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Free our Saviour Prof. Adwok Nyaba, for the coup claims were quashed

By Dak Buoth Riek Gaaq,

Prof Peter Adwok Nyaba, former minister of higher education, science and technology(photo: file)
Prof Peter Adwok Nyaba, former minister of higher education, science and technology(photo: file)

June 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It is unlawful, inhuman, imprudent and uncouth to continue detaining Prof. Adwok Nyaba even after he was exonerated by the institution established by the laws for which he was accused of violation. He and his co-accused were completely vindicated and the allegations that they attempted a coup d’état were unfounding. This subsequent detention is a Cancer of Juba‘s tatter regime which does not understand that liberal democracy is based on the individual rights, and it is degenerating that President Gen. Salva Kiir and his cohorts probably perceived democracy for freedom to vote only but do not comprehend that the cornerstone of liberal democracy flows from the fact that human being have a fundamental rights that must be respected.

This so call ‘‘house arrest’ where Prof. Adwok Nyaba is confined may seem very simple to many south Sudanese because Africans have had an archaic tradition that thrived in sacrificing individual rights for societal rights not knowing that there can never be a societal rights without individual rights. In Africa, whenever a leader infringed individual rights mainly from his tribe or if his incompetency and lack of vision appeared unwanting, anyone privy to that will be told to keep mum and not to exposed his naivety to the rest of society, once you insisted they will rebrand you as a traitor or puppet like they did to renegade Mabior Garang and Gordon Buay who are now on the opposite sides of this conflict. But Buay is however wrong in this war because his recent support for the status quo epitomize inconsistency and hypocrisy on his side; he has now construed it into personal issue, which in my view isn’t the case in so far this current conflict is concern. I had earlier thought that he was going to be progressive enigma whose rise in the Nuer Politics and by extension the national politics in south Sudan was inevitable.

The delusion to sacrifice individual rights for societal rights is what the politicians exploits to ascertain their selfish political ambition, and it is a tragedy we can’t wait to end if our society is to progress. The act to detained Prof. Nyaba in juba is evil and we must as a society know that an evil remains an evil whether practiced by Dinka against Nuer or by Nuer against Dinka et cetera thus, evil of whatever nature seen being practiced against any south Sudanese ought to be obliterated en masse.

In an article titled the rule of law defeated 2010, written by Gordon Buay, now an Advisor to President Gen Salva Kiir, in its first paragraph, he mentioned that ”anybody who read Prof. Adwok Nyaba‘s books would admire his intellect, clarity, and openness; He asserted that Prof. Nyaba is known to many south Sudanese including him as an outspoken intellectual who cannot condone injustices or mistreatment of anybody notwithstanding his status. He however went on saying; there also exist individuals from his generation who envy his radicalism and truth telling. Nevertheless, ‘‘south Sudanese younger generation always look for Prof. Nyaba to quench their thirst for justice; He avowed that as ‘‘somebody from the aforementioned group who is always thirty for justice and respect for constitutional rights, he always felt disturbed to see some people in a caliber of Prof. Nyaba supporting injustice;

My question to Gordon Buay

In reference thereof, I find it sounding to pose a questions to Gordon Buay who now happened to be the Advisor to President Gen. Salva Kiir who is inflicting injustice on Prof. Nyaba, didn’t he felt disturbed by the Injustices afflicted on the very person he earlier placed at the pedestal for truth telling, or he eventually succumbed to those whom he earlier mentioned as being envy of‘s radicalism and openness?

Who am I talking about?

Prof. Peter Adwok Nyaba is a south Sudanese living war veteran and an author who has written extensively about the south Sudanese liberation struggle. He was a lead brain in the implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement C.P.A which ultimately brought to fruition our country independent on the 9th July 2011. He taught in various African and Oversees Universities as part of his quest to test, sharpen and sharing of thoughts, all geared toward his endeavor to emancipate Africans from the bondage of mental slavery. His decades in academia has tangibly approve him devoid of any rhetoric that he is an authentic scholar and leader whose task is to seek and find knowledge, after finding and interacting with it, he took the mantle to processed it into digestible substance, package it in books (insider ‘s views) for wider societal consumption.

In the political landscape, he defected from the mainstream SPLM/A under the founder’s chairmanship Dr John Garang in 1991 to helped established SPLM/A Nasir with Lt Gen. Kuany Latjor, Dr. Lam Akol, Gen. Hontop, Gen. Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Gen. Arok Thon Arok, Gen. Chuol Deng and Gen. Tito Biel Chuor among other veterans majority of whom are late, to fight for the southern Sudanese independent; a bold move considerably seen as a revitalization of the first southern mutinies’ objectives in 1955. Prof, Nyaba was the first independent minister for Higher Education science and technology before he was axed in the unilateral 2013 cabinet dissolution; a unconstitutional decision deem as a trigger of what brought our country today in to disregard ; and a move considered as Salva Kiir ‘s first attempt to consolidate his iron hold on power.

In the aftermath of the 15th December 2013 incident which President Gen. Kiir purported to be a coup attempt, he was arrested and detained together with several other politicians ‘now released, for alleged abrogation of government.

What is my concern in this excerpt?

The question however, that rings in the minds of many south Sudanese at this moment and has been my bases to jotted down this piece is, how barbaric, imbecile and inhuman it is, to continue holding him (Prof. Adwok Nyaba) in juba Prison even after the country‘s court for which the nation is founded had made its deliberation on the same and has ordered in a televised session that all the accused be release; for the prosecution could not proved its coup claims beyond reasonable doubt?

That also shed light on to the authoritative and objective article which I earlier wrote titled, there was no attempted coup in Juba, but a coronation of autocracy, because whenever a regime planned to transit or crown itself to a full pledge dictatorship, it first create a fictitious enemies such that it can round up any potential opponents.

If truth be told, looking at the entire narrative from the onset, examining how they made the apprehension, unless you are mentally enslaved, you could tell that juba regime was really pathetic and obtrude. The first laughable and inapplicable scheme that they did thereafter, was that Prof. Adwok Nyaba and Brig Gen. Rebecca Garang would be placed in ‘‘house arrest’’ That Brig Gen. Rebecca Nyadeng is a lady and Prof. Nyaba is disabled person who had lost his leg in the liberation war and that the rest would be incarcerated at military maximum Prison which they did.

If you conversed and acquainted yourself with basic legal norms, you must begin to wondered, and not just wondering perse, but posed hard questions as said by Voltaire ‘‘judge a man by his question rather than by his answer; because good question is one that raise a fundamental problem in knowledge. So I asked myself how come that a person accused of committing an offense to overthrow a constitutionally elected government being spared?

From the legal viewpoint, a parole or pardon is sometime never a sole prerogative of a judge or the prosecution but rather by the law in question especially on matter that touches on constitutionality. As such if one did made attempt or abetted in that act with undiluted conscience to overturn a legitimate authority, he must be treated in the measure deem appropriate by the same law without adding or reducing because in that way you will be in breach of the same law hence, you will be equal in it eye.

The ‘’house arrest’’ strategy was meant to lured Brig Gen. Rebecca Garang onto their side, such that she could feel perhaps the war is against those people and not necessarily against her or those of her political lineage. Unbeknown to them was the level of nationhood and the amount of wisdom she had ingrained.

The rationale behind their decision was to keep the duo in house arrest was in my view more maligning and deliberate character assassination, because it is immaterial to talk good of them when you had already put them in bad light and falsely accused them for treason. It would be good had they enjoined them with their co accused in prison.

In the other hand, they were clueless of the fact that Brig. Gen. Rebecca Nyadeng epitomes the brunt of pain experienced by all the south Sudanese women who have for long suffered all kind of war stigmatization, she inculcated the hopes and aspiration for democracy, absolute freedom for all and against all form of oppressions. Therefore any attempt to succumbed to President Gen. Salva Kiir ‘s oppressive regime would amount to betrayal to the democratic ideals cemented by her husband ‘s blood and as such she would have no distinction because two wrong never make one right.

Relatively, the tactics to hold Prof. Nyaba in House arrest was deliberate scheme to compromise’s intellect and radicalism not knowing that he is somebody whose DNA opposed violently to sycophancy but rather a person who thrived in truth and justice as said ‘‘I’m for the truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits Humanity as a whole; Malcom. X.

On the 6th of May 2014, shortly after the American ‘s treasury department ‘s office of foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced that it had imposed sanctions on the two Generals, Gen. Peter Gatdet yakah, the overall commander for the Rebel ‘s white Army and Major Gen. Marial Chinoung, the commander of the president Kiir ‘s presidential guards, I received a telephone call from somebody in juba whose name I will not reveal here for other sensible reasons which I believed you would concur if I reveal.

He told me the sanction has fiercely angered all the inner cohorts in the president Kiir‘s ramshackle regime and more specifically himself Gen. Chinuong, he asserted that Chinuong and Kiir had blames the emerging woes on Prof. Nyaba citing the thoughts provoking articles he wrote in December last year incriminating that Gen. Chinuong received a order from the president to clear (disarm the weeds) Nuer soldiers in the presidential guard units precipitating the ongoing violent. While still in the same conversation, he whispered that the latest developments, sanction from the united state and the suggestion from Addis Ababa that President Kiir might be excluded in the coming interim transition; He said timidly for fear of insecurity Agents that they will take it head on should those proposals materialized; Nyaba might be assassinated or poisoned as a remedy for his subversion. Because once those proposals are put into effect than it shall be a silence coup or diplomatic coup, name them hence, Nyaba will be its perpetrator. I asked too what he thought would happened to us who have been singing the same tone; he said affirmatively that we might be ignored on the bases of our status. I said in response, we did not became subversive or argumentative for the sake of it; it is an idea of change, and idea whose time has come cannot be barred or deviated from reaching its apex, one can only delay it and may be influence its outcome; and change has never come in cold blood, every generation must toil to unearth its own change.

Free our Saviour Prof. Adwok Nyaba for the coup claims were quashed.

‘‘Babylon will sink and never rise up again because the rebellion I am bring on them is unstoppable, they will grow weary and submit to the truth; Jeremiah 51: 64,

In the manner they purported that they have released the other political detainees not because they didn’t finds evidence linking them to the coup, but for the sake of peace and reconciliation, well and good, we welcome that partially for now until Prof. Adwok Nyaba is release because he is a rod and the symbol of truth, light and the way for south Sudanese people, anything short of that will be the opposite. Prof. Nyaba is the father of Nation and a statute that represent the law, wisdom and guidance. We look unto to him daily for truth and justice. He epitomizes the ideals extending to pre independent in both Sudans, hence, youth look unto him any time they want to step foot forward and when they want to look back before they move on. He never minced his word when it comes to truth telling and that in itself is peace and reconciliation which is the only way to go now in this crisis.

Intimidating Prof. Nyaba for his truth telling and clarity of thoughts in our direct watch will mean that his selfless and tireless work to ignite and to uplift academic spirit is in vain. He must be release now for sake of peace and harmony because he is himself a symbol of peace. If I am ask to described him in my own words to a single, succinct statement, it would be this; his fierce and uncompromising determination to tell the truth as he sees it.

In 2005, a great man in the small village of Panyangor, Twic East County Dr. John Garang in whose symbolic statue stand today in what we call our capital city, Juba, signed the emancipation accord C.P.A which came with a great beacon of light and hopes to millions of marginalized people of south Sudan; who had suffered considerably for over a century. But ten years later, we see Prof. Nyaba who has lost his leg in the fight for independent being detain without trail. We see Nuer and Dinka who share the same umbilical cord fighting over none existing interest; I wondered when they depopulated themselves, who will defend them against the emerging forces of imperialism.

Ten years on, we cannot see a single road, we are still not free to express our thoughts; ten years after our independent, I cannot access my neighboring Lake, and Warrab states when am in my rural town of Payijiar because of lack of Murram roads. Decade later, we are still crippled by tribalism and discrimination on the bases of regions we hails from. Ten years after the ratification of the C. P.A , the people of Abyie, blue Nile and the Nuba mountain are still stateless even when they were granted a lion share in That peace agreement promising that their fate would be tackled head on after the south Sudan attained it sovereignty.

Comrades, we must let ourselves know that independent alone isn’t going to be the panacea for fifty years of destruction that we had incurred, in other words, it was not an end in itself but a mean to an end; we must be steadfast with clear democratic conviction. We must never pretend to be good in silence, we must stand up in defend of Prof. Adwok Nyaba who has been cornered and is being deal with inhumanly for his truth telling. He is a stem of truth and we are the fruits that he bears, so let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by dinking from a cup of hatred, dishonesty, cowardice, corruption, tribalism and impunity. We will take the fights to the culprits’ doorstep in any way deem appropriate at our disposal to expedite Prof. Nyaba’s release. Free our savior Prof. Adwok Nyaba for the coup claims were quashed.

The writer is a student; he can be reached for comments via eligodakb@yahoo.com

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