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Is Really Hon. Pagan Amum Innocent from the Deadly Crisis in South Sudan?

By Magok Lual,


The former political detainees and former SPLM's Secretary General, Pagan Amum (photo: via UNT)
The former political detainees and former SPLM’s Secretary General, Pagan Amum (photo: via UNT)

May 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — When I read the recent statement from Hon. Pagan Amum for the past two days. I was really shock for some time before gaining consciousness and my sense to clearly figure out how , what so call politicians or political leaders in this country handle the National and public concerns in reckless manner without putting in place a clear political or strategic directions.

The Statement also remind me of how , the same politicians or political leadership mishandled the SPLM Party internal political affairs which resulted into losses of many innocents lives simply due to lack of quality and mindful leadership in the Country.

To be clear, anyone who follow the political events in the SPLM Party and South Sudan in general , which led into today crisis and finally resulted into massive displacement, of nearly 1.5Million , loss of over 20,000 lives , forcing nearly 1million as refugees in neighboring countries and over 100,000 still living in the UNMISS premises across the country because of fear for their dear lives apart from the losses of billion properties and assets which belong to poor and innocents people of south Sudan.

Those indicators together with how this crisis started will definitely show that, Hon. Pagan has big hand on the ongoing bloodshed and suffering of the innocents south Sudanese and he should bear responsibility for his poor and failure to manage the party internal problems which causes this crisis and he is more responsible and accountable than other leaders in south Sudan.

Hon. Pagan Amum was among the first SPLM party senior member who come publicly and declared that SPLM led Government has failed and it is necessity to change how the part is being led .He forget the right venue and channel to address internal party problem and exposed the dirties of the party to the whole public.

Hon. Pagan Amum open the door for junior SPLM Party members to come out openly criticizing the same party they led and the same suit was follow by Cde Yien Mathew who was also the Spokesperson for the party and make it clear that SPLM lead Government has failed and he also forget about his role as leader to handle those problem within party .

The same suit was followed by Hon. Atem Garang who was SPLM Government Chief Whip and Leader of majority in the National Assembly who clearly stated that SPLM led Government has failed and this send wrong signal to people who actually voted in those politicians to parliament using SPLM tickets.

Though Dr. Riek declared his intention to contest for the party chairmanship by that time, his ambition to harbor presidential candidacy was health compared to Statement from Hon. Pagan , Hon. Atem and Cde Yien because those people were pillars for the party and they were working against their party progress and diminishing their party led government before the citizens .

Hon. Pagan Alum’s ambition to contest for presidency as he stated on his statement was not made clear to the South Sudanese by that time and many south Sudanese would not even accept his candidacy because of his failure to led SPLM and that has impacted negatively on the SPLM lead government in South Sudan.

Though I have no details of the allegation levels against Hon. Pagan on 30Millions dollars means for establishment and transformation of the Party prior to signing of the CPA, this put big question mark on him to led this nation.

Hon. Pagan is known to many people as an arrogant leader who should not lead but should follow someone to preserve peace and image of the south Sudan at the regional level.

The question which Hon. Pagan need to answer to people of South Sudan are, What is the cause of the ongoing bloodshed and suffering in South Sudan?

Who is really behind, that bloodshed and suffering caused by this crisis?

To me, I can say even the fool could simply answer this simple question to the people who are today living in very hardship and inhuman life as result of Hon. Pagan SPLM manmade disaster.

The ongoing suffering , killing , massive displacement and total destruction of social fabric in the Republic of South Sudan is caused by weak and fail leadership of the SPLM which Hon. Pagan Amum was the key person behind all these suffering, hardship and inhuman which our people are exposed today.

Though 30 million dollars was hear mark for the establishment, empowerment and transformation of the SPLM as the political ruling party. Till today, the party still living in mi-shape containers in Juba forget about the States and Counties.

Though people expecting SPLM as ruling party to provide direction on how the country should be prospering , the party become centre for practicing all forms of mal practices including deadly disease known as Corruption and Nepotism. Those mal practices today cost the people of south Sudan very high prices than the 21 years civil strife with North Sudan .

To me the person who is behind all that crisis is Hon. Pagan Amum due to his weak and fail management style for the party internal affairs.

Everyone know very well that, should Hon. Pagan managed the party internal affairs in professional and ethical manner , all these power struggle within party should be avoided and this senseless crisis should not cause innocent lives as it happened today.

To me as person , I think Hon. Pagan should either be mentally despair while in 4 months detention or may forget about the root cause of this suffering and bloodshed our dear citizens are exposed to. Hon. Pagan needs urgent trauma and psychological rescue to come back to normal senses and be part of the Nation crisis management.

If Hon. Pagan is really mentally ok, I can assume that, he is too greed and thirsty to graft the leadership of the Interim Government and become blind to the extend where he cannot see the true cause of this suffering and bloodshed and who are behind this suffering.

To me he seem even to be forgetting the reason why he was in detention and what should have cost his life if Gen. James Hoth and Gen Pieng Deng were not in charge of the organized forces as he stated in his statement. He also forget about the reason which lead into his release though charged with treason.

To me and I know many people know how this senseless and costly crisis start , together with high prices pay by innocents people is simply because Hon. Pagan failed to managed the SPLM as Secretary General in professional and ethical manner as mandated by the Party leadership.

The bloodshed and suffering of all south Sudanese who perish due to the crisis is full responsibility of Hon. Pagan as the Secretary General of the Party and his poor and failure management style resulted into this suffering and bloodshed.

Hon. Pagan should better joint asylum like others whose hands are full of blood of innocents lives and should not waste his time baking while he let this country and it is people down because of his poor management and leadership .

The time has come and people of south Sudan should not and never be mislead again by greedy, reckless, corrupt, tribalist, dictators and unqualified leaders. The citizens will know who is the right person to lead this interim government and nominate him for the job.

My final advise Hon. Pagan should now enjoy 30 million dollars in his account and the amnesty accorded to him by the president of this Country after inflicting this suffering, hardship and inhumanity to the innocents people of south Sudan,

The writer, Magok Lual, is concern south Sudanese and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy Researchers and can be reach via lualmagok@yahoo.com

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