How The “Blood Sucking” Statement Melt Down Some Nuer Politicians In Juba

By Turial Mosses
Tut Kew Gatluak, the advisor to president Salva Kiir (Photo:  Buay Malek)
Tut Kew Gatluak, the advisor to president Salva Kiir (Photo: Gordon Buay Malek)
Feb 18,  201(Nyamilepedia) —  The care taker governor of Unity State, Dr. Nguen Manytuil, and Tut Kew Gatluak, the self-appointed adviser in the office of Salva Kiir could not tolerate “the blood sucking mosquitoes” statement from their counterpart, Michael Makuei Lueth, the minister in charge of information and broadcasting.

Makuei stated on the government owned TV, SSTV, that “these are people who must make their living by sucking the blood of others,” and when begged to bardon his statement by the Minister of Caibnet Affairs, Makuei proudly reiterates “Mosquitos, yes,”. Such statement, as many perceived was meant to prove the “wazungus” (the white men) in the country, however, these nationals got provoked instead for their own reasons.

The Nuer sons and daughters, who have remained in Salva Kiir government, as represented by these two politicians are subconsciously guilty that they are “sucking bloods” of their own sons, daughters and mothers, who were massacred by Salva Kiir government in Juba.
“Now, why is this reckless mouthpiece just throwing words into media without scrutinizing them? Who is blood sucking here? Who?” The dissappointed Tut Kew directed his questions to his calmer brother Dr. Nguen Mwunytwel.
“Some people do not feel ashame, they cannot appreciate our patriotism for standing against our own people. It is us fighting our brothers in Unity State, Upper Nile etc” Dr. Nguen responded.

The conversation, which was not entirely recorded, went on between Mr. Tut and Dr. Nguen in Nuer language for minutes.

 The Nuer ethnic group on both sides of the conflict understand that over 20,000 Nuer were massacred in Juba at the order of President Salva Kiir on 16 December 2013 but only a few Nuer took the courage to fight back the injustice of Salva Kiir.
Although Dr. Nguen and Mr. Tut understand that they are “blood suckers” of their own people, they have admitted the defeat and carry their own cross, and live it on. Two weeks ago the brother of Mr. Tut Gatluak, Mr. Tungwar Gatluak, called it enough in Bull briefing in Khartoum and defected to the opposition.
Tut has remained on the government side but as seen in the conversation is just holding on for his own reasons. His brother Tungwar was also an advisor to Dr. Nguen, a position that he does not cherish, for there is nothing other than the killing of their people that Nguen and Salva Kiir are advised on.
The attacks the SPLA instigated against innocent Nuer civilians in South Sudan in Juba killed and burned up over 2,800 civilians alive, Sixty five children, elderly women and disable men, who were not able to escape to UNIMISS CAMPs were burned alive in designated rooms and buried in mass graves across Juba.
Many other atrocious activities when on during the curfew hours that was declared by Salva Kiir from 6pm to 6am. Thousands of bodies were towed away at night in big trucks or thrown into the river to cover up the massacres of the Nuer people.
The militia of Salva Kiir, who were trained to kill, shot at every single Nuer civilian, who attempted to escape. It was reported by UN.
The SPLM/A Juba faction targeted Nuer inhabitants at the watched of the Generals in Juba, specially generals from Bul community and Gajaak sections of the Nuer, participated heavily in alienation of their own people.
The Care taker Governor of Unity State, and many other sons of Bentiu, who got an opportunity to earn a living kept silence since they are well paid by Salva Kiir Government. today the secrecy is out of control
General Salva Kirr Mayadit directed the SPLA-Juba Faction army and his tribe men of the mass killing that took place in Juba
Tut Kew and Nyuen Manytuil keep this as secret. They did not want to share it with Public but today the secret is out of control.
You can reach the author at musamalol@yahoo.co.uk

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longmale February 18, 2015 at 4:57 pm

I think makuei lueth was right by using term “blood suckers” who ate those?
Kun ouoc mar
Ngueng mingtil
Kok ruei and many others.
They don’t regret now. It is to late.

Bentiu Home February 18, 2015 at 6:03 pm

Thank you Turial
Dear Turial our eyes are blinded by money because we beg for man like us and we forget the interest of our people so what you see now not a lot of people see it. I thought Dr Nyuen has charisma and ambition to lead us but that man disappoint me for good and I don’t know what to say about him but I believe he took his time and decided for good. See how he blind fools the citizens in Unity State and recruit young children to fight for his own interest and he forget all the lives we lose in Juba. In Unity State we just kill each others because Nyuen really did his home work and fight behave Kiir by any mean. We have a long way to go it is not easy but we over come. I believe our men in front line. I love the Mighty warier and god keep their souls.

warfive February 18, 2015 at 7:20 pm

I think Makuei Lueth was using those terms referring who eat those blood money and they labeled them as Nuer specially Nuer politician who called themselves Dinkas Nuer in Kiir’s Government.

chuol gtbel chigash February 18, 2015 at 8:53 pm

too bad ,those Nuer in juba (politician&high ranking military) have been given a good name called Nuer weew((money). they don’t fill ashame eventhought their brother has been slaughter by salva kiir.Gony Belieu have been taken out the penis of Kerbino to urined, look such a heart of slave he cannot join us whatever cost.

Mawien Magol February 18, 2015 at 9:11 pm

wow, this is amazing to see the fat ass. The man is eating up the whole nation South Sudan oh, God.

Goweng Torbaar February 19, 2015 at 12:34 am

Many Thanks to mr. Makuey Lueth for your being brave to announce this hidden nick name blood suckers or Nuer wew in Dinka to public. Tut Kew don’t be disappointed yet it is just a beginning. Makuey will ask one of you to suck his dick one day.

AGUMUT February 19, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Roly-poly and danger.


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