons to travel. Where does this money go? And how many times has he travelled on government and private missions? He had travelled a lot more than any other government official and all his money ends up in the hands of witch doctors who renew his contract of appointment every year. Nhial Deng Nhial is not who many poor people think he is, he is a monster and simpleton, surviving on black magic to cheat people!

The author is a concerned citizen who can be reached through email at nicolasmadingchan@gmail.com

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