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Impersonated statement by Mr. Luke Thompson triggered response!

By Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba-South Sudan

Author, Malek Cook Dwach....
Author, Malek Cook Dwach….

Sept 18, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — It was last Sunday 8/09/2019 at Nile fortune Hotel in Juba, we had taken a picture with my brothers for weekend recap. That memory photo was posted in Facebook social media and its attracted very wonderful commentaries by colleagues and our sympathizers in which we equally applauded to.

On one hand, one guy called Luke Thompson Thoan Teny come-up differently in what appeared in our inbox conversations as tarnished/hypocritical impersonation to disqualify and degrade myself in what the poster regarded as the memory and meeting of great minds!

I got to know more about what criteria and attributes in what constitute to be great mind from challenger (Luke Thompson) by asking him question to teach the general public to know about it.The photo consisted of three men and his ambiguous degradation was not specified to whom he was directing his comment to.

In his response to this inquiry; according to him, a person with less great mind is one whose moral uprightness is compromised by materials gains in expense of issues affecting public can’t be regarded to have great mind. I deliberately intended to question the veracity of the statement of the first poster. However, it is true that a human person knows himself/herself better amids millions.

My response to is that; at this juncture, your statement becomes clear and your illustration ran short of what constituted to be great mind. Judging people having great mind couldn’t be determined by political alliances or political different, it is manifested in personal capacity of reasoning and how he/she can construe things at hand. Difference in politics is seasonal and could amount somebody to have great mind or small mind.

The allegations of materials gains is squally shared whether you are in opposition or in the government because if one is tempted trace back and dig deeply sources of your income in Uganda are generated in Juba even your sponsors are government taxpayers and also the government officials. Stop empty propaganda and the public you claimed to die-heartedly defending is already compromised by the revitalized peace agreement in which you will be participated coming would be Revitalized Transitional government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) November 12, 2019.

Luke Thonpson response: until you constructively settle as to what message you want to share or deliver to the public herein, I reserve my reaction till when I comprehend your intention. For the message you had tried to commute to the public and to me in particular is distorted by the poor nature in which you have constructed it. I believe you can do better than this in term of how you can express or articulate your ideas on issues of public concern.

You have proven beyond hesitation that you are a chicken minded lunatic contrary to the bogus regard accorded to you by the poster of the debate in question.

My response, Luke Thompson, your argument couldn’t hold any water by your bogus claim on the subject you automatically found yourself into unknowingly due to the fact that; truth hurts.

Lies are entertained by inferior minds in your category fall into because of your mental trap. Here I rest my case till you wage your movement differently. Don’t’ forget even those of Thomas Cirilo, Pagan and co. are responding and heeding positively to the call for peace.

Luke Thompson reaction: It is true that I’m not employed for the last active years of bloody war you waged against your people. Naturally, I must be surviving on handouts from friends and family members. There is nothing wrong for one to ask or seek support friends. The problem would be the kind of friends that one has ask to ask for the help. Those still maintaining their dignity and self-worth extend their support to me when I’m in need. But for the like of you who have chartered their identity and future for a bread, I don’t engage with you leave alone to seek your materials support. This is too cheap.

Your price is depreciating and soon you will be casted away by your new masters. Where will you find solace and you had long politically defeacated on your constituency?

My reaction to Luke Thompson: Ah ah ah, interesting, I couldn’t believe that you can predict my political future which you squarely got wrong.

Try to get rid of your eyes peck in your political camp before you are engaging on other party business which you don’t have any idea. Reconcile with Mama Angelina Teny, I heard you defecated on her face, making clean-up might be she can lend you ticket for your survival to make it to R-TGoNU in the coming November 2019. I am sure those you prayed days and nights with the same money you regarded to be Juba regime money that you are feeding on will one day get tired.

On my values; I fully doubt your authenticity and your scientific measurements of human values cuz you are not licensed to do so.

Luke Thompson reaction: poor you. I’m done with you on this regard as your dispositions on the matter are not coherent. It would be a wastage of time to continue the discussion with you since you are irritated by truth and objectively.

My response: Luke Thompson, that is not reason at all, it’s a matter of truth because you hit the deadlock. Unnecessary jumping into other affairs is always met with the same force and its magnitude. Retarded minded in your like has no place in this modern political era; rest assure that putting your dirty nose where is not needed is so fatal and dangerous.

Be away before your dirty politics is exposed of your recent joining our camp and jumping back to your previous SPLM-IO because you were in hurry and need things get done at night and plus accommodation was complaining about. If you could have patient by now you can be booming in oil companies like the rest of your delegation.

Luke Thompson response: Oh my God! Did you just say I joined your camp and jumped back? When did this happened and who received me in your camp supposedly? You are sick and it is my fault in the first place to have engaged with pathological liar in your person. With your last remark, you unknowingly proved to all your readers that you lack integrity and honesty. Who in his or her right mind would be believe that Luke Thompson can betray my people? I love my people and will always be together with them in their bad and good times. I’m not gluttonous as you.

My response to Luke Thompson: gluttonous, poor, pathetic, sick is in your personality not me as you claimed, you are trading with the old project that I’m always with my people in their bad and good times.

Who doesn’t like to be with his people in this world? Take out that cheap politics and face the reality of the matter.

On your joining to our camp, your colleagues are here to justify and even your writings when you get back to Kampala speaks volume and testifies your U-turn.

I was about to ignored you in this debate but I get it interesting to teach you and diagnose your political mess. 

The author, Malek Cook-Dwach, can be reached through his email at  malekcook75@gmail.com

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