Ibonni Parish: Monsignor says “Jesus is all peace or nothing!”

By Pentecosta C. Erum;

Ibonni Centre/Lopa County:

      The Monsignor of the CDoT, Fr. Thomas Oliha Attiyah preaching on the (Christmas) Day(Photo: supplied)
The Monsignor of the CDoT, Fr. Thomas Oliha Attiyah preaching on the (Christmas) Day(Photo: supplied)

Jan 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Peace is what everyone yearns for. Each second, it is asked for. For one, it is asked and got in money. For another, it is asked and got in a job. For one, it is asked and got in tribalism’s office (as in one tribe in one office, one peace). For another, it is asked and found and/ or felt in an air-conditioned house/car/office etcetera etcetera! But guess what, this peace is not the true peace.

Whichever way, South Sudanese are said to be rich! Thus, assumed to be at peace because of the riches! However, true peace has been/is elusive in many hearts. Let us face the facts. In our hearts in our country real peace has been/is heaven & earth. It is far. We should bundle off this “unreal” peace got in money, cars, jobs etc through living by the Catholic Diocese of Torit (CDoT) Monsignor Christmas message to the Christians at St John the Baptist Church, Ibonni Parish; “Jesus is peace!”

That Jesus represents true peace. He is all peace or nothing! With Him there is peace & without Him, there is no peace in this world! Nothing can bring it. Even the most super powers cannot have true peace let alone bringing it. For example, the United States of America better abbreviated as USA, Russia etc do not showcase any true peace in their countries. Why? They do not hold it. Jesus does, therefore, he is the only one who can bring true peace. The peace we have in this world is a man-made one, a full-swing reason why our lives are messy through and through. Take it or leave it! True peace originates from Jesus – the only symbol of true peace of the world. So, we look for Him.

Having heard this, can we say, let us think about true peace, let us pray for a genuine peace in our hearts & in South Sudan? Can we continue to pray to Jesus to bring that in our hearts & in South Sudan and the rest of the world so we stay in peace? Yes, we can!

This was the third time, the Monsignor/Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Diocese of Torit; Fr. Thomas Oliha Attiyah came to pray at St John the Baptist Church, Ibonni Parish.

The Ibonni Parish started as a Catholic Centre on 12th March, 1992. On 28th November 2008 (though it was separated from Lafon Parish in April 2006), it was officially opened as a Parish by the late Bishop Akio Johnson Mutek of the Diocese of Torit. It is headed by the Parish Priest, Fr. Lucius Izama.

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