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By Mayian Tot,
Zee-Machar DesignMay 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — To begin with, we applause both president Kiir and SPLM/A I.O leader Dr Machar for signing the cession of hostility (CoH) and its political roadmap as a vital imperative step toward realising a lasting sustainable peace.
We demanded the leadership of both government and the SPLM/A In Opposition to honor this agreement and swiftly acts to implement it without any deceitful retreat. 
At the same time we called on the South Sudan SPLA army and its allied mercenaries’ JEM to stop its military offensive against the positions of the SPLM/A in opposition in both areas of Bentiu and Upper Nile state. They must honor and respect the agreement for the well-being of the civilian’s populations as our beloved nation is in dire need of peace.
Yes we want peace, we demanded it now. The sooner the better. But ‘SUSTAINABLE PEACE’ with Kiir as the president utterly constitute the continuation of violent, death and destruction. Perpetuated under his watchful eyes with no justice and accountability whatsoever.
Subsequently, for a meaningful sustainable peace to prevail in South Sudan nation. All its vital ingredient must also be at our people’s disposal. This includes dissolving the SPLM-Led government and president Kiir to step down.
Seriously, this is the only viable solution. That would firmly allowed the peace process and political dialogue to be utterly negotiated by South Sudanese stakeholders such as SPLM party, SPLM/A in Opposition, SPLM leaders (former detainees), other political parties, civil society, and faith-based leaders without difficulty. 
Yes we must be very vigilant and mindful of the facts that an interim government led by Kiir with or without meaningful roadmaps, blueprint and reforms is meaningless and dangerous worth not accepting. That interim government’s period would be like a ticking time-bomb ready to exploit with brut severity.
For the record, all these barbaric violence was fomented by none other than Kiir and his antireform reactionary’s cronies whom at all cost decided to abnegate and reject reforms. Subsequently resorting the presidential guard and other security forces to butchered civilians with impunity base on their ethnicity in Juba and blaming it on the so-called coup d’état.
Yes atrocities, killing with impunity and horrendous human right abuses had been committed by the warring adversaries.’ But with or without the coup d’état, all these atrocities trace their genesis out of Juba massacre, the door to door ethnic execution.
For if there was no door-to-door ethnic killing in Juba there would have been no ethnic killing in other war theatres in the country. 
To be very precise, the government of Kiir is responsible for all these atrocities and its subsequent wholesale destruction against civilian properties. Thus therefore, I incline my view toward this approach that, a speedy rush into a quick fix-solution that either ignore or overlooked the fundamental root cause to the conflict would be a set up for more disaster and is likely to fuel more violence.
From this premise therefore to end the bloodletting the masses don’t want a brush-on cosmetic change. They demand ‘’REAL MEANINGFUL CHANGE.’’ A change they can strongly invest on. A change –that will yield them fruits to harvest when rip. The masses em populaces had enough of death and destruction. We need our nation-state to open a progressive new chapter of a peaceful-coexistence, unity and brotherly-sisterly solidarity.
Principally to achieve this forward direction implied that –the warring adversaries and their diplomatic peripheries must secure a formation of a neutral inclusive and holistic interim government without Kiir.
Subsequently, if Kiir leads the new interim government, it shall mean that all atrocities committed under his watchful eyes at the seat of the government in JUBA and other place would be swept under his office’s bloody carpet sealed and go-unpunished.
Hence there will be no justice, and whenever there is no justice, there is no sustainable peace.  Therefore to ensure a sustainable ‘PEACE’ in South Sudan there is an urgent demand to form a holistic, inclusive and sound national interim government and of-Couse this would implied.
•             Dissolving the SPLM led government in order to
•             Establish a new neutral interim government headed by different person
•             Initiate an inclusive national reconciliation and then
•             Form a hybrid trustworthy court to tried the culprits
 Then thereafter the second urgent step is to swiftly tasked the interim government with sensitive issues including reforms, transformation and implementations of various policies deem fit by the nation’s citizens. From all these forgoing observations I incline toward to suggest that an interim government must also focus and confront head-on these vital issues;
Security sector’s reforms
To bolstering and swiftly tackles insecurity nationwide by initiating and undertaking security sectors reform, i.e. constructive reform within the army, police, and other security apparatus. Moreover the security sector reforms, would also seeks to transformed SPLA, SPLA-IN Opposition resistance’s army and others armed personnel into a new fully fledge South Sudan national army that shall protect the citizen equal regardless of ethnicity.  A very discipline standing national army of the state. Tasked with national and sovereignty protection.  
Restoration and resumption
The swift restoration and resumption of all governmental services, including rebuilding school and health care facilities in the war debilitated areas and also allow economic, trade and other developmental programs to be rejuvenated.
Constructive reforms
To initiate a meaningful grass-root driven constructive reforms that entail a constitutional review processes. To establish a permanent constitution with presidential term limit.  Moreover the constructive reforms should also seeks to bring into being the type of government system aspired by the citizens.  I.e. federal system or other system of government.
 Democratization of state institutions
This is to create socio-political and economic space for fair competition and ensure the balance and distribution of state power across various ethnic groups. For the power must not concentrate heavily on single ethnic groups. For-example we have a very dangerous trend developing whereby defense, interior, president, military intelligent and general chief of staff are all vested on one single ethnic-group despite of our rich diversity.


To organize, coordinate and facilitate a free and fair election at the turn of the interim period.
In conclusion and all in all. What we’re yearning for is a democratic system of governance with strong transparent and well functions institutions. Headed by leaders adhering to constitutional rule of law and are hold accountable at all turns. 
Finally I’m of the opinion that the salvation of our people is not assured by electing or elevating individuals to hold public offices and/or becoming Member of Parliament, minister and the likes without adhering to the constitutional rule of laws. We demanded leaders who have sound prescriptive blueprint and policies that unified this nation-state and move it forward.
  The author, Mayian Tot, is a concern South Sudanese who can be reached at totmayian@yahoo.com

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