Obama administration is behind the Kiir ‘s dictatorship in South Sudan

By Micheal Gatguat Tap Gatluak,


President Kiir and US Secretary of State early 2014 State House Juba
President Kiir and US Secretary of State early 2014 State House Juba

Sept 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The current US president Barack Hussein Obama is behind the atrocities committed in south Sudan by kiir and destabilization of young nation committed by the regime of genocidal in juba.

which is kiir himself because Obama is backing the current mad autocracy regime by preventing him to stay in power without telling him that you should  have to leave the power or step down or  you fail to unite the south Sudanese or bring the southern together as one family or leave the republic of south of Sudan to those who want to bring the lasting peace and democrat in the country.

For sure the united state of America fail to put pressure to the two warring parties in the country to resettled the crisis in the young nation or to put to an end the conflict that spent almost a number of months in the country.

Over the past eight years the united state of America is against the act of practicing the autocracy in any country in the world, but today it appear that Obama administration is welcoming the sort of practicing the dictatorship in the world.

When I was a small child I thought that America is a father over the world countries that cannot accept the state of jeopardy in any countries, but after the development of politic in both developed and developing countries .so the domestic politics of US appear to be known to the world that whenever there is risk in any country, they in state enjoying ,laughing and happy because the problem is not concerning with their interior affair .

Take a look at south Sudan problem toward US Policy

If you observe the ongoing turmoil in south Sudan is not like to be put to end or intensify, the reason is that because of US geo-politic toward south Sudan and their intervention deep in the country of their prevention of their interest and their properties in south and that’s why they are prevent crisis to be in state of stagnation rather than solving it and in  addition they are preventing kiir on the power with the foreign destabilization forces like, Uganda  ,Egyptian, Rwanda, Chinese ,Sudanese rebel and the Kenyan force who are supplying  the juba regime with  the sort of military equipment secretly .  a question to US and the countries who intervene deep in the internal affair of south Sudan, for how long will you prevent the regime who committed brutal massacre against the violation of human right and regime of autocracy to stay in power?

Michael Gatguat Tap is a south Sudan citizen who is residing in Arab republic of Egypt and can be reached at: michael8222tap@gmail.com orgatguat_tap@yahoo.com or +201148879177

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