Musician Gordon Kong Duoth Song On: My Relationship has no problems with Greater Equatorial

By Puot Jock

Gordon Koang Duoth, famous South Sudanese musician(photo: puot|Nyamilepedia)

June 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia)Gordon Kong Duoth is one among the top musician in south Sudan, before the independent of the country he produces many songs about national unity, peace, and love among south Sudanese. He was born in Nasir county, Upper Nile state from Eastern Jikany Nuer community.

During the outbreak of war that costs lives of many people, most south Sudanese artists and others were scattered in the country and some of them are in exits to our neighboring country and a broads. This conflict in south Sudan has planted wounded hearts among the people in the new nation, which is caused by genocide of 25,000 above Nuer in Juba, December 15, 2013. Before the war the country was trying to experience the unity among its national ethnics groups because the people were tired of war with North Sudan regime, due to this reason the locals society of south Sudan chose to live with peace, but genocidal salva kiir/Salvator did not meets interest of national unity, rather than choosing the killing of innocents Nuer as his leadership style.

Gordon Kong in his song had stated that my relationship has no problem with Great Equatorial (Kam de thiele duor kone nyam nyamnie or Equatorial) “

Gordon Kong in his song has addressed his strong relationship with great equatorial when he went to Juba for his first visited to the land of equatorian, by the time he was given highly welcome by the society ,and they shows him that this people of equatorial ,and the land are yours, feel free because you come to your family . The reason why equatorian shown Gordon Kong their love was based on two points:

  • His songs that focuses on national unity, peace and prosperity of the country.
  • The role that Nuer patriotic soldiers did during the last 21 years of war with North Sudan by the time North Sudan forces were trying to invade the Juba ,but the south Sudanese soldiers mainly Nuer and Equatorian heroes men defeated them at any time , that is why great equatorial had expressed their concern that the Nuer and Equatorian have long hands or roles during the war between south Sudan and Arabs North.

The Great Equatorial and Nuer under the command of Dr.Machar , during 1991 faction were the people that needed the south Sudan independents moment to make south Sudan be alone from North Sudan , while Dr.Garang needs only the liberation of Sudan as whole, due to this reason the supporter of south Sudan in dependent movement were mostly Great equatorial and Nuer society, for what is now country south Sudan, it is also the same to what Dr.Machar needs now to bring Democratic federals government of south Sudan, the first tribes to accepts this are Nuer and greater equatorial .

What is needed from both of us at this time is to lets our words determine our action on the ground, and for this cases we Nuer community appreciate and gives a lots of thank to the community of great equatorial for your positive attitude towards positive thing in south Sudan. Our relation that depends on our positive thinking in south Sudan will last long.

Long live south Sudanese, Greater Equatorial community, Nuer community, General Ladu Gore, and Dr. Machar, General Dua Atorjong, and Mabior Garang.

Yours Sincerely; Freedom Fighter Activist: Puot Jock Guek can be reached at puot.jock@gmail.com

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