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Opinion: Are the Americans ready and sincere to help South Sudan this time?

By T.T.Shaka,

May19, 2021Up to today, South Sudan has a land but not a nation. How ready are the Americans now to make our dreams to have a nation and a country? Southern Sudanese do not have identity that they can be proud of all over the world. The life of an egg depends on its environment or surrounding whether or not an embryo will develop in the shell and bear offspring. South Sudan is just like this.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris pointing at the crowd while giving a speech (Photo credit: courtesy image)
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris pointing at the crowd while giving a speech (Photo credit: courtesy image)

Donald Booth will be right about South Sudan if America takes it serious this time. South Sudan does not need guns than development though Kiir for so long promoted the western manufacturing industries. Kiir and his government have sponsored wars every corner of the south since he came to power. Just to be in power.

As far as we know, cattle wrestling existed with the existence of people who have them. There were no large number of guns floating in the hands of people who have them now in the areas that have become epidemic. I have so many reasons to support my analysis. In the past, below were some of the reasons that drove the communities to raid or fight each other then than today.

  • To pay bride price
  • Fight over water points
  • There has always been a fight for new palatable vegetation growing when the area dries up.

What has then precipitated fighting in a large scale and engulfing areas that knew nothing about cattle wrestling? 

This starts with the so called the President of the country. He took other people’s land, put innocent children and gave them guns to protect his cattle camp. What do you expect his ministers or officials to do? They too did the same and even worst. Guns became like supporting sticks carried by members of their tribe everywhere. Kiir and his tribesmen started to export their uncivilized behavior to once peaceful people in Equatoria. Because those tribes do not have guns, they became always on run. Their livelihood and properties they suffer to build destroyed

The northern part of South Sudan, such as Bahr, el Ghazal and Upper Nile have been the epi-center of cattle wrestling ever since but not to the extend we see today due to the use of guns. The Toposa (in the eastern part of South Sudan) and the Turkana (in Kenya) do raid each other’s animals In Uganda, the Karamojong have also shared their animals with the Dodo, the Boya and the Didinga of South Sudan since in memorial. Nonetheless it has been coexistence. A practice carried out from generation to generations. Although it can stop completely, no government thinks of it among the three countries (South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya).

What does South Sudan need? Does south Sudan need a large army? Whom is South Sudan preparing to fight?

I guess we will all have different answers for the above questions. Probably will depend on where we belong in our split society. However, it does not matter how we think or what we think. In any case, do not be put off if you do not believe in my thinking for a healthy society.

What does South Sudan need? Right now, South Sudan needs a place where everybody fits in or a place call home. We all need to go to the drawing board to think of the disintegration of this country under Kiir and the damage that will follow if we continue this way. While towns belong to everybody, villages belong to people originally found there. If those who lit the fire and do not know how to put it off. They must reverse their actions before the fire engulfs more areas and become destructive. Remember, this is one of the principle root causes of our present war.

Does South Sudan need an army or large army or weapons? 

In my view, obsoletely not for a number of reasons:-

  • The six countries (Central African Republic, North Sudan, DRC, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia) surrounding the South Sudan have the same community on both side of the countries and who will they be killing with their weapons?
  • The countries mentioned above have more established and well trained individuals compared to them and what impact will an ill drained army have?
  • There are so far 22 countries without army in the world but exist comfortably, why not South Sudan copies them being a land lock country. Moreover if any countries outside the neighboring country that want to fight South Sudan have to travel and allowed by our neighbors to fight us.
  • Incidentally, what will the army be doing when there is no war to fight? Whether you agree with me or not, South Sudanese army will be the most redundant and unproductive in the entire world. A country needs not only well trained military but also must be composed of all Professionals fields. In the absence of war or not, they should be able to conduct researches for the growth of the nation. Do we have that type of personality in the South?
  • Holding a gun does not qualify someone to be a professional men and women one. Unfortunately, our army does not know that the guns given them are to protect a nation not to kill them, do they?
  • For the South Sudan to rescue, America should help that arm embargo must not be removed. They should not allow any country especially Uganda as used by Kiir before to buy weapons for South Sudan. They should get involved to collect all the guns now in the hands of people in all villages in the country

I wish the Americans, Troika, AU, IGAD and those  who have now dipped their hands into our problems will understand that majority of the south is not fighting Kiir. .Kiir may go now, Machar comes in or anybody, the war will continue unless the root causes become focal point. Kiir has fooled all the world with his dead agreement and you all stamped that all is going well. You have forgotten that South Sudan is like America or the Western world that there is always publicity. Do you really know what is going on outside Juba and where you may have reporting?

When I was in High school 53 years ago, I knew America and the Western world destroyed African Leaders.  Unless they follow their agenda, they kill them too. They did not care if the African Leaders torture or kill their citizens. Meanwhile China fools the African Leaders and takes away their resources. Incidentally, I am right of what I thought then.

Is America out of this game? If you are, can we see results? Kiir has depopulated enough of our people, through his guns, dying in the bushes and more. Claim back those weapons you gave him.

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