Is Igad A Trustworthy Organization To Bring Peace In South Sudan Or A Dealer In Question?

BY Yien Lam,


Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, greets Dr. Riek Machar of SPLA after negotiating the withdrawal of his troops in South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, greets Dr. Riek Machar of SPLA after negotiating the withdrawal of his troops in South Sudan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

December 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — As the concerned citizen of this great nation, I candidly believe that IGAD is a dealer in question and will not bring peace in south Sudan. I say so because how would that be possible while the very members of it meet in close doors and discuss the issues within the present of Kiir and M7 and brought it to the oppositions. How would you mediate the peace with the opponents as the decision maker in the organization?

It is vexatious thing to me as a concerned citizen of this nation, and I sincerely believe that peace with kiir and M7 in IGAD will not produce any fruits because Uganda in particular, is the one who keen Kiir’s horns to fail the peace miserably. Without Uganda helping kiir, peace could have been achieved months ago. For that matter, I truthfully believe an IGAD in which Museveni of Uganda and kiir are member of, won’t bring peace. Uganda is engrossed by interest in the country and its animosity of what would be democratic system in South Sudan. For that reason, the Uganda leader sees it as the danger to his leadership. That was why the cessation of hostility signed on January 23th of this year was violated by him and kiir’s government repeatedly. This is a pure and concealed plan for them that the others know not about it. It was purely done to ruin South Sudan in pretext of protecting the infrastructures of the country.But world is watching.

To prove that though, when kiir and M7 violated the cessation of hostility that was signed on 23th of January this year, the IGAD did  not only kept quiet but did not do anything that could deterred kiir from violating  cease fire because M7 and Kiir are identical twins who are always in fact, dictating most of the organization works. This was what triggered the rebels to respond accordingly. They have seen IGAD of doing nothing in term of keeping its commitment. This is one of the reason why the fighting still dragging on for nearly a year now.  When you look at this, how in the world peace could be possible with Kiir’s government while Yoweri is already playing his cards successful in the organization? In other word, how can you play with cobra without taking its venom off? Could that be likely? To me, I decently disbelief the ability of that organization to produce the concrete result in term of peace without outside forces namely United Nations.

In addition, in any case, when rebels fight in self dense as in Nasir and elsewhere in South Sudan, the IGAD immediately condemned the move while it barely condemn the Kiir’s violations of hostility since January this year.  Hence, I have seen the IGAD condemning the move of opposition in Bentiu, Nasir, Renk and so forth and never did so on the government side. As the matter of fact, it did not even say anything when Kiir force attacked Fangak recently. When you logically digest these as human being, do you see any fairness in this organization? be the judge and believe it or not, IGAD is the killer bees that allows some of its member states to kill and other to pursue peace in pretext of being the only elephant in Africa to solve problems there. How would such an organization be trusted by people like me while delivered none of the principles that could earn it a reverence? Could anyone believe in an organization that is not up to the task as it has been the case here? Of course not, how would one convince somebody like me while the peace negotiations and the killings of innocent civilians persistently on for almost a year now? think independently here!

In this respect, I view this organization as the obstacle that hinder the peace in order to do its business on expense of other Africans countries. This is so because it openly allowed its members to assist other member with troops. What in the world can a man and his friend who supported to be judged still in the decision making of the case as such? Are we Africans thinking rationally? To me, it is insanity. Nothing more or less. If in fact, the world wants peace in South Sudan rather than enjoying the way it has been, it must do two things in my visual inspection: It must order Uganda troops out of south Sudan territory if not striping kiir from power immidiately. Second, the world must be the tangible mediator of the South Sudan peace rather than delegating its power to unable organization that pretend to solve problem than exacerbating it.

Likewise, IGAD should not be trusted in this matter because Uganda boots on the ground are IGAD boots. In this matter, how would you trust the organization that committed to fight alongside with South Sudan army under the great lake political ploy to be a successful mediator? Are we together here? If we do, how could that not be the factor that impedes the peace process in Addis Ababa? If you look at this with inquisitiveness, how could a peace be worked out by the organization whose member states played the card of gaining whatever it takes in the nation like that? Would anyone guilelessly thinks that such an organization will attain peace?   In my view that would be absolute nonsense. It will be a worthless for anyone to believe that because interest has done its part in this peace process in which some may not know. If that is that case, what would kiir and his mentor do in such a situation? Estimate it!  If I were you, would you not absolutely question the veracity of this Organization that played the interest of some within rather than being responsible one?

Without a doubt in this regard, IGAD is in fact, the ones complicating the peace process in South Sudan if not endangering it .Kiir has no authority to neither refuse peace nor break the cessation of hostility in first place than what has been delegated to him by the IGAD member state Uganda. To be exact though, kiir did none of the above. But Uganda president did. Kiir could have not insisted to refuse peace repeatedly as he did ever because he does not have any Army of his own that he can count on rather than Museveni’s. So, anyone who denies the involvement of IGAD  must seek physicians for help if not already retarded. It is pure and simple as such.  In this case, if we know it as such, how does an organization as such could make peace while its member states  with its knowledge deeply assisted other side than another? Do you think such a peace will be accomplished while the organization deeply involved helping one side than the other? I doubt that earlier and I predicted it since the beginning of negotiation. Convincingly, Peace cannot be negotiated with organization that lacks impartiality in my view. This would surely be like fighting with shackled individuals. Is that not so?

Nonetheless, rebelling with two autocrats whose mutual interest is to smash anyone who happens to come through their ways is rough if not complex. But truth cannot be bought but time can. It is always hard for the truth to be heard. But never perish as the lies may have been. Time for the truth to be unveiled will come. This will only be the matter of time. Truth may be emaciated. But will never die. Kiir, Museveni and IGAD may do whatever they can in order to dictate the truth. But will materialize at the end. The lives of the people who were and continue to be slaughtered by Kiir and his allies will not be in vain. Believe it or not in this case, I believe not in IGAD from very beginning of this crisis because I knew kiir is not a president of South Sudan rather than M7. This is what I have been talking about since the peace process began. This is so because things are being agreed in Addis Ababa when the teams reached Juba,Everything will change rapidly. This is the fact. The question is, how long it going to take him to rule as such?

However, in anywhere in the world, I never heard a peace negotiated without addressing the root cause of it.Never?  This has been tried only by this organization that careless for the lives of people than its business. The definition of peace is to help people and addresses the causes of the problem and discuss the ways forward. If the root causes of the war are not being addressed as it has been the case, how would a tangible peace be achieved or what can be tabled even to discuss without the causes of the war?

All in all, IGAD in which, Kiir, M7 are a members of, cannot and will never bring peace in South Sudan crisis. They are instead  adding the fuel into the fire in  order to keep the game running. If the world wants to safe lives in South Sudan as it always does around  the globe, it must step in as mediator and starts the withdrawal of Uganda troops from South Sudan to see who does not like peace between the two warring parties. Otherwise, peace will never be seen in South Sudan as long as the Country is being ruled remotely by organization member with the knowledge of the organization.

The Author is concerned south Sudanese that can be reached @lam981@hotmail.com

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