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Gatluak Reat video addressing the Nuer People in Diaspora and South Sudan.

By Kuong Ruach-Lam Jany,

Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak and Dr. Riek Machar Teny in the bushes of South Sudan's Jonglei state in 2013-14(Photo: file)
Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak and Dr. Riek Machar Teny in the bushes of South Sudan’s Jonglei state in 2013-14(Photo: file)

March 9, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– I entirely agree with you, it may not necessarily that they came to take our information, but I call them power seekers or positions when they believe that we have no power any more then they run to the other side sell information to the enemy. It is true that we should not throw away our people simply replacing them with these positions seekers, which is a fact. The easy way to put them to test, is they must go to their areas and liberate, because we are a national movement, it is difficult to say that nobody join us. I think this issue is to point out to our leadership to put such people to examine.

Mentioning Gen. Peter Gatdet yaka, it was Taban who work to drive people away from us, Taban drove away the generals out of the movement for he was planning of what he did to assassinate Dr Riek in Juba, now the generals had lost confidence in ourselves, and I heard General Peter Gatdet Yaka asking to come back to the movement? I for one welcoming that, Gatdet had done no wrong apart from Gabriel Tangienya who joined another camp. The same dirty work was done to trick Cdr William Nyuon Bany and we are not confident of ourselves, but to leave our camp and tried to join other Camps to use us, I think this is a lesson we must learn.

Gen. Gatdet had patiently sat quietly. Dr Riek leader of the Movement is saying that, the general were still members of the Movement IO, Gen. Peter Gatdet should be welcome to the Movement that he initiated, without Gen. Gatdet in Bor, and it was going to be very difficult for us to be where we are now. I am saying we must listen to ourselves where Gatluak Reat have a role to play here, we must understand our problem, WHAT OUR PROBLEM IS? We are victims simply because we are Nuer as it happened in Dec. 15, 2013. Therefore; if there are people who are close to Gen. Peter Gatdet, need to talk to him about this that he was not dismissed from the movement, removing him from his position as deputy chief of staff on operation is a normal administrative procedure, but we must not forget that Taban played staff because he knew Gen. Peter Gatdet, capacity, if Peter Gatdet in the movement he could not do what he had done to assassinate Dr Riek in Juba, because gen. Peter Gatdet could arrived Juba in two days. I tried to contact Peter Gatdet, but it was not possible because his bodyguards do not know a military leader like Peter Gatdet is known to other leaders like myself who worked very hard to bring them to Arms group talks in Kenya in 2005 and the Juba declaration in 2006 when they were the SSDF, under the leadership of 1st Lt Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial Nyak, I had wanted to talk to him about the situation, but his bodyguards did not know me.

We must unite among ourselves and other South Sudanese to fight this war that is why I support this video of this young man, Mr. Gatluak Reat. and we must be very careful, people who are in difficulties like us don’t criticize themselves for the sake of it, we need a constructive unity for our survival, Kiir and JCE are deadly on their program, they believed that Nuer and their allies are defeated because they had used foreign powers, JEM, SPLM/A-N, UGANDA, NOW EGYPT, SIGNED SECURITY ARRANGEMENT WITH ETHIOPIA, ALLIANCE WITH KENYA, BOUGHT GUNS FROM ISRAEL, plus Taban and others who are being misused by Kiir and JCE, but led us not give up hope of those who are our supporters inside, we know them and don’t just assume them all they are called Nuer WEW, no they are not all NUER WEW???. If you are not listening to GatluakReat, and calling him names will be very sad.

I attended a meeting in the House of Dr Riek before the incident of Juba in Dec. 15, 2013. The Nuer came to him and had a meeting, saying that they had learnt that Kiir and JCE distributed guns to Dinka malitia before 6 months, we will fight them, and my advice to them was that without preparation is impossible because they believe they will face them without anything in their hands. I told them you the Nuer must forget about facing somebody who is prepared with guns and tanks and you want to face them with bare hands, I told them but you may need to prepare yourselves. Saying this there is a need of listening to somebody who is doing a job like Gatluak Reat, I know because you believe that it is only the man on the ground that does the work is wrong, yes, it is true but those in the diaspora must do their part like Gatluak Reat, how many people do we have in America, Australia, Canada and Europe, why can we contribute money in order to buy the means of defending ourselves? I saw an appeal from a woman in Yuai, asking all the women to send money…was there anybody responded to that call yet? If yes, well and good, but if not why not? Because they are defending the land ie Yuai, Kiir and JCE mean business, they want the land without people… That is why the call of that woman is right. I wish our people do not ignore Gatluak Reat videos, ignoring them will not any different from those who ignored Gundeng Buong…!!!!

There are two things we must bear in mind, 1. Kiir and JCE are fighting a Dinka war, but the Dinka themselves are people of South Sudan, a normal Dinka person in the street should not be a victim of Kiir and JCE policies of tribal war, 2.  We are fighting a National cause from Tribalists regime as Kiir and JCE using Taban Nyakek.  We should be proud of fighting and mobilizing for National cause under visionary, wise leadership of Dr Riek Machar Tenydhorgon and we welcome the resignation and declaration of Lt. Gen Thomas Cirilo to fight the tribal regime and urge Gen. Thomas to be in touch with the leadership of SPLM/A-IO without delay, Viva South Sudanese People, Viva Dr Riek Machar Tenydhorgon, Viva South Sudan, God Bless you All and People of South Sudan.

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