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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, left, and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir(Photo: BayView)
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, left, and South Sudanese President Salva Kiir(Photo: BayView)

August 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Sustainability of comprehensive Peace Agreement in the Federal Republic of South Sudan would not be easy if President Salva Kiir still pretending claiming legitimacy in this young nation. President Kiir is still claiming that he was the elected by people and his authority should not be question by anybody at less by people who elected him. The question once would ask is that, if President is really solely sober, what about those whom his is killing are not the parts of that election?

Well, based on the misconception of President Leadership, It would be imperative for achievement of comprehensive peace Agreement in South Sudan if President Kiir hesitating to relinquish the power. People who have been killed during crisis in December 15, 2013, President Kiir were accountably. He was the once who authority the killing of Nuer in Juba and the international should not temper with it. Those who have lost their loves once are still having paints and resentment in their mind and it would not be randomly treat that way. It would require thoroughly and constructive negotiation and find out who engineering this conflict and why. Covering it up by favoring the real killer and allowing President Kiir to be a part of that transitional government without sorting out real cause of this senseless war would ignite more catastrophes and not going to help the situation in South Sudan.


International community should not only depend on misleading gossips information dispatched by the media and the diehard supporter of brutal genocidal mindset of President Salva Kiir. If those international communities want to be best judgment and conflict resolutions that could minimize the crisis’s around the world, they should first get into intensive and constructive without taking side. People should not be misled by word election, criminal can be elected and would not deter him to commit crimes, the same thing what happening in Republic of South Sudan nowadays, fugitive Salva Kiir were elected unknowingly and now it appeared to be the most criminal in the earth. Fake faith is something concealable from every walk of lives, once may deceived people with epilogue sweet words while insider was completely contrary to the fact that people May expected him to do. Both Igad and the United States must be cautious on how to handle peace process between two rivaling parties of South Sudan. IGAD should not rush on decision thinking that formation of so call transitional government would bring peace and end the war that wrecked the nation. A wise man could not amalgamate the hyenas and goats in one hunt; definitely they would not survives and spend the night without fight. The same to rivaling parties in this junctures you should not amalgamate these two groups by rushing into a decision and left the root cause unresolved and you may thing that kind of peace would last longer and bring the harmony in community.


The root cause of war in Republic of South Sudan was really instigated by Salav Kiir Mayardit and his alliance. before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Navasha Kenya 2005 that was broken by United States of America together with his alliances particularly the European Union. President Salva Kiir was having concealed agenda since then; this was known until the death of Dr. John Garang. If you look very closely to his gibberish speech during the convention of SPLM political bureau and National Liberation Council that was conducted before the events of December 15, 2013 that was reminding people about the splitting of Nasiir faction that occurred 1991 has a result of Self-determine that brought forth referendum that became fundamentally to birth of young nation today. President Kiir were well organized was his plan to inflicted this war against Nuer. The heavy weaponry and hardware that were brought for depend of new nation, President Kiir story them in his villages for fulfillment of his dream for murdering the innocence population of Nuer to allow for his pursued of long terms Presidency. It is a big deal to President Kiir and his alliances of Dinka to hung on the Presidency of this young South Sudan and deny participation of others tribes to contest to leadership. President Kiir believed Dinka born to rules not to be rule, that propaganda was documented by the later Dr. Justin Yach. This perception becomes so much significant in mind of all Dinka community that without them nobody should have a say in country affair.


Dinka community in South Sudan is significantly affected on the ambition of wealth that they never had before. Am not really blaming them on this mass up in South Sudan because historically if you are poor and you are not supportive to yourself, you have no choice with exception of choosing being corruption. Dinka Community could not afford themselves by production of food, whole South Sudanese communities are working hard to bring food into table through production of agriculture’s method, but Dinka are not at all they just waiting for food from government. Therefore, getting a free wealth and national resources, they could not tolerate corruption because all of them competing to enrich themselves with nation welfare. South Sudan national foundation has been broken by the administration of President Salva Kiir. They completely dismantled the financial institutions by looting all the financial resources by distributing them to their people even those who lives in villages. They have stolen billions of dollars unaccounted for. He Kiir and his alliance has recently borrows 1.6 billion from oil company in advance to pay them back for oil money. Yet, the money were consume up by him and his warlords whose their intention is to continues the killing and enriches themselves with the national resources. They once against recently get back to the same companies to borrow more money and because they deceptive way, they were denied money by the foreign companies and yet President Kiir don’t realized the resources he wasting are people resources that could on days could cause him his lift.

As a matter of fact, South Sudan would not attain peace if Kiir still pretending to lead, his legitimacy has expired and he has got no room to call himself a leader of that nation. The final solution is to let him quit and let Dr. Riek restructuring the nation and establishing the true democratic system that would end this bitterness and harmonies the most agony divided communities and bring everlasting peace to that nation. Peace with Kiir will never materialized and let Kiir go to rest and new face come in to finally resolved the crisis

Simon Tongyik Dahel could be reach with dahelnguth@gmail.com

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