How mediocre politics ruined Nguen Monytuel’s ambition

By Gai James Kai,


Unity State's troubled governor Joseph Nguen Mwonytuel(Photo: supplied)
Unity State’s troubled governor Joseph Nguen Mwonytuel(Photo: supplied)

July 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Well, to understand how Nguen Monytuel ruined his own dream, one must define his (Nguen’) personality and his deeds. His insecurity regarding his mediocrity has had a generally negative impact on us the people of Bentiu and the entire  Nuer, as I believe it has his potential interactions with others, as well as his own satisfaction in life.

Because of his mediocrity, he tend to feel jealous of others’ success, as it reminds him of his perceived failures. It is unfair to the people of Unity State that Nguen Monytuel is unable to appreciate our success, and that he sometimes find himself hoping for our failures instead.

Another aspect about his personality which has impacted him, is that he often seek for us the citizens of Unity State to validate his value, and he feel that if we don’t want to get
to know him, then he is failing as a relatable individual by generating a lack of interest from us
Additionally, though he has academically exceeded several of his peers, I know that because of his fortunate upbringing, he has not had to work as hard as he believe others have worked for the well-being the Bentiu’ citizens . He has not achieved his full potential and it is being hindered by his laziness and lack of motivation to work harder than the minimum effort. He feel this way because he recognize that there are others who are either the same age or younger than him In Bentiu who have achieved so much more, and he is foolishly confident that they have had a more difficult upbringin than himself.

Personally; I am too satisfied with this betrayal’s mediocre politics of his current situation that he find little drive to work harder, yet he is dissatisfied when he compare his achievements with those of others within the desperate and the discriminative SPLM-Juba.

He is more aware of the flaws of this insecurity, and he find that this perpetuates his lack of drive. The only positive impact of this aspect of him to us is that; I believe he Is relatively low maintenance and tend to try to prevent becoming a burden to
people of Unity State because he knows our problems are generally more significant than his own.

However, I am more often reflect upon the negative impacts, which convinces him that he is merely deluding himself into thinking of the greatness he  believe he can accomplish because he realized that any error about his whispery against Salva Kiir will definitely breached their term of contract.

Gai James Kai; is an independent writer and a Law student at Nkumba University-Kampala. He can be reached through, gaijames11@gmail.com or on +256779188786

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