Let us Support one Another for South Sudan’s Healthy, Sustainable Development and Stability

By Duwar Bak Yak,
Civil Society group (photo via Wekipedia)
Civil Society group (photo via Wekipedia)
Oct 27th, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear South Sudanese and the Gov’t, we have only celebrated 3 independence (3years of independence) since we got Independence from Sudan. Bravo! to all the revolutionists who dedicated everything for this country to become an independence from the North, including their lives.It is the South Sudan we see today and we are proud of to be south Sudanese,except the rebels,the rebellion  which emerged out as the results of the needs of power by Dr.Riek  who doesn’t care about the  public lives.

Back to the point of youth,we,they youth are facing a lot of challenges, one of the most challenge which is facing us as the youth of south Sudan is the rampant unemployment, underemployment, and lack education standards which keep a thousand of youth in the universities with out finishing because the school are frequently closed by the govt.

In July this year,it was reported in the media  that about 300 youth defected to the rebels in northern Bahr EL Ghazal, and cause was not clear of which i have a view that some of those defected were unemployed youth but this is not how we can do it my follow youth.

Let us support the govt to reduce corruption cases, rebellion, and lets us show clear accountability  for donors funds whenever you get the chance to work. Currently most of the youth are unemployed  yet they are graduand and the have the experience needed like the foreigners and the foreigners are taking our jobs, when will the government invest in youth?.

My suggestion as a youth of South Sudan, the ministry of youth, culture and sports should address or handle  strictly youth issues and challenges by setting up youth friendly projects  and let them be managed by youth friendly personnel. the young country like south Sudan must prioritize her youth population and make it fundamental assets worth investing in, then there is doomed future.

South sudan should be investing in youth, investing in young people today means investing in the future of our  country and the world at large. otherwise, we are likely to see more high way robbers, gambling and drug abuse. much the government has a role to play in prioritizing youth empowerment, the civil society, development agencies and the youth too have a big role to play and the time is now.  Let us support one another for south Sudan healthy sustainable development and stability.

The writer is a south Sudanese law student studying at Kampala international University in Uganda and can be reach at duwarbakyak@yahoo.co.uk

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