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Juba Nuer Massacre Was Implementation of ‘YEI RIVER COUNTY Public Rally of 9th December 2003’ Instigated by Commander Salva Kiir Mayardit and His Associates

By Daniel Buom Met Kujock,

Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent President of South Sudan who has struggled to maintain power after an internal disputes within his ruling party (Photo: file)
Salva Kiir Mayardit, the incumbent President of South Sudan who has struggled to maintain power after an internal disputes within his ruling party (Photo: file)

Dec 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)— Since massacres inception in December 15, 2013 in Juba, South Sudan capital, I have been critically thinking about South Sudan basis cause of the conflict which exploded on December 15, but still up to now I question for starting point of ethnic targeting and killing of Nuer civilians in capital Juba, as over 20,000 innocent civilians were killed in three days in a row under the leadership of president Salva Kiir in a pretext of coup d’état which had not happened in the country.

He falsely alleged and accused his opponents as he well-planned to wage war against his opponents to eliminate them as few of his opponents’ within SPLM party members are eyeing his seating and expressed their views to challenge him in 2015 upcoming election, then he feared to be challenged by his cadres that was why he scandalized coup d’état which was purely manufactured by him and his associated comrades within the government to charge their opponents with such an allegation against his cadre of the SPLM party as he accused his colleagues; however, he shallowly tried to get an allies from the western world as an elected president could not be deposed by means of coup d’état in the region.

An ethical questions require a lot of thoughts to figure out why president Salva Kiir and his associated hooligans targeted the Nuer people in Juba and president Salva Kiir ordered his private militias to exterminate Nuer civilians in name of false coup d’état which was profoundly unrealistic and he was deeply loathing Nuer without any ground as a result he killed thousands and thousands of Nuer while he would not have any mercy to curb these rampage killings throughout the city.

Killings of Nuer became rampant and got spread across the country; however, I always ask myself what was wrong to President Salva Kiir and his associate thugs who literally incited these killings of innocent civilians? What was motivation of the killing of innocent civilians most of whom were women, children and elderly ordinary citizens of the republic of South Sudan who had no affiliation to any political party in the country? Were they just massacred as they were being Nuer? The Nuers are original inhabitants of south Sudan like other south Sudanese tribes who are natives in our country and they will pre-exist in south Sudan for many years until the whole world will end, they will not go anywhere if President wishes them to kill them all, but Nuer will be defending themselves from any belligerent forces.

However, it’s clearly defined why Salva Kiir trained his private army as he intended to execute ethnic cleansing against one tribe called Nuer but he presumed that the survivors will be succumbed to him and he miscalculated the mass killing of Nuer could not be more exacerbated as he engineered by his inner circle in the government and advisors to carry out a genocide. Also, the genocide was well planned by the members of the core political elites known as the Dinka Council of Elders who are essential advisors to President Salva Kiir. The members of Jieng council of Elders are the people who instigated the killings of innocent civilians in the capital and these perpetrators of the massacre came from within inner circle of the President backed by private army that Salva Kiir specifically trained to carry out these atrocities to accomplish the ten years plan of “YEI RIVER COUNTY Public Rally of 9th December 2003”.

It was on the 9th Dec 2003 when some members from SPLM Leadership Council had addressed audience in Yei Freedom Square where then Commander Salva Kiir and his allies said that Nuer had been incurable disease for Southerners; before this disease spreads further to engulf the whole southern Sudan, “I for one Daniel Awet Akot made thirty nine laws against the Nuer, more laws will follow suit soon, whoever breaks a single of these laws will be killed or assassinated according to the laws written” If you come across this documents as per as I know everyone read this article since 2003, I comprehended that Salva Kiir has already built loathe against Nuer, but they would not go anywhere as they are natives of the south Sudan.

I think, Nuer would reflect this massacre very carefully as they are always ignoring and neglecting any threat as they believe on Almighty Power that nobody would threat them, but this time they would be vigilant for anything that could harm Nuer society. Since this massacre was looming and Nuer would not act when they have seen a well-planned genocide, so they would  not act to tackle an imminent massacre when Salva Kiir and his close associates conducted secret meeting in 2003 titled “YEI RIVER COUNTY Public Rally 9th December 2003”.

It was on the 9th Dec 2003 when some members from SPLM leadership Council had addressed audience in Yei Freedom Square, the speech of both leaders who attended the rally; Cdr Salva Kiir addressed the public haughtily at the opening of Equatorial regional congress held in Yei County where he said that the Nuer since they rebelled against the SPLM/A and become looters (Nyagat) whereas Cdr, Daniel Awet Akot declared in the freedom square in Yei, that the Nuer had been incurable disease of the southerners, before this disease spread further to control the whole south, I for one Daniel Awet Akot made thirty nine laws against the Nuer, more laws will follow suit soon, whoever break a single of these laws will be killed or assassinated according to the laws written”.

As far as I know all of us come across these documents before December 15, 2013 and Nuer politicians were supposed to think ahead about it before President Salva Kiir executed his ten years plan to kill Nuer as he mentioned in Yei Rallying in 2003. So the Nuer did not think critically on these articles that president Salva Kiir took it serious to implement and killed Nuer innocents’ civilians. It is apparently cleared that both leaders have been keeping their words that was the reason why Salva Kiir trained his private Armies and invited Mercenary forces from Neighboring countries especial Uganda  and northern Sudan rebels aiming to help him and crushed Nuer, but the Nuer white armies have shown them a lesson that they will never forget So, Nuer loves peace and live in the simplest lives as they believe everyone should be treated equal with dignity and respect as it is fundamental principles of Nuer culture .

Nobody would be threatened in any forms and Nuer do not need to be threatened by anyone if you Nuer threat meanwhile you invited the problem. Also, Nuer would not like to be enslaved to any human or creature as they believe that all people are being born equal and have a free right. Though, I always ask myself after this massacre, what will be the direction of our country that our leaders will take and drive this young nation under this rotten regime of Salva Kiir since the killings happened in juba and elsewhere as Juba government wage a war of ethnic cleansing against one nationality called Nuer in South Sudan.

Daniel Buom Met Kujock is a South Sudanese concerned citizen living in Canada and he can be reached at danielbuommetkujock@yahoo.com.

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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 21, 2015 at 2:29 am


I understand you very well. We people of Yei in pariticular and Greater Equatoria in general are not happy with the massacre that took place in Juba. Now it is spreading to Wonduruba in Lainya county. As Wcmmemirating this black all over the world, we sons and daugthers of greater Equatoria do share the pain with the Nuer because we are all targeted by that hate speech given in Yei. We know all about the plan of wiping away the people of Yei, Lainya, Nimule and so forth but we will never give up.

Daniel, this is the time that we need to work together in order to build this country on the bases of equal rights to every citizens regardless of tribe or genda. We must make sure that this country will never be the same again.


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