Opinion: Brief Introduction of a Ghetto Journalist, a Self-centered Garang John Deng.

By Maroup Anie,

Garang John….

Dec 10, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Garang John is a journalist turned untrained National Security officer who betrayed his fellow journalists for material gains. During his time at SSBC, he fought his TV colleagues like Aliandro Lotok, Chol Duang, Gore Anthony, Tek Stephen, Rejoice Samson as he tried to outcompete them. He went on to betray them to National Security, accusing them of falsely working for the opposition.

Garang John likes inflating his ego as a “nationalist” and a “great journalist”. He got sacked a few years ago from state-owned Television SSBC due to lack of journalistic tradition known as an ethic. As a result of despair, caused to him by pathetic attitudes of betrayal that cost him his professional job, Garang went further to sign a contract with ISB DG Akol Koor Kuc to receive academic sponsorship in exchange for propaganda activities that praise Akol Koor and denigrate his adversaries.

Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Media and Filming at the United States International University (USIU), in Nairobi on a scholarship from Gen. Akol Koor. The long-term deal signed between him and Akol Koor which proposed him to study Media and Filming, a Plan by Akol Koor to open a private television known as DAWN TV, a media firm he named or translated in his name ‘Akol’ and currently funded by him as a Newspaper using public money in the way that can not be discovered by others.

Garang John received the scholarship, including accommodation and pocket money in January 2018, after he suffered job loss due to conning. There are multiple sources including former Presidential Affairs Minister Hon. Mayik Ayii Deng providing financial assistance to him (Garang). Besides some of his criminal acts, he (Garang John) is now employed by Akol Koor as a secret agent to meet government officials, diplomats, business people and religious leaders across the country as a journalist but recording tape secretly and deliver them to his friend Akol Koor, especially issues to do with the greater Jonglei current crisis he misled Akol Koor a lot.

That is why Akol Koor is rapidly bringing down many people at the lowest cost of time and resources. Garang is a key agent of Akol Koor which is very harmful to the citizens.

Remember, categorizing Garang John as a shameless human being living in our planet, in the year of his marriage to a renowned female journalist Paleki Mathew, he hogs 2 million SSP from Ethiopian businessman and ate them like wildfire. He was later caught and jailed in Juba Central Prison for his failure to pay back the loan, something that didn’t sound well in the ears of Michael Makuei.

It was not easy for him to find a solution but glory be to Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth who reimbursed the cash and got him out on the screen of SSBC, since a criminal doesn’t look well on government’s television. Now our desperate journalist is trading on his colleagues and officials from this country and his community to get the ration for the day. Stay tuned for more updates, my people!

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