James Wani Igga: Thirty years of slavery

By Muslim Gore
Vice president James Wani Igga visits Juba teaching hospital in January 2014 (Photo credit, Getty Images)
Vice president James Wani Igga visits Juba teaching hospital in January 2014 (Photo credit, Getty Images)

July 29th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) — Under the terms of the peace agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) in August 2015 a new position of ‘First Vice President’ was established alongside the pre-Existing positions of president of South Sudan and Vice President, with the incumbent in both of these positions continuing in office.The first vice president was to be nominated by the  armed opposition while the incumbent vice president was to serve as the second vice president; notice, the Second vice president is not technically elected by the people but an appointment by the president, similar to appointing a Minister. But in reality the president does not have the powers to sack an individual who has been elected by the people. Dr. Riek Machar Teny was elected by the people just like Salva Kiir Mayardiit and therefore Kiir had no powers to sack him.

Chapter 1, Article 7 of the 2015 peace agreement [ARCSS] explains that James Wani was going to supervise all of the national commissions. He was also going to serve as a member of the National Security Council. He was also going to perform other duties assigned to him by the president, for example, chairing sub committees of the council of ministers.

Meanwhile, Chapter 1 Articles 8 and 9 of the same agreement were about the decision-making processes within the executive of the government. This part of the agreement explained that the president, vice president and second vice president were to discuss peacefully among themselves to make decisions.

In the event that they could not agree, the matter was to be decided by a two-thirds majority of the Council of Ministers. Meanwhile the recent agreement signed in Khartoum between the rival warring parties will consist of 5 Vice Presidents, Once again compressing James Wani Igga to the bottom.

The Chairman of SPLM/A-IO, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, shall assume the position of the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan.

1.2. During the Transitional Period there shall be four Vice Presidents of the Republic of South Sudan who shall be nominated as follows:

  1. Vice President to be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU.
  2. Vice President to be nominated by SSOA.
  3. Vice President to be nominated by Incumbent TGoNU.
  4. Vice President to be nominated by FDs, who shall be a woman.

1.3. Apart from the First Vice President, there shall be no hierarchy among the Vice Presidents. The ranking in 1.2 above is for protocol purposes only.

1.4. Decision making in the Presidency shall be in a spirit of collegial collaboration. However, the powers and functions of the President, First Vice President, and Vice Presidents shall be delineated along the provisions of the ARCSS 2015.

1.5. The First Vice President and Vice Presidents shall oversee respectively the following Cabinet Clusters:

(a) First Vice President: Governance Cluster. (b) Vice President: Economic Cluster.

(c) Vice President: Services Delivery Cluster. (d)Vice President: Infrastructure Cluster.

(e) Vice President: Gender and Youth Cluster.

It becomes a reality that 2nd Vice President James Wani Igga have been a slave of the SPLA/SPLM for well over 20 years, overworking himself for failure. He has forgotten where he comes from, for years and years portraying as the Tail of the rattle snake, it follows wheresoever the body shall go, if it’s fire or water it will follow. James Wani Igga is being used as a puppet of the Governmental System in South Sudan, a Dinka puppet who Rule and Salvage everything. Be mindful that Wani is also guilty of those crimes committed by the SPLA/SPLM, One cannot be innocent working for a corrupt organization just as one cannot mingle with thieves and claim innocence.

But Wani Igga tends to favor playing movie characters, characters of peace and humbleness….As if he is just a humble man serving his nation meanwhile looting the countries economical system & financial system, He plays the character of being a righteous man, but yet a a part of an organization that is destroying the people of Greater Equatoria.

James Wani who is an Equatorian(Bari) is supported by majority of the citizens who belong to the Dinka ethnic tribe because he does not challenge their kingdom, he cannot stand tall to the belt of a average men. He’s supported by those who are using him to destroy the nation and his own people in the region of Greater Equatoria.

James Wani Igga must know that, it does not matter if he was in the bush brushing John Garang de Mabior hair for 20 years, that does not give him the right to loot our nation of its fruitful resources. Wani must know that he is not favored by the Equatorian community, nor the Nuer community for participating in a act of Genocide Against the Nuer people.

As a Appointed vice president, you must speak the truth to the people and not fabricate stories to the public because you are afraid for you life, your life of looting, killing and corrupting our nation along with the current members of the SPLA/SPLM.

Allowing the citizens of Greater Equatoria to be slaughtered and discriminated against, allowing (land looters ) who come and grab the land of the people of Greater Equatoria regardless of how long these individuals have been residing in these areas . Equatorians are not allowed to move freely nor participate in political activities , nor move up in the ranks of the Government.

Meanwhile James Wani Igga is silent on the issue of political fairness for the people of Greater Equatoria, because he is receiving salaries to insure that a rebellion is not born in Equatoria. Wani is indeed a traitor to the people of Equatoria and the people of South Sudan in General. He should be held accountable for his selfish actions, he must stand before the court of Law and answer to his crimes. Be mindful that Wani is not innocent and loyal as he may portray himself to be.

The people of Greater Equatoria are well aware of his filthy lies and blank intimidation. He has truly lost all respect in Equatoria and he shall not step foot in the new Equatoria. If Wani is ill , he is taken to the best medical facility for treatment but what about the citizens who have no place to be taken to for medical treatments? What about the people who are displaced and are now residing in UNMISS?

What about the hungry children and women who are struggling to make ends meet to be able to have a meal? What about the citizens whom properties have been apprehended unlawfully ? What about the citizens who are exhausted of war and corruption while you continue to loot and destroy? What about the citizens who pay the price in order for you to live happily as you are now ? Sadly There are no answers to these questions because James Wani Igga will continue to be a slave to the system of South Sudan.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese citizen and can be reached via: muslimgore@icloud.com

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