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Most Dinka Villages Are Built In the Lands of Their Hosts

By William D. Awor,

Malakal, the capital of South Sudan's Upper Nile State will be among the contested zones in the country should Salva Kiir's 28 states order gather any support (Photo: SouthSudan4Jesus)
Malakal, the capital of South Sudan’s Upper Nile State will be among the contested zones in the country should Salva Kiir’s 28 states order gather any support (Photo: SouthSudan4Jesus)

October 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) Establishment of Twenty eight states: The unilateral move to establish twenty eight states to benefit Dinka people in the lands of their hosts can be related to an act of internal human parasite that benefit at expense of their hosts. Recently, the leader of Dinka government, Salva Kiir and the Satanic members of the so called Jieng Council Elders had become so blind to see the truth, corrupt and ambitious to implement hidden agenda to create Dinka hegemony by establishing twenty eight (28) state without historical fact or rationale to this new political map. This move is a wake up call to the hosts of the lands throughout South Sudan to stand up and fight hard to evict Dinka nomads from their ancestral land.

Messiria has no legal right in Abey: The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) did not give right to the Messiria, (the nomadic Arab people) who wander throughout the year around the Muglad in search of pastures for their cattle. Likewise, the Southern Sudan have legal right to refuse Dinka Nomads from having equal right in land and to force Salva Kiir and Satanic members of Jieng Council Elders to nullify their decision to divide and give lands to Dinka settlers. Such attempt to hijack and usurper people power is interpreted and treated as barbaric behavior similar to evil act of Twareg and Al-Qaeda that destroyed ancient Sufi Shrines in Timbuktu, Mali and struggle of Messiri to annex Abey permanently to Southern Kordofan.

Difference between native and nomadic person: It is so imperative to know the difference between the native and nomadic person. Native person is a person born, grows up, lives and dies in his/her ancestral land. Nomadic person or people according to a Greek word, the nomad means wander or people with no settled home, who move from place to place in search of pasture and food.

Pastoral Nomad: Pastoral nomad is defined as group of people or tribe with no settled home who move from place to place in search of pastures for their livestock. Dinka people in South Sudan fit this definition because of their mobile status and their practice of similar activities. As the result, Dinka tribe are scattered over South Sudan. Other Southern tribes have permanent habitats. You cannot find Chollo (Shilluk), Nuer, Bari, Anuak or Murle in other States other than the regions of their permanent habitats in the Great Upper Nile State and Bari in Equatoria. But Dinka people are found in three States of Great Upper Nile, Warrap State, Lake State, Bar El Gazel, Abey and now are moving to occupy Equatoria States.

What compelled Dinka to settle permanently in their new regions of pastures: Dinka has been after pastures, As moving back and forth in search of pastures is hard duty to do and involve deadly confrontation with hosts, Dinka started to settle permanently in host lands which now become their home lands.

Evolutionary traits: We might be aware of the fact that Dinka people acquired new, religious, physical, social and cultural traits and regional Dinka language to adapt to their new habitats and to interact with their hosts or native people of the lands they seek for pastures. The attainment of these abilities are acquired over long period of time they spend in those new lands. That why Dinka people differ linguistically, socially, religiously and culturally from each other due to traits they acquired in period of time in regions of their new lands and environment. Embrace of these traits allow Dinka Nomads to be welcome by their hosts and lead to good neighborhood relationships.

Annexation of Abey to Southern Kordofan: Dinka Ngok (Abey) had been Arabized and Islmaized decades back before British Colonial Administration. This status gave Ngok Dinka dual identities (citizen of South and North Sudan). This was a complicated problem for British government to separate Southerners (African & Christians) and the Northerners (Arab Muslim) from each other. As problematic as it was, the possession of dual citizenship had left no option to British Colonial Administration other than transferring Abyie and its Islamized inhabitants to South Kordofan in 1905 in order to contain the spread of Islam and Arabic culture into entire South Sudan. Today, Dinka Ngok (Abey) and Renk adopted Islam as their religion and Arabic culture such as dress and spoken language.

Cultural and Social traits acquired by other Dinka in regions of Great Upper Nile: Dinka of Baliet, Atar embraced social and cultural traits that are similar to Chollo (Shilluk) and those in Bentiu took from Nuer people.

Negative traits: This behavior occurred when Dinka political puppets become more corrupt and ambitious for power. Arab found them so vulnerable to be used to fight proxy war in return empower Dinka to rule South Sudan. These negative behaviors toward other tribes resulted in destruction of peaceful coexistence between Dinka and their Neighbors.

Rise of Ali Abd Al Latif movement against British’s Southern Policy in 1921: Ali Abd al Latif was a black Islamized Dinka and former puppet officer within northern nationalists. With help of Arabs (Northerners), he had founded the United Tribes Society in 1921 that called for independence of Sudan from British. Ali was promised by Arabs that power would be equally divided between Dinka tribe and Northern Sudanese. That is when Dinka started to use phase “we are born to rule, not to be rule”. This was Arabs proxy war against Britain’s southern policy to divide Sudan before independence through Ali organization in expense of other Tribes in South Sudan. Ali had reconstituted his movement as the White Flag League and planned unrest against British Colonial Administration in Khartoum in 1924 which caused him to seek refuge in Egypt.

Abil Alier move to spoiled 17 years struggle: Northern Sudanese had started process to reunite Sudan before Sudan independence on January 01, 1956. The move for forceful unification prompted Southern Sudanese to rebel in August 1955 to separate south from north Sudan. However, Abel Alier who is from Dinka tribe and the former vice-president of Sudan from 1971 to 1981 was used by Northerners against the will of people of South Sudan. Alier initiated an effort to end 17 years war between South and North Sudan in 1971. He was delegated by former Sudanese president Jaafer Nimier to convince Vatican to discourage churches not to support the South Sudan Liberation Front (SSLM/F) under leadership of General Joseph Laguo (from Madi tribe). Joseph was forced to drop a call for South Sudan Independence. The struggle resulted into regional government after peace accord signed in Addis Ababa in 1972 instead of separation. Abel Aleir was appointed as president of regional government even though he was not member of the movement. He had conspired with president Nimier to violate Addis Ababa agreement by abrogating regional government system and reunited South Sudan with Sudan. Such violation caused emergency of South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) known as Anya Nya two that called for South Sudan Independence.

In conclusion, nomads will remain wanders without permanent lands or they have to be abide by law of their hosts and be assimilated into cultures of their hosts and serve the interest and the well being of their land owners. Therefore, the so called twenty eight states established by presidential decree is unattainable, delusional, fake, illegal and irrational and must be nullified. Any move to delineate or demarcate historical boundaries must happen through democratic debate in governmental institutions such as state council form by government proposed in IGAD-PLUS peace deal signed in August 2015.

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The author can be reached at wgoldiet22@gmail.com

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GatNor October 12, 2015 at 3:30 am

We need more people like you Aware. This is the best I have heard since the civil war.

Raankan October 12, 2015 at 6:12 am

Created 28 states was been celebrated and process are on the way to be implement as soon posible wether you like it or not

AMEN October 12, 2015 at 9:14 am

Iam very sorry for this FAKE article which was written by crazy person talking about DINKA. infact DINKA is created by almighty God as majority in the south sudan because they are peace lover people who never fight to someone with out Aim and objectives, there is a word saying in DINKA local language( KANIKOC) is very important when DINKA person get his brother fighting with other person from different tribe he/she never involve when he didnot understand the cause of fighting. but for other tribes people jump into problem with out knowing the root cause.
DINKA are created by God as leaders if DINKA were created by God like other tribes in south sudan there would have no south sudan nowaday. take example of Shulluk in upper Nile is one of the FAKE tribe in south sudan and I don,t want to go into details about their stupidity.

Loberito October 12, 2015 at 7:54 pm


“DINKA are created by God as leaders” May be God created DINKA to lead the cows but not human being in South Sudan. The leadership of DINKA failed South Sudan miserably. AMEN, it is easy for you to claim leadership but practically your leaders fail entire South Sudan. Shamed on your leadership!

AGUMUT October 12, 2015 at 10:16 pm

Your MUM is going to be the first to share a bed her. 100% sure.

AGUMUT October 12, 2015 at 10:25 pm

Your poor sister to lead our cows and your mum as our mother in-law and you are our brother in.law and life go on.

Loberito October 14, 2015 at 12:22 am

too late white army have already done that to your Mum and your sister!

AGUMUT October 14, 2015 at 2:37 am

White Army,they have been defeated and eliminated. So go and ask your poor mom.

AMEN October 12, 2015 at 9:32 am

the creation of 28 states of south sudan is problem sloving in south sudan you will have more seat in your states compare in the former 10 states. from there you will have not chance of saying DINKA is dominating the all position because DINKA will NOT and NOT go to your states and rule you.
I don,t see the reason as to why you say that the division of state base on tribe is the promotion of tribalism in south sudan. and you alway talking of DINKA being corrupt, now let DINKA go to do corruption in their states,

GatNor October 13, 2015 at 10:02 am

Amen, the law(constitution) of South Sudan clearly defined whose responsibility it is if and when the state boundaries need any alterations. The legal procedures on how to do so is there for intrepitation should you have difficulties in understanding your two national languages(English & Arabic)

As I understand, the constitution never mention dictator Kiir JCE nor the Jaang as tribe as responsible for that task.

Bypassing the necessary legal procedures of creating those states generated concerns from those who feel it will affect them negatively.

They were also never consulted on this matter and that’s why constitution should not be ever ignored when making into laws major ideas as changing state boundaries.

Now coming to you cowards, the idea that you cry out loud that you have a legitimate government and genocidal Kiir is a constitutionally elected president but breaks the stupid constitution at will has to end.

You abuse the country including its sovereignty status while referencing the constitution at your discretion and trashing it to suits your needs.

In every constitution a genocidal criminal has no rights in being in power let alone making laws like creating states.

Achuildit October 12, 2015 at 9:45 am

The fact is that your word of will come come to an End bustard،،،
i wonder why many people turn their war on social media to be their strong base of spreading lies to the world?
Mark my word your people are not longer under your tactic you rebels.

Thak Galou Riak October 12, 2015 at 11:11 am

VP. Alfred lado.Gore and his likes will stands and leads our people to their Destiny, they will not stop at nothing less than the freedom itself.

General Thoon -Anyar October 12, 2015 at 10:49 pm

Stupid senseless Nuer youth Baptist by their Prophet of Doom /Riek and were given name of Internet Whores (warriors). Just spitting venoms of hatred, selfishness and biased messages with no any Iota of truth,
Now you Nyyigat ever hungry, food loving and hateful Nuer Nederland are wailing loudly, just because what (Black gold) you ignorantly assume to be within your territories, was going back to its rightful owners Padang & Reweng Jieng. Now I advise you better sell your urines & dungs rather than creating false articles of territorial claims.
These 28 state are final & unchangeable whether It pass through the state Council or assembly ¾ of South Sudanese give Thumb up to General Mayardit knock- out blow.

Bulluk October 13, 2015 at 12:49 am

The Dinkas are used to grab other people land, look at what they did in Equatoria and specially in Juba… they want to repeat the same thing in Greater Upper Nile but that will not happen… If you Dinkas want to live alone why annexing other tribes lands to your Fake States, all the South Sudanese knows very well the type of the Dinka leadership which is obvious in Juba today… Corruption, Incompetency, looting, Land Grabbing

Tolio October 13, 2015 at 4:30 am

Dinkas are Nilotes,just as Shilluks,Nuers and Anyuak are.

Dinkas are not normad pastoralists. They are however,Agri – pastoralists. This means,they cultivate crops on their farms around their homesteads during the rainy season or agricultural season,while keeping their cattle in ‘Toc’- which is only suitable for cattle,not crops and homes,since it get flooded during the rainy months.

As you can see Dinkas have never been settlers on the land of other tribes since creation.

If you see Dinkas in Equatoria with their cattle,they are only business people,trying to sell their livestock to Equatorian meat and dairy consumers.They are not there as permanent settlers.

On the point of nationalism and liberations for establishment of South Sudan as a separation country from the former whole Sudan,Dinkas have and had never worked with colonial and Arabs led regimes against their people and other tribes of South Sudan.

The writing is all over the walls that Dinkas had resisted all colonialism and islamisation with their histories going back to the times of Ottoman Empire and sessions of Arabs led Sudanese regimes to the very final SPLM party which brought every tribe in South Sudan its freedom under the simultaneous peaceful and tremendous leaderships of Dr Garang and Salva Kiir who are both Dinkas.

Three millions of Sudanese lost their lives during those struggles. Half that were Dinkas.

Those who try to belittle the image of Dinka people should be ashamed of themselves.

This article is a joke and the person who wrote it is free today to write this false article,because Dinkas brought him freedom that he and every other tribe couldn’t have gotten, if it wasn’t unwavering boldness of Dinkas who took on every lethal enemy that has ever tried to destroy the very existence of South Sudanese people.

Gatgach Gatluak October 14, 2015 at 5:51 am

Moron, where would you get this freedom that you have today to faecet on your mouth and leave the anus where everyone use.
Whether or not you like Dinka, it is inevitable to change Dinka’s, rule
Dinka will send those who hate them to heaven. Although I have problem with Dinka as Nuer, I will not denied this fact. 1 million Dinka died in liberation of South Sudan , hence, it is their right to rule independent South Sudan for 30 years and henceforth Nuer will come

Nationalist October 14, 2015 at 6:15 am

Dear All,

This country is lead by a regime (you can say is dominated by a tribe) but many tribes from all parts of South Sudan are there in the form of ministers, advisers, MPs, the vice presidents and the speaker of the national assembly. What we need is not to eliminate or prevent a tribe from participating in the government, we are all South Sudanese. What we are supposed to work for is regime change to bring a regime that ensure equality, justice, rule of law and true democracy in and to fight corruption in this country, a regime that will work for the welfare of the ordinary citizen and prosperity of the nation. To me all should work to achieve this, how this is what we need to think of. We should avoid nonconstructive comments lets be responsible and respectful.


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