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Opinion: Fighting corruption is not a cakewalk

By Kuek Deng Kuek

Kuek Deng Kuek (Photo courtesy of the author)
Kuek Deng Kuek (Photo courtesy of the author)

July 31, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Truth tell it that, Victor Atem Atem, is the only leader who has topped his political career with no corruption involved in his reign. He has served as the Commissioner of Gogrial East and there was nothing like corruption reported after his four years administration at the County headquarters Liitnhom. He has worked tirelessly to build beautiful County Headquarters and his developmental footprints are since in Gogrial East up to date. He remains the longest serving Commissioner in the history of Warrap State.

This implies that he knows how to govern people and how to render services to the people without the sense of corrupting public resources. He led the Ministry of Local Government and Laws Enforcement Agencies, don’t forget it is number one Ministry in the state and it is one of the richest ministry in Warrap state back then, it’s the ministry where social services taxes is carried out and he led that ministry for nearly 2 years under the regime of our SPLM elected Governor Madam Hon. Nyadeng Malek and there has never been a single day he has been accused of deviating or embezzling public money.

He would have done so if he wants to practice corruption. Till he was later was shifted peacefully to Ministry of Education in Warrap State but there was no corruption or malpractices reported from the ministry, in fact he made that ministry to be number one ministry when the yearly performance review report was released in 2015.

When he became the Governor of Gogrial State, he fought corruption vigorously as a head of local government in the defunct Gogrial State. He spent two years as a Governor which was not easy with other leaders, they could not manage to spend even 1 year, but for him he has spent them, because his regime was mindful about fighting corruption with the motto “zero tolerance to corruption and nepotism’ he was given more time to lead by H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan, now he remains the longest serving Governor in Defunct Gogrial State’s short history!

Who among the Governors of Defunct Gogrial State can calm to have done something as far as development and fighting corruption is concerned? With Victor Atem he has lobbied to get the money to buy a beautiful, permanent Gogrial State coordination office and it is there as public property. He didn’t get the money and put them to his pockets like other leaders. He used the money to buy a public property. This credit goes to him. Now that is not the cakewalk for people who thinks it is the cakewalk let them try. We must based our political opposition on truth not on baseless allegations. Unless people want to be known of misleading the public, something which I would term as a politics of getting hand to mouths not politics of somebody who is advocating for change and somebody who wants to be a leader of tomorrow. It is the politics with no vision for real!

Look, Hon. Victor Atem has created a conducive political environment or atmosphere where security became the order of the day, it is something that elderly people, children and women appreciate because they are not longer suffering from communal conflict. Is that the bad leader my brothers?  Let us be realistic, Victor Atem has done good than harm to people of Gogrial State. His security policy has led to a successful completion of Ajiep Bridge connecting Gogrial East and Tonj North with State Headquarters. Now farmers have easy access to the state market in no more time. It is a credit to him. How can he be accused of corruption now?

People went as far as saying that he Victor Atem alongside other officials of Defunct Gogrial State are planning to sell Gogrial State Coordination office away. OK! If he is to sell whatever he has rendered as a services to the public then he would have sold a way the Primary School he has constructed when he was the State Minister of Education in Warrap State.

He cannot sell that school away, he cannot sell State Coordination Office away, he cannot sell Gogrial East Headquarters away, and above all, he cannot sell away the security, peace, stability, peace coexistence, freedom of movement that he has brought to the people of Gogrial State away. This is a white lie. It is not his habit to put his achievements on sell after having been relieved and moreover he is our incoming Governor of Warrap State.

He cannot do that, he has his own personal properties to sell if there is anything at all that will make him to do that, and then he can do it in his personal assets.

Hon. Victor Atem is the leader of people, he is a liberator like any other leaders, he is God fearing leader, he loves peace and he is interested to lead again as the Governor of Warrap State. Even if things go from bad to worse he cannot sell Gogrial State Coordination office, he cannot sell cars he has brought to Gogrial State during his time, he cannot think of selling public assets.

He is the leader of high integrity, he is a leader with ethics of leadership, he is the real political leader who wants something that he can do to be remembered by the public. That is why he stabilizes our security. We appreciate him as common citizens who are interested in peace. He is the great leader. Individually I would say that am impressed by his leadership qualities and executions of decisions during his leadership. He is a born leader. I think leadership is something in his blood. I pray for him to be in good health though, they enemies of peace wish him bad luck; God will always be on his side.

I know I will be condemned to the last of the breathe by enemies of progress and peace, I will be given names, they would call me as someone who is being hired, a sellout, chief of sycophants, traitor and so on so forth but all this abusive words will not stop me from telling the truth because even in the holy book it is written there that, say the “truth and truth will set you free” Credits of Victor Atem must be placed in rightful positions.

Fighting the corruption is not the cakewalk but Victor Atem Atem has fought it vigorously during his regime!

A writer is a South Sudanese National and can be reached via, kuekdengkuek@gmail.com

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