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By Bol Khan,


South Sudanese seek refuge at the UNMISS IDP camp in Bentiu, 9 Jan. 2014. Photo: LWF/A. den Toom - See more at: http://www.lutheranworld.org/blog/south-sudan-crisis-world-service-update#sthash.xcmJryZj.dpuf
South Sudanese seek refuge at the UNMISS IDP camp in Bentiu, 9 Jan. 2014. (Photo: LWF/A. den Toom)

May 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — When the truth said, all those killed in Bentiu (Betim) were all JEM’s military men, not civilians or traders as it has mistakenly been announcing. Mr.Toby Lanzer, who was wrongly influenced, his likes, including some government officials in Juba could skeptically begin to object this practical case. Today the truth says, ok if you think they are civilians, why don’t you take all Darfuri men with gunshot wounds, those who are now in SPLA Military Hospitals, in Juba, Rumbek, Wau, Awiel, Kuajok…etc to Khartoum for treatment in their home country? Together with SPLM-N, SLA-Minawi and SLA-Abdulwab’s officers/soldiers being treated in South Sudan.

Where, their families’ members and relatives could render them better services. Now, again ask the following question. Would this government in Juba or even those Darfurians in the stated Hospitals really accept it? An idea of referring Sudanese civilians (if they really are) wounded in South Sudan’s civil war to Khartoum! If they would, let them do it!! Take them to Khartoum if they are civilians! UN should try this simple way as shortest possible one into transparent investigations, instead of depending on hearsays. Or, just on evidence that South Sudan Humanitarian Chief Coordinator; Mr. Toby Lanzer had to saw people on the ground in civilians’ clothes.

Otherwise, the evidences are very cheap for UN-or any world body to belief. Who doesn’t know that JEM’s soldiers and other Sudanese rebels groups’ military men always fight in civil clothes? Not only JEM’s men, even anti-Salva Kiir forces members also included among those found dead in Betim.  This is a body of truth we would all accept. Anyway, let Salva Kiir’s Govt transport them (Darfurians who’re receiving treatment in SS) to Khartoum with the watch of Toby Lanzer and International Community. And eventually report back to the public whether or not Khartoum has to verify their being in South Sudan as civilians. Call it a day!!!

The author, a concerned South Sudanese is on khanrom8@gmail.com


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